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Ed. Obsession: What I'll be wearing for the end of the world

OK, so, we’ve all been told by the Mayans that the world will end on 12/21/2012. Which is, er…next Friday. So, in preparation for the End of...
23 Comments | Add Yours

Well,I'm still here and it's 12/22/12. But,if the Mayans couldn't predict the end of themselves,then how would they predict the end of humanity????

by audz1199 on 12/22/2012 3:16:03 PM


Guys, the Mayans did not say the world in general would end. They said that the old world would die away and its the beginning of a new era. LOOK IM STILL ALIVE!!!!!

by rockerchic123456789 on 12/21/2012 9:26:32 PM


Hey girls! There's a reason that this club exists-- and this reason is to give advice on boy troubles! I'm on GL almost everyday and have experience with guy troubles. Take a look at my new, improved club and ask a question--you won't regret! Just type in the searchbox: Middle School Love(: and you will find it!

by neo6m on 12/21/2012 4:15:08 PM


At my school, we are supposed to dress fancy tomorrow, and since its the last day before winter break, I wanted to be Holidayish. And now this too? So many ways to dress tomorrow! And I don't think the world will end tomorrow. The world will end,, maybe in our lifetime, who knows. But it probably won't be something we predict. Or maybe it will be hidden from the masses. But if something bad really does happen it will be something and sometime no one expected.

by Glitterheart16 on 12/20/2012 6:50:10 PM


LOL! This whole outfit costs $12,977.08

by LOLGirl109 on 12/17/2012 4:30:18 PM


Ok, listen up everyone. This article is MEANT to be a joke. We all know the world is NOT going to end and so do they. They are joking if the world is ending they would spend all their money on their dream clothes, that's all.

by rainyseattlegirl on 12/16/2012 11:31:25 PM


I agree with Aislinn120. Nobody knows when the world really is gonna come to the end. We can't just predict when it's gonna happen and go nuts about it. But, if you want to, be prepared just in case. Worry about what survial stuff you'll need, not trendy clothing.(By the way-Those clothes are expensive! How can people afford those?!) Think like Katniss Everdeen. She wears practical things and has practical suvial stuff, but she survived because she thought straight, didn't worry, and had learned survival skills before she even knew she was going to be in the Hunger Games. Also, if there really was a zombie invasion, use a bat. It works well. Other than that, I just say, we will see the begginning of 2013 and so on without dying in a apocolipse.

by wesdelwarrior on 12/15/2012 8:46:44 PM


NASA has issued an official statement very nicely telling everyone to shut their traps about this whole 2012 business b/c it's not going to happen. there IS something out there, at the edge of our solar system and no one knows what it is and it could potentially hit us but not yet and statistically it's not going to anyway.

@VictoriaBieberz: they're not saying to go out and buy this stuff, they're just saying that these are the "dream clothes" that they wish they could wear...

by the_last_ninja on 12/15/2012 11:27:45 AM


Okay, I'm sorry, but the world isn't going to end December 21st! And I'm sick of everyone saying that! I'll believe it when I see God riding in on a cloud, holding a lightening bolt, and saying, "The world is going to end right now." Maybe not those EXACT words, but you get the idea. If you believe this, fine that's your belief, but ,they closed down schools in my area because, 1) There was a bomb thrat 2) 3 kids were arrested at the high school, because they were planning a shoot out at the Junior High and 3) There was a hitlist with at LEAST 60 people on it that were going to die that day. I'd like to say I live in a safe enviroment but, according to this, My enviroment is more dangerous than a battle field. And did you hear about the shootout at a school? Killed himself, his own MOTHER, a lot of 5-10 year olds. 6 adults. Makes me ashamed to be a human.

by luvin1D on 12/14/2012 11:44:45 PM


OK, this was a very cute article and i loved the boots, but seriously. Everyone knows the worlds not going to end on december 21st. I went to mexico and saw the mayan calender(btw: it looks freaking crazy!) and our tour guide, who has lived in mexico her entire life, had studied the mayan history for a living, and whose ancestors were mayans, told us that the mayan calender doesnt actually end on that day. It keeps on going. Forever. They just stopped writing it down after that particular date.

by purplecupcake411 on 12/14/2012 11:15:31 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD my friends are fighting and i dont know what to do i have tried reasoning but it didnt work. Please help

Hey girl, if it doesn't involve you, try to stay neutral and stay friends with both of them! They will work it out eventually, so staying neutral might be your best bet at this point.  

Meghan D.

by amjea1 on 12/14/2012 9:07:09 PM


The world isn't going to end on December 21st... no one can truly know the day or the hour that it will end. I highly doubt the world is bad enough to end just yet! And even if the world was ending on the 21st, why are you worrying about what clothes you'll wear?!? Shouldn't you be worrying about what comes after the end of the world? Most people believe in an afterlife, I know I do!
The Mayans are a tribe that died out long ago. Why believe some ancient prophesies of theirs? Remember, the world was also supposed to end a couple times over the past two years. Since we're obviously all still here, maybe that's a sign that people don't know when the world will end! Of course, a lot of people nowadays don't bother reading the bible, so most wouldn't know a lot about what I'm talking about.
Btw, the world won't end with any flooding, so you don't have to worry about staying dry in a miniskirt.

by Aislinn120 on 12/14/2012 7:54:52 PM


Yeah I'm sure GL readers have $600 to spend on a plain sweater & $300 on some bracelet. C'mon now.

by VictoriaBieberz on 12/14/2012 6:46:56 PM


OMG. The world will not end! I think the Mayan's created a long calendar and stopped it on 12/21/12 and declared it the end of the world just because they were lazy about creating a long calnedar. If we actually have an apocolipse, then I will regret saying that, but I think the "End of the World" is an exgarreration.

by wesdelwarrior on 12/14/2012 6:33:09 PM


He he... it says the price of the funky bracelet is $330, the sweater is $655, the Chanel bag is $5,500, the skirt is $5698.59, and the boots are 971.92. It's like someone spends all of that money and the world doesn't end. =D

by music191 on 12/14/2012 5:41:04 PM


I would be all comfortable. I would wear a hoodie with a tank top underneath, sweatpants and some good running shoes. My hair would be up too. But that would just be if the world did end in a zombie apocalypse.

by dramagal2222 on 12/14/2012 4:13:15 PM


Ok so here's the prob. I have a birthday dinner tonight at a nice resturant. So it's semi-formal/fancy casual. So I need a super cute outfit(no crush's involved;) just want to dress to impressSmile) and its kinda chilly/cold so I need something warm and cute. It's in a big city so I like to look nice. We are also kinda comfy! Thanks for all your help!!!!

Try wearing a high waisted skirt (any color) with black tights. As for the top, wear any simple long sleeve top with your fav scarf. You can also wear boots! Don't forget your coat too! Have fun tonight!
mailyse f.

by Cupcake_queen_101_ on 12/14/2012 3:46:07 PM


No need to worry. Cute outfit, sure, but no need to stress about "THE APOCALYPSE" coming next Friday. As for my friends and I, we just decided that it was a good reason to through a party! :-D

by soccer1013641 on 12/14/2012 2:47:06 PM


I'm pretty positive the world will not end. That prediction was made by a tribe of people who aren't even around today.
So, I'm not freaked out at all!

However, I love that sweater!

by tropicdog on 12/14/2012 2:44:16 PM


That's my bday!!! Lol

by mrimri1221 on 12/14/2012 6:02:13 AM


So, the world's going to end December 21st, 2012, huh....?

Since Ceasar introduced leap years in 45BC, there have been 515 leap years including this year(so im told). Without those extra days, the date would be the 2nd of September, 2013.

Since the Mayan Calendar didn't use leap years, and today's date (without leap years) is the 2nd of September 2013, the apocalypse (21st of December 2012) was 9 months ago... So congratulations on surviving.


by Celesse on 12/14/2012 2:01:11 AM


I am actually a little nervous about the stories of the world ending hehe. I kinda keep thinking about what would happen if it did. ;) I guess we just have to have faith in God (if ur christian) that he will do what he thinks is best for humanity and the world Smile

by Enriquette96 on 12/14/2012 1:43:55 AM


Haha! On that note..I hope most people know it wont end..Come on. I think that Mayans just got tired of making the calender and just thought someone would carry on from than on. You know? Maybe they just thought they were good from there. I mean HELLOOOO My “normal” calendar runs out on 31 December, 2012. What will happen then? The end of the world? No! I’ll simply use another calendar for the next period of time - 2013.

by Chloe<3 on 12/14/2012 12:35:32 AM

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