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Yeah, that's not funny: Twitter trolls trend #CuttingForBieber

Yesterday, the renown pranksters at 4chan launched another mission that is anything but funny. In response to the photos of Justin Bieber allegedly smoking marijuana...
31 Comments | Add Yours

if anyone feels like harming themselves, please remember to think about the people and things you care about, the people that care about you, and that it will get better. self harm is not a joke, and no one should make you feel guilty for doing it. just remember that there are alternatives that help you relieve yourself without cutting. you can hold an icecube to your wrist or submerge your hands in ice, draw on your wrists with red marker or icing, write a poem, listen to music, etc. there are plenty of alternatives, and more than i can offer if you google it. stay safe and please remember that it WILL get better.

by dilquius on 5/14/2013 9:09:38 PM


I heard it wasn't actually Miley Cyrus who spoke out against it. It was a fan account roleplaying her.

But still, hurting yourself is never the answer. It won't solve anything, and it will just make you more upset about yourself that you'll have ugly scars!

A suggestion of what to do INSTEAD is to exercise! Exercise is great for stress, and it makes you feel better about yourself too.

by taylor22742 on 3/12/2013 4:04:28 PM


Cutting yourself is stupid, especially over Bieber. I mean he already did something he shouldn't have and you can't reverse it. Cutting doesn't help anything. It's an unhealthy habit and it will leave ugly scars on your arms. I knew a girl who did it. Her friends took her to the counselor and now she's all better. But she has to wear long sleaves all the time to cover her scars. It's no fun and its not funny.

Love u all,

by Jellygirly on 2/17/2013 7:10:52 PM


Cutting isn't going to reverse what Bieber did. I mean he already smoked marajuanna and he said he won't do it again. Cutting for Bieber is completely pointless.

by Jellygirly on 2/17/2013 7:02:48 PM


Really teenagedreamer345?You found it funny?No offense or anything, but its not. I know its your opinion,and we are all entitled to one but we are talking about people physically HARMING themselves which isnt something to joke about.Yeah their making people mad,but their also seriously screwing up lives sending the message that its okay to screw up your life if another person makes the decision to screw up their own.It makes girls(and even guys)that do cut for more devestating reasons look ridiculous.

by Nessaurus on 1/20/2013 5:47:08 PM


This is disgusting.I used to self cut myself,but I'm now 2 months clean and in therapy and when I went on twitter and saw those pictures,it triggered me so much and I had never felt the urge to cut as much as I did in that moment.Its horrible that people are ruining their lives over one joint that someone they have never even talked to smoked

by rainbowssparklesdesu on 1/18/2013 7:40:28 PM


Im currently 3 weeks clean of cutting. And hearing this, makes me sick. Self harm is far from a joke. I personally find this offensive. Come on people. GET REAL

by hbmsbraceface on 1/17/2013 3:51:34 PM


I am amazed at how some people could think this is funny. Cutting yourself is NOT funny. At all. End of story. It's addictive and can ruin your life. I would know. If you're hurting yourself, get help. There's always someone there who cares about you and who you can talk to. For me, that person is my boyfriend. It could be your mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, or even a hotline. Help is out there. You're not alone. Keep your head up, beautiful, because things will get betterSmile

by lolomar on 1/14/2013 5:49:11 PM


my mom and all my friends think im going anorexic because im not eating as much anymore. But honestly im just trying to lose some weight! I mean I don't eat breakfast I try not to eat lunch and I eat a small dinner. Do you think they're right? So tonight me, my gma, gpa, my mom's bf and my mom went to dinner and I ordered water and half of a grilled cheese sandwich, but I didn't eat any of it. So my gma went up to me after and asked if I was eating, so obviously I said yes.. But honestly, I dunno.. wat do you think?? plz help!!! thanks!! Smile

Hey girl,

If you are trying to lose weight, try focusing on exercising and living a healthy lifestyle instead of on eating less. You need nutrients for energy and to live, and you won't lose weight if you don't have the energy to exercise! Instead of not eating, try eating healthy meals like fruits, veggies and lean protein. And eating lunch is super important because it gives you energy for the rest of your day! If you think you may be struggling with an eating disorder, it's super important that you speak with a trusted adult such as a parent, teacher, guidance counselor, teacher or doctor about what you're going through so that they can help you. For additional resources, check out this post, which has information and hotlines about eating disorders:!2.aspx

Meghan D.

by kkheartspink on 1/13/2013 12:54:05 AM


it was 9gag, not 4chan. and honestly? i found it kinda funny. they did what internet trolls do-make people mad.

by teenagedreamer345 on 1/10/2013 9:22:38 PM

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