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3 ways to not be embarrassed about buying tampons

Tell me if this sounds familiar: That time of the month is comin’ up fast, you check your tampon stash and—ugh!—your sis left the box...
65 Comments | Add Yours


What if your 12 or 13 and your going to the store to get some pads and u go to the cash register and a guys there. But you don't want the guy to check it out and your embarrassed. What do you do?


Hey girlie, just brush it off. Periods are a fact of life and guys know that. He probably won't even remember it the next time you see him. 

Lauren T.

by destine02 on 8/11/2013 8:48:34 PM


Mod mod mod!!!
Ok so I'm 15 and I'm ready to use tampons but I've asked my mom before about 1 year ago and she said no, but Im older now and way more responsible. The thing is my mom won't let me use them because she thinks I wont be able to get it in because I'm a virgin.. But I really wanna use tampons because I play softball and it's really uncomfortable withh a pad. I've come up with a list of reasons... I'm planning on asking her today, how should I bring up tampons?? Thanks

Hey chica, your mom raises a really good point, so you should respect her viewpoint. However, if you present that list of reasons to her, maybe she will change her mind. The best way to resolve this situation is through communication and understanding. Hopefully everything works out! xx  
Jess D.

by Tayincali on 6/21/2013 11:27:14 AM


HI! Well I just started using tampons this month!!! (: I used Tampax Pearl Lites, and they were amazing. I loved them except i could feel them a little bit, but i think thats normal because it was my first time using tampons! But I also got a box of Playtex Sport, and I wanted to try them but the applicator on the playtex sport lites looked soooooo big compared to the Tampax lites so i decided to go with Tampax for my first time! But which one do you like better, Tampax Pearl or Playtex Sport? Even though playtex seems to be a favorite for most people, Im kinda scared of how big the applicator is for the lites... your opinions????


My personal favorite tampon is Tampax pearl, the applicator is so smooth and Ive never had an issue with them. The applicator may look big - but i promise youll get used to them. Its all about easing into it. Mostly because the Tampax lites are not made to hold a lot of fluid. So that may not be exactly what you need. So I suggest working your way up to the bigger tampons - like tampax pearl. But the Playtex sport arn't bad, Ive used them as well. I just prefer tampax pearl myself. xoxo Kerra 

Kerra S.

by LoveHappens on 6/16/2013 1:22:26 AM


thanks a lot Hannah m it helped and i'm on my period and i just tried one and its okay Smile went in smooth but i can feel it a little is that normal??


Hey chick! Hmm yeah I think that's normal at first, just make sure it's definitely in there, but it does feel a little weird the first few times. It shouldn't be painful, though, just a little odd. xx 

Hannah M

by txaxmxixaxh on 5/16/2013 12:52:00 PM


so i took advice from Elizabeth K and went ahead to go buy my own tampons for the first time and i did it!! i'm proud of my self but the thing is i'm nervous to put it in, they are tampax cardboard lite so they shouldn't be too bad because they are lites but i'm debating over whether i should go try one now or wait...
hope you can help xo


Hey girlie! Don't be scared, but definitely don't try them out unless you actually have your period. If you try to insert them when you're not menstruating, it will be more difficult and it's actually not good health-wise, so be sure you're mid-cycle when you first try to put one in. If it's not working, don't worry, a lot of girls have difficulty the first time. Use a mirror to help you see, and you should have little trouble. Hope this helps! xx 

Hannah M

by txaxmxixaxh on 5/16/2013 11:56:08 AM


Okay so today i was given money to get whatever i want (from the UK by the way) and i wanted to try tampons for the first time because i'm sick of using pads, so i was confident in going to to buy some but when i got to the store i couldn't do it, its embarrassing but i really want to use them i'm turning 14 in 11 days Smile.
btw i don't really wanna ask my mum to get them.
hope you can help me out. xox


Hey girlie! Don't worry it's totes normal to be nerve and embarrassed but everyone gets their periods so it wont be a big deal to buy them from the store.  Maybe bring a friend to go with you?  If not, your mom is probs expecting you to ask her for them sooner or later so just take a deep breath and ask.  I promise it's not a big deal and once you use them over pads you will be so much happier and feel cleaner!  

Elizabeth K.

by txaxmxixaxh on 5/13/2013 3:37:54 PM


My favorite big chain drug store recently rearranged the aisle where my tampons are and its great because of the new products, it seems like I have more choices now but they also added a number of vibrators so there are at least 10 or 12 different vibrators they now sell not just 1 or 2 like before. I asked my bff and she said the store where she shops has the same thing. Oh well, so much for being embarrassed about just tampons.

by fashionqn on 5/12/2013 11:11:23 PM


sorry i keep bugging you :p i just was wondering if it's weird that i would be able to get it in the first time, but not again. thanks again!


hey! no, not weird at all. but you'll get the hang of it consistently if you keep trying. check this out:

Helen S.

by ladedagirl on 5/9/2013 6:51:11 PM


Hi, I've had my period for a little over a year now, but have never used tampons. I have tried before but just could't do it! The other day i tried again, and for the first time it went all the way in and i could hardly feel it! i tried again later but it didn't work again. everytime i tried it would start hurting 'down there'. I don't know what happened! please help!
p.s. i heard a rumor that if you put vasaline on the applicator, then it's easier. Is it true? Thank you!


Hey! Like anything it just takes practice. The key to making sure it doesn't hurt is to fully insert it. Vaseline might act as a lubricant, but I'd be nervous puttin any chemicals down there. Just keep trying and you'll get it. I promiseSmile

Helen S.

by ladedagirl on 5/9/2013 5:23:39 PM


None of these work for me so I just got to a grocery store I don't usually go to for regular grocery stores. And if you can find one of those stores with the self check out lanes so use those! No cashier to make it all awkward. Just be really careful! They are kind of sensitive and I'd rather deal with a cashier than have the giant alarm go off and have everyone stare at you and have to have a worker come over and scan your "lady things" for you.

by skiwi2 on 5/8/2013 6:50:46 PM


My bathroom doesn't have a door since its in my room, but one time when I was taking care of business, my dad walked in!

by AGirl123 on 4/28/2013 12:41:22 AM


omg mod!MOD! so i was in class and had some pad and tampons in my other purse (not pencil case) so this boy asks for a pencil and i am like BFF's with him. he is BGF and i gave him my pad bag not pencil case!!


Hey _anidaxo!_, did he say anything about it? Xoxo Smile 

Lynae P.

by _anidaxo_ on 4/12/2013 6:34:33 PM


MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am only 12 and i wanted to know when i would get my period! and does it hurt when u put in a tampon? should i worry if it comes during school? like i hang with a lot of ppl!!


Hey _anidaxo_, click this link to read this article. I think it will help ya out! Let me know if you have anymore questions. Xoxo Smile 




Lynae P.

by _anidaxo_ on 4/12/2013 6:25:12 PM


I'm the normal 12 year old girl and I want to know when my period will start. My mom's started when she was 13-14 years old and I'm scared for when I'll have mine. What if I'm in class? Or I don't have tampons/pads? And when it does start which product do I use? I'm so scared. HELP!

by lizgirl16 on 4/3/2013 8:01:58 PM


I had just brought some tamps to my dads house, and his girlfriend and CUTE SON were over. Iwent into my room and tried to sneak one out, but my pants didn't have pockets. I tucked it into the side of my pants and started to walk towards the bathroom. By dad stopped me and asked what the bulge in the side of my pants was. I had to pull him aside to explain, and then later my dad's girlfriends son asked what the big deal was. Even though I didn't want to lie, I figured thid would be an exception.

by Autumn51 on 3/29/2013 10:49:43 PM


I use #3, except Im always with my sis when we go and get stuff. one time, my BGF asked for a pencil, so I threw him my pencil case. But I was at my locker, and it was my period bag, not my pencil case. most embarrising moment ever!

by jayjay927 on 3/14/2013 9:23:57 PM


The store I usually buy my tampons and pads at keeps rearranging things. First they moved all the condoms next to the tampons and pads,  I can understand why but now they moved all of those products you only see advertised on late night tv right next to the tampons. Talk about awkward, I already had an embarrassing run in with a guy I know, now it would be really embarrassing if we saw each other in front of those products. Hannah H.

by fashionqn on 3/14/2013 12:10:45 AM


I've been having really painful period cramps since yesterday so my mom got me this heating pad. I know how to work it and all but I don't know where to put it. My mom says to put it where is hurts but it hurts everywhere!


hey! put it on your abdomen where you feel the most pain. feel better soon! 

Helen S.

by DMlover123 on 3/9/2013 4:38:12 PM


Everyone keeps telling me that tampons are super painful the first time!!! I haven't had my first period yet but I am getting close. I am very active and do lots of sports so I know I might need to use tampons...I can't talk with my mom about it because she doesn't like the subject (!?) I am FREAKING OUT! THNX!


Hey! don't freak out girl, it'll be fine. it'll take some practice but it doesn't hurt that much. It might be a little uncomfortable the very first time, but once you get used to them you'll stop noticing them at all. good luck!  

Helen S.

by rubystar4 on 2/28/2013 8:30:33 PM


I am 14 years old, and one extremely self conscience girl!!! I am always so afraid that my period is gonna appear in the middle of class or that I got too much discharge and it gets through my jeans or some random thing just gets through and it looks like I wet my pants. I don't know how on earth to get through this and because of it i am really shy help!!!!!


Hey girlie, wear panty liners every day. Panty liners are light so you won't feel them and they'll keep you dry from any discharge or a surprise start to your period. 

Lauren T.

by princesslily on 2/27/2013 6:08:25 PM


awesome!!!! i LOVE THE WEBSITE!!!

by bunnyboo2224 on 2/22/2013 7:31:14 PM


It's kind of early, but I'm looking at swim suits because I'm going on a big vacation this summer, so I want some cute swim suits. I'm a short, petite, ruler, although I have some hips and my shoulders are super wide because I'm a swimmer. My parents won't let me wear bikinis, and I really hate one-pieces, so all I have left are tankinis. I don't know what kind to get. I have abs and so I'm not worried about showing a little stomach. Should I get a halter top type or just regular straps? And should there be ruffles? Also, what are the best suits for support because I'm not exactly small chested, though I'm not huge chested, and I want swim suits with cups instead of little girl suits with small amounts of padding and what not. Except I'm not sure if I can fit into juniors suits. I'm usually a 14 in kids suits... what size would be good in juniors? Please help!


Hey purple10115, maybe a 0 or 2 in juniors would work for you. Try checking out the tankinis at Delias, Target, Forever21, Macy's, Urban Outfitters and other shops at the mall. There are so many different patterns and colors so check everything out and see what you like. I'm sure you will find something and plus you've got a lot of time. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile 

Lynae P.

by purple10115 on 2/15/2013 6:05:06 PM


you replyed to my comment saying that darker blood means older blood, like its just coming out really slowly. But its not, its fresh blood from my period, and its really really dark. Whats wrong????


Hey girlie, the blood that comes out from your period isn't always fresh. You can have older blood during your period that's been sitting there for a while.

Lauren T.

by hermionelover on 2/10/2013 7:22:14 PM


Hey! So i have my period (this isnt the first time), its not that heavy but the color is really dark! Like not a dark red even, its like really really dark brown almost black. Usually its a brownish when im about to end my period but this is my second day and its way darker then usual. Whats up!?!?!


Hey girlie, darker blood usually means that it's older blood, so it hasn't come out very quickly. It's nothing to be concerned about. 

Lauren T.

by hermionelover on 2/10/2013 7:02:53 PM


Okay, so I really like this guy. I have liked him all through sixth and seventh grade, but in May of seventh grade 2012 (last year) he left. Well, kinda. I'm a military brat, so we live in Japan. So this boy, he used to go to the military school on base, but then he started going to school off-base last April. I still really really like him, and I am almost absolutely positive that he liked me back in seventh grade. We acted like a couple, but he never really asked me out. So now we text and stuff, but I haven't seen him since he left and I still like him. I don't have a problem with not being over him, but I want to tell him how I felt all through sixth and seventh grade with a sweet valentines text message. I don't know what to send to him to tell him I still like him and that I miss him a ton. THANKS!

Hey girl, since it's a text message, just keep it short, simple, and honest.  Text him how you feel.  Include a smiley face or "xoxo" to keep things light and fun.  Good luck!  

Karin E.

by purple10115 on 2/4/2013 5:08:29 AM



Hey girlie,

If you are getting a period then you aren't pregnant!

Meghan D.

by KitCatJaide on 1/31/2013 6:09:14 PM


hi this is cottoncandycutie's friend and im going to make a account later but for now i have a question.
1. so a few days ago (thursday) i went to the bathroom and was wiping when i noticed on the tp that there was a streak of red (there was nothing on my underwear) so i kept wiping and more red came back. everytime o would go to the bathroom it would do that and it stopped today. was this my first period. im super confused because i thought when you had your period it came out onto your underwear.
2. if this was my period how do i tell my mom. since it seems to have stopped should i just wait until next month, to see if it comes back, to tell her? and what should i say to make it least awkward as possible?
3. if this was my period what supplies do u reccomend i get: pads or tampons? absorbency? brand?
Thank you so much for your help. if you reply i'll definetly make an account so that i know you guys reply Smile


Hey! I think waiting til next month and seeing if it comes back is a good plan. Mark your calender for this time next month so you'll be prepared. I recommend tampons over pads because i think they're more comfortable. I like U by kotex, and i usually get regulars, but it depends on your flow. good luck! 

Helen S.

by CottonCandyCutie on 1/26/2013 3:55:29 PM


How do I bring up the subject of getting my period with my mom- it's so awkward!

by Girlslifegirl5155 on 1/25/2013 4:42:45 PM


I just started my period for the month i think and its super light! It's like pink instead of red and it doesn't even fill a pad in 4 hours. Is there something wrong with me? What should I do?


Hey! the only way to really feel reassured is to talk to your doctor about all of these questions Smile To be honest, that's what we mods just have to tell you guys when you come to us with any health concerns. You may very well be fine, but since we're not doctors and we can't even see you face to face, it's not for us to tell you what's fine and what isn't. You know your body. Trust your instincts and talk to your doc! 

Helen S.

by Kat_13 on 1/19/2013 1:38:15 PM


That Le Parcel thing is probably one of the dumbest things I've seen. Yeah it might seem convenient to have that stuff delivered right to you , but if you look at the box they give you , you only get a limited amount of pads and tampons. Personally I would need a lot more pads or tampons than they give you. Depending on what brand you buy or where you buy your stuff you can go to the store and buy a pack of tampons, a pack of pads , and a WHOLE bag of candy and maybe a little gift ( you don't really need that gift) for 15 bucks or less. Meghan D.

by fibromyalgiasucks on 1/12/2013 11:18:29 PM


one day at school, we had a sub, and he was sitting in a chair right in front of me. i had my pads in a pocket in my binder behind a bunch of papers then because i had no pockets and i didn't carry a purse either. well, we had to get somithing out of our binders so i grabbed my binder that was standing next to my chair, but i didn't realize it was upside down and all my papers amd pads fell out. noone but the sub and my friend saw thankfully, but the sub was just like, "that must be embarrasing, huh?". my face went red.

by Natalie B. on 1/12/2013 3:07:22 PM


My most embarrassing story is this: I go to boarding school outside of the US. I had to buy 'them' and I had to buy them in front of my friends. I then went to the cashier and he was like 19! That was awkward...

by Cocoa Loco! on 1/12/2013 11:05:40 AM


Mod mod mod
I've tried to use tampons numerous times, but I can never get them in right...I can't get the applicator in. It'll go in about half way, and then it'll start hurting if I try to put it in anymore. And then, when I try to put the actually tampon in, it's painful. Is something wrong? Is there anything I'm DOING wrong? Help, please!


Hey girl,

Try inserting the tampon at more of an angle- the boxes usually come with instructions to help ya out. If it still hurts; don't force it! Sometimes it takes awhile to figure it out. 

Alexis G.

by Graciegang on 1/10/2013 11:34:22 AM


I sooo wanna check out that site! I only get cramps the first day (excrusiating) and then they're gone

by myfatsquirrel on 1/9/2013 10:55:17 AM


Im the only girl in the house (dont have a mom, i just live with my dad) and my periods starting, and i have no pads or anything, and no one to talk to, and i am FREAKING OUT! If i still lived in america, then id know where to go get some, but i moved to another country, and now i have no idea what to do!!! HELP!


hey girl! okay, as uncomfortable as it is, you NEED to tell your dad. it's a part of human nature for girls to get their period. trust us, it's not that weird, your dad knows what periods are. good luck!


Katie L.

by Asena K. on 1/9/2013 9:59:05 AM


I've been having cramps headaches and the discharge thing in my underwear and i don't know ho wto talk to my mom about it. I know she's my mom and all but I don"t know how to bring up the topic without it getting awkward. Please help

by monkeylover24 on 1/8/2013 5:49:37 PM


Omg I'm scared to get my period I've never started yet and I've been having bad cramps and I'm scared....!!! What do I do???...???

Hey girl,

It's normal to be nervous about your period, especially if you've never had one before! If you're having cramps, it might be a sign your period is coming but could also just be because of something you ate. Keep a pad in your backpack or locker in case it comes when you are at school, and don't worry until then Smile Your period will come when your body is ready!

Meghan D.

by cmuhlert12 on 1/7/2013 7:25:53 PM


okay, so one day, i had to teach my friend how to put in a tampon cause her period was really heavy and she didn't know how, and she put it in and said "why does it hurt?" through the stall door, i asked her if she'd put it in like the diagram that i had found for her said to and she said no. but then the bell rang signaling the end of lunch and we rushed out of the bathroom. The next day in health class, we were just talking when my crush at the time came over and started going through her bag, he grinned as he pulled out the hard plastic tampon casing thing. I just stared at my friend and we both blushed, thankfully, he didn't notice. but it gets worse. HE STARTED PLAYING WITH THE USED TAMPON INSERTER THING!!! my friend didn't realize she had forgotten to throw it away! Looking back though i am thankful for that tampon thing, with out it i would never have realized how perverted that guy was (there were also a lot of other things that had to do with that, but thats another story.)

by leyleywazhere829 on 1/6/2013 11:28:55 PM


When I was @ school, I ran out of pads, so I asked to borrow one from a close friend. She let me have it, said it was no big deal. Her boyfriend came up and said "What'cha talking about?", and my friend responded, "Nothing just giving S______ a pad cause she ran out." I thought I was going to die!

by hidi75 on 1/6/2013 10:34:42 PM


That Le Parcel site is GENIUS!

by purplerainn on 1/6/2013 9:58:03 PM


Hey guys check out my advice queen page i have alot of experience i also have a club called qoutes where we just post qoutes and it is just so fun please check it out

by jadarocks2401 on 1/6/2013 12:55:03 PM



Hey, I dance too, and I know you can't really wear a pad in your tights. Luckily, when it does first come, it'll be barely a trickle, so you should have enough time to get home before the blood will be really bad. If you feel a lot of cramps in your side like all day then in a couple days you'll prob get your period, though not everyone cramps. Tampons are tricky, but if your really nervous, practice putting them in and stash one in your bag. It took me 12 hours and 3 tampons to get it right, and at first it's hard to get the right angle, but once you figure it out it's super easy. Hope this helps you be prepared. And a good thing at dance, most of the people are girls, so they'll understand.

by dragonsrox1000 on 1/6/2013 2:01:14 AM


I sometimes use strategy #1 when I have to. Strategy #2 sounds neat but I usually have to use #3.

I was buying tampons and my neighbor walked right down the aisle with is son and I had a box of tampons in my hand, what made it even worse was all the condoms and lubricants and "other stuff" they sell were right next to where we were talking. It was horrible and it felt like it would never end. I am not saying guys shouldnt be allowed down those aisles, but why did it have to happen to me.

by fashionqn on 1/5/2013 10:46:36 PM


My dad reccently married another woman. (Cuz my mom died when I was 4) and I'm not that close to her yet. But there is a big problem! I ran out of pads and my dad isn't home and won't be till tomorrow. But I need them like now! I'm using the last one right now! What should I tell her?

Hey girl,

I would just tell her the truth and ask her to take you to the store. I'm sure she would be happy to and would love to spend some time with you. If you're not that close to her, maybe suggest the two of you go out to lunch or spend a day shopping together. If your dad loves her, there must be some awesome things about her!

Meghan D.

by Kat_13 on 1/5/2013 10:12:04 PM


My embarrassing tampon story is that when I was at the grocery store at about 5 in the morning (I had gotten my period overnight and it was the only thing open, and I had to walk because my mom was still asleep), and I ran into a guy from school. I attempted to duck into a nearby aisle, but tripped over absolutely nothing.

by lol1029 on 1/5/2013 9:15:34 PM


HELPPPP! So, I'm 15, had my period for 4 years, never been on a pill or had sex. So last month I got my period on the 15th(normal day). It was also very light and short. A week and a half later it came back! It was light and lasted a day. Here we are today, and it's back again! It seems to be a normal flow. I don't want to tell my mom, though. What could be wrong? Also, I'm having BAD cramps and am emotional on this one, whereas that didn't happen with the others.)

Hey girl,

Some irregularity can be normal, and having worse cramps and emotions at some periods is normal too. It might seem awkward to talk to your mom, but she's been there and knows all about periods and can answer your questions better than I can since she knows you, so I would try talking to her about it when the rest of your family isn't around. She will understand!

Meghan D.

by EgirlH.97 on 1/5/2013 8:47:18 PM


I haven't had my period yet... *sigh* My Nana and Mom got theirs when they were 13 in the summer though so I should be getting it in a few months.

by YouCanCallMeCat on 1/5/2013 8:17:01 PM


I use strategy #1

by BabyDahl13 on 1/5/2013 7:53:35 PM


Self check out?

by Butterflygirl14 on 1/5/2013 7:05:32 PM


I never really understood why girls are so embarassed about their periods. its a natural part of lilfe, nothing to be ashamed of

by tswiftluver13 on 1/5/2013 5:13:51 PM


@yayaYuiki LoL if I were there I would start laughing.

by justrainbowz on 1/5/2013 4:51:52 PM


I was staying the night with my friend and we were at walmart. She and I were on our periods and i did't bring pads. No women clerks were there and we set up a pack of pads and tampons and the clerk was a teenage guy and he asked really loudly "What are THESE?!?!?!?!"

by YayaYuiki on 1/5/2013 4:40:49 PM


Heyy Girls, Join my club; Its all about Fashion and Beauty !!! All of the positions are open, we will have an outfit of the day and a tip of the day and you can ask all of your questions, all you have to do is join!!!

by nazirah817 on 1/5/2013 4:40:01 PM


my most emabarrasing tampon story happened last week. my uncle took me and my mom to the grocery store to get a few items and my mom stopped by the tampons because she was on her period and she asked me right in front of my uncle which ones do i like _____? i was so embarrassed

by fearless;) on 1/5/2013 11:31:37 AM


Or u could just go into a check_out aisle that has a woman clerk. She'd understand.

by pinklol56 on 1/5/2013 11:01:48 AM


i kinda had an embarrassing moment. this guy was going through a pocket in my back pack and was like "are there any feminine products in here". it didn't really bother me but i was like "yes would you like one" he didn't except it and just kinda stood there. it was sooo funny

by luve2cheer on 1/5/2013 7:34:49 AM


Ha my dad said he was going to give me and my sisters money to go buy at least a months supply of tampons for our emergency packs.

by kannjenkins on 1/5/2013 2:31:25 AM


@Chloe<3 , same here! Be proud of being a woman, you gonna have to go to the store someday alone and buy yourself some feminine needs, so it's best to start now so the embarrassment will banish! Once, I had put a kotex pad in my pull over hoodie and I was taking it off at my best guy friend's house caz it was getting too hot in there so when I did, the pad fell on the floor, my best guy friend saw and he said," What the hell is this suppose to be?" After 2 hours and some minutes, he understand what type of puberty us gals goes through so now, he helps me out when it's that time of the month again, he tease me about it like coming up to me saying," Hey, yo did Aunt Flo show up around this week yet?" I always laugh caz it's so funny all the time! xD Especially the accent!

by Susmita24 on 1/5/2013 1:26:08 AM


My most embarrassing tampon story is when I was at the store picking out tampons and a boy I knew passed by me.

by supersingershannon on 1/4/2013 11:30:00 PM


It's so cool that the site mentioned in #2 sends subscribers chocolate and a present. It makes that time of the month easier and less painful.

by scamp24 on 1/4/2013 10:40:05 PM


Lol, I'm not thinking that! My period just got over! My most embarrassing tampon story is that my BGF was looking through my purse (for tic tacs lol) at that time of month and he pulled out a tampon and shouted, "What is THIS?!?!".... To the whole bus... I was so embarrassed!

by turnonthemusic1 on 1/4/2013 10:08:26 PM



Hey girl,

I'm so sorry to hear that some of your questions have taken a bit longer to show up. During the holiday season we were a bit short staffed (everyone needs a holiday break!), so it might have taken your comments a bit longer to be answered then. But we are back and here to help at all times now! If you post any questions tonight I will be happy to answer them, and the mods who are on tomorrow will do the same. Thanks for visiting GirlsLife.com and we are happy to chat!

Meghan D.

by WinnieGirlie on 1/4/2013 9:29:11 PM


Hey ladies, it would mean so much to me if you could check out my club, Style Spy. It's all about fashion, makeup, hair, and style (duhh). We currently have one officer position available, all you have to do is apply and it could totally be you! Thanks! <3

by ACaseOfMistakenIdentity on 1/4/2013 8:51:22 PM


I am a dancer, and I'm scared that I'm going to get my first period at dance. How can I be prepared and not as anxious about it? Whenever I feel the slightest bit of moist ness (even if it's just sweat) I get really stressed!

Hey girl,

It's normal to be nervous, but everyone gets their period at some point and you can't control when, so it's nothing to be embarrassed of! Keep a pad in your dance bag so you'll be ready if it does come, and it won't be a big deal then. Smile

Meghan D.

by WinnieGirlie on 1/4/2013 8:50:06 PM


I use strategy #3. xD

by Chloe<3 on 1/4/2013 7:53:29 PM

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