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Joke's on this jerk

It was the day before winter break, and I wanted my crush know my feelings about him. As I was walking up to him, his friend...
20 Comments | Add Yours

Does anybody else find that picture really creepy??

by arcusashue on 1/4/2013 10:47:15 AM


That is not the best picture!

by Sweetheart ♥ on 1/4/2013 1:17:54 AM


So what is the joke on the jerk? That is a real jerk a big jerk.

by fashionqn on 1/3/2013 10:15:49 PM


Mod Mod Mod...
Okay so I really really really like this guy that I haven't talked to much. I show cattle and he is a freshman and im in 8th grade.
1.) How do I be less shy when i actually do see him?
2.)What should I ask him about that I don't already know
3.)How do I ask for his number?
4.)I don't have a facebook but my sister will sometimes let me use hers so sometimes I like look at his facebook so im kinda stalking him but I never post anything.
Any help is amazing! Thank You!


hey! 1) just try to think of him as you would any friend, it'll help you relax 2) try asking him for help with schoolwork or something 3) just ask if you can text him sometime and then he'll give you his number.  good luck Smile  

Helen S.

by Cowsrule11 on 1/3/2013 8:36:53 PM


That's mean, but maybe he was just saying that as a joke. Like sometimes I might walk up to a boy and he would be like "Oh, let's go Lizzie's here now." But just kidding around.... OR he can be really stupid!

by neonroxursox on 1/3/2013 7:56:48 PM


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by ACaseOfMistakenIdentity on 1/3/2013 7:50:17 PM


Theres this guy that keeps flirting with me-- in front of his girlfriend. He's a senior and was friends with my brother who graduated last year, and im a freshman. He likes to make people feel awkward, and hes really weird. He calls me pretty and cute all the time. He was talking about how he wanted to have to wives, me and his gf. He's obviously kidding about that, but... do you think he likes me? even just a little? i was just kinda wondering lol... not that i would do anything, im not allowed to date yet and im good friends with his gf


hey! Yeah I think he might like you. Some guys just love flirting Smile 

Helen S.

by janbradylolz on 1/3/2013 7:41:58 PM


Even if he was lying, that's really mean.

by 1blackat on 1/3/2013 7:32:43 PM


Mod Mod Mod
Hi! So, I have 2 questions:1. I have a friend who is 100 pounds overweight. I know she isn't healthy. What can I do to help her?
2. Im ugly . I know this is true. I have bad acne,glasses and frizzy hair. I also feel fat even though the doctor and everybody says I'm skinny.How can I help myself view me differently


Hey! 1) Your overweight friend needs your support, but it's not your place to help her unless she asks. If you suggest she change her lifestyle you may get the opposite reaction than you're hoping for 2) You are not ugly. I know this is true. You just need some perspective. Why do you feel that way about yourself? do you compare your looks to other people's? i think you'll find that once you can stop doing that, you'll be able to accept yourself more fully. good luck to you! 

Helen S.

by auslly123 on 1/3/2013 6:59:56 PM


He could have been lying you know.... If it were you asking him alone & somewhere in private he might have said yes. Some guys say no when they really want to say yes so they don't get made fun of. I know my crush does.
Person teasing us: You two are perfect togeth-
My crush: No.
and me at the same time: Shut up.

by prplppleater on 1/3/2013 5:25:40 PM

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