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5 HOURS AGO It's almost #Hanukkah! Impress the fam with these so-festive treats:

6 HOURS AGO Hey, sweet thing! What cake matches your personality? ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‚ Take t#quizuiz

7 HOURS AGO We're *freaking out* about this fab new product:


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January's Spoil Yourself week 2 winners

Whew. You survived the crazy holiday shopping and now its time to relax. We’re starting our new year with glam, giving away spa-worthy items every day because...
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mod mod mod mod so i was one of the winners for week 2 of the january giveaways and i want to know when will i get my prize thank you

Hey girlie,

If it has been more than six weeks since you won, you can email and she'll help you take care of the deets. Congrats on winning!

Meghan D.

by applestar1998 on 3/2/2013 12:42:48 AM


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Please can i win the Justin Bieber perfume!!!! omg i love him so much! I am a total belieber! Kidrauhl rules! Ever since I heard about the perfume coming out i wanted it so bad! and now that its on the calander for my fave website, i went crazy!Smile i always go on Gl and I never won anything yet! even in my bio you could totally tell how much i love him!! he inspires me! omg i would literally pass out if i won the Girlfriend perfume! pleaseSmileSmileSmile! Lauren T.

by mrsbieber__ on 1/16/2013 6:06:27 PM


Ok, so my girls life mag subscription expired a while ago (the horror!) and I was wondering if I can still win prizes. Please answer!!!!


Hey girl,

As long as you're registered on Girls' Life you can enter to win the prizes! xoxo 

Alexis G.

by julybaby01 on 1/15/2013 9:52:06 AM


Ariana... yd u stay home instead of going to a friends b day party? The bomb thing is like less than 20 could just go to some store and buy it?

by justrainbowz on 1/14/2013 8:39:59 PM


I LOVE these contests! In a different magazine, you can win stuff but you have to write out a bunch of things on a peice of paper and send it in and you have to buy a stamp! And that costs money! :-/ But I like these better cuz you don't have to pay anything!!!!! Laughing Laughing Laughing

by PeaceChick32145 on 1/13/2013 9:38:19 PM


Can I buy the bath bomb set in stores cuz i cant fing the site to buy online

by ArianaKatFan on 1/13/2013 6:33:01 PM


congratulations on who won!!! A job well done, I shall say. Cannot wait for next weeks giveaway. Excited to see who will win; Good job, and good luck.

by prettylollipop21 on 1/12/2013 10:34:42 PM


Hey you guys this is just a contest. Ya, I won something in this one (yay!!!) but you guys, there's going to be more contests. Don't be so dissapointed. And if you're going to enter a bunch of times, cool, but don't skip out on being with friends or fam just to enter a contest!!!!!! These are all superficial things, but quality time is priceless Smile Congrats to you guys who onw, and good luck to those who didn't!!!!!! Don't give up!!! Smile

by actress12345 on 1/12/2013 7:26:20 PM


I won!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo happy I won the selena gomez nail polish collection!!!!! I've never entered before, and I rarely win anything so I'm extremely excited!!!!! I entered more than once, but not a gazillion times, so I'm guessing they're randomly chosen. Thank you sooo much GL!!!!!

by actress12345 on 1/12/2013 7:20:28 PM


MOD MOD MOD okay are the winners chosen randomly or by an actual person because i have entered everyday since September and have not won anything!!!!


hey! the winners are chosen randomly, but they may have changed the selection method since I worked in the office. good luck to you! 

Helen S.

by lms229 on 1/12/2013 4:22:35 PM

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