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Beauty tricks from PLL's Aria Montgomery

Pretty Little Liars returns to ABC Family next week. Best. Night. Ever. Aria Montgomery is the artistic, boho babe in the Pretty Little Liar’s crew. She is so...
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hey girls Smile need some advice or need a ffriend.. im here to help.. go to my advice queen pg and be a fan and ask for advice i will get back to u as soon as i come back on... and we can chat on my profile just come and say hi Smile i will reply back. can wait to see you <3

by katymarielove on 1/4/2013 3:55:31 PM


Hey Girlies! Join my club "Fashion, Advice, DIY? Check!" I give out fashion tips and ideas, along with hair styling secrets and beauty shortcuts. Ask for advice and I will reply pronto! Come check it out and enjoy. XOX!


by JellyBeanChick on 1/3/2013 7:09:20 PM


Hi, so I am 14 and I have a lot of freckles under my eyes and on my forehead and nose. Don't get me wrong, I love my freckles, but whenever I have foundation/concealer/bronzer on, my face looks really odd. I don't really want to cover up my freckles, I just want to make my skin look smooth and even. What do you think I should use? Thanks!


Hey! try finding a good facial moisturizer. with regular use it will help smooth out your skin. good luck! 

Helen S.

by mbarnes1999 on 1/3/2013 6:21:38 PM


Right now I want to workout.. But I never can get myself to do it. I'm borderline underweight, so I never thought about it...but I want to be healthy. How do I motivate myself to do it? And how to cut out junk food from my diet?? Thank you!




Hey Girl, writing down your goals is a great way to motivate yourself. Placing sticky notes around the house will keep it in the front of your mind. And although its easy to overlook working out, if you get a friend to do it with you then you won't be able to miss it. Set up a schedule to meet and stick to it. The best way to avoid junk food is to get rid of it. Don't ever let candy from the holidays stick around in your house for too long. If you have a sweet tooth try some sweet and healthy alternatives. Craving something salty? look for pretzels. Digging the chocolate? try nutella and fruit.



Hannah H. 




Hannah H.

by ForeverYoung501 on 1/3/2013 3:33:37 AM


MOD MOD So I am trying to decide if I should get an airfoam foundation or a bb cream. I already have a regular foundation and I cant decide which I should get! Help??


Hey girlie, I would go with a bb cream. They make bb creams that do everything and will cover your face well and provide a good foundation. 

Lauren T.

by txtingirl on 1/2/2013 8:29:50 PM


Aria is definitely my favorite liar! thanks for this article girlslife Smile

by tswiftluver13 on 1/2/2013 8:15:07 PM


Thanks for this article GL! I've always loved Aria's makeup on PLL!! And it's so true Lucy's best feature is her eyebrows..I wish I had nice dark eyebrows like her

by maggie183 on 1/2/2013 4:38:06 PM


So, I signed up for the GL newsletter and I haven't gotten an email. Why is that?


hey girl! did you check your spam? if it's not in there, just be patient! it should come soon! if not, try signing up again.


Katie L.

by transform2314 on 1/2/2013 4:09:48 PM


Mod Mod Mod!!!
So my class was walking to the library and I was talking to my friends. The girl behind me, let's call her Katherina, was talking to another girl, let's call her Samantha. They were talking about shoes, flats in particular. This is what Katherina said to Samantha
''Of course, you can not wear socks with ballet flats, but EVERYBODY ELSE SHOULD WEAR SOCKS WITH BALLET FLATS.'' Katherina totally raised her voice so I could here. Was she ''foreshadowing'' something???


hey girl! hmmm...I don't think she meant anything by it! Try not to be so paranoid about the people around you, they probably don't mean anything to hurt you! xoxo 

Katie L.

by Sarah510 on 1/2/2013 3:01:53 PM

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