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Secret signals! Body language cues give away what he's really thinking

Sitting on the back porch, holding a daisy and picking off petals while whispering “He loves me, he loves me not,” is not the most accurate way...
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So I have this problem where I fell for a guy and I have no clue if he likes me!!!! HELP!! He always asks me what I'm doing after school, and he always suggests that we be partners for all of our school projects. He also always asks me if I have a boyfriend and he says I look really cute in my glasses. Do you think he likes me?


Hey girlie, there's definitely a chance! Do you some flirting to see how he responds. Simple things like touching his arm when you talk to him or keeping eye contact will do the trick. 

Lauren T.

by rockerchic123456789 on 1/23/2013 4:59:40 PM


MOD MOD MOD , IM SO CONFUSED!! I mean my boyfriend has been acting so weird!.. a week ago it started happening, i was staring and as a joke I'd kiss the (Justin Bieber posters) and stuff like that and he got all weird like almost jealous but I don't understand how i mean its just a poster and whenever there's a magazine of One direction he'd flip it over and I wanted to see what he was hiding and he said " don't look please for me" ?????, then the other day he brought up a subject about him wanting to exercises to get a six pack ( which I think is way too big of a goal for a 7th grader) i mean i don't understand why he's being like this,Then I saw a book he had saying 100 ways to get fit and I looked at him and said" Do you really want a six pack that bad?" and he threw it back in my face saying "Shut up how would you like it if I said: do you really want to lose weight that badly! He knows I do!and he said it so willingly! I love him and that wouldn't change if he got so called "Fit"

Hey girlie,

I think a lot of people can get jealous if their boyfriend/girlfriend has a crush, even a celebrity crush, because it might make them feel inadequate. Try telling him that he's the only person you want to be with and that he doesn't need to be jealous! And try not to be so hard on yourself, and tell him to do the same. As long as you're living healthy lifestyles, that matters more than your appearance! Maybe you could exercise together to ease that conversation away and to motivate each other. If he still keeps being jealous, though, I would talk to a counselor or other trusted adult like a parent about his behavior because they can give you more specific advice if you can talk in person.

Meghan D.

by mozilla10 on 1/21/2013 8:23:42 PM


So I've been texting this guy for the past month and it was going pretty good, even though I can only see him once a month at this party a local theater group has (parent's rules) cuz he doesn't go to my school or live in my town. However, a few weeks ago we were texting and he asked me to always text him first, (because he would sometimes forget he was texting me) and I told him no because I don't want to be in control. He said okay but since then he hasn't texted me first at all. Any clue why he'd want me to always start? I text him every few days, but when we start talking he stops after only fifteen minutes. I know he likes me because he told me (he knows I like him too), but I'm not sure he does anymore. Any advice? Thanks!!

Hey chica, if he told you he likes you, then don't worry about the texting convos.  Remember, personal real-life interactions are much more important than text messages.  It just sounds like he doesn't like to text very much.  If you want to communicate with him more than once a month, ask him if he'd like to chat on the phone for a few minutes or chat online.  Talk about it with him the next time you see him.  Good luck!  

Karin E.

by British-IrishBoybands<3 on 1/21/2013 1:47:54 AM


Hey everyone check out the club..any questions ladies for more questions that you have that you want to be answered fast

by bethiiboo16 on 1/20/2013 11:19:29 AM


Mod...i like 2 guys. 1st guy has a gf but doesnt like her as much as me. The 2nd guy is single and acts like he likes me. Im not sure if he does. What are some ways to find out without making him suspicous?


Hey girl, just talk to him. Maybe in conversation drop the line that you're interested in dating someone. If he starts to ask who...he's interested. Just keep on flirting and see what happens! 

lauren r.

by bethiiboo16 on 1/20/2013 11:16:46 AM


I like this guy but he's way more popular than me were in the same homeroom and went to the same elementary school so were friends . We talk and he seems like he likes me . But he's on and off with some popular girl. Is there any chance he likes me ?


Hey girl, its definitely possible! Keep on talking to him and see what happens! 

lauren r.

by juliacar on 1/20/2013 9:50:16 AM


well a while ago this guy asked if I liked him and I said yes (even though I don't) I didn't want him to feel bad.. And now he texts me all the time and says he loves me and im gorgeous and it bugs me soo BAD!! I really like this other guy and the guy I like thinks I like the creepy guy.. and I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!! IM SUPER FREAKED OUT!! please help me... thank you


Hey girl, I think you should just tell the other guy that you're not into him. Just phrase it nicely as possible. Say you'd love to be friends but you're not interested in a relationship right now. 

lauren r.

by kkheartspink on 1/20/2013 1:11:01 AM


Body language is big, just like with friends and girls we know that give off certain body language vibes toward us, guys do the same thing. Being able to read a guys body language is a big help in knowing if he is interested or not. It may be harder to know if the guy is the real flirty type but its possible to know the signs.

by fashionqn on 1/20/2013 12:30:20 AM


Well what if he comes and gives you a hug when you wave at him? And what if when you wave he walks around the room and keeps looking at you? And what if you have poking wars at 1 in the morning on Facebook? don't see eachother a lot're 15 and he's 19... Help? I really like him a lot...and we see eachother often considering our

Hey girlie,

15 and 19 can be a pretty big difference when you're young! I would try just staying friends with him for now and keeping your options open to guys at your school and in your class!

Meghan D.

by bdarrough98 on 1/19/2013 10:40:28 PM


Mod mod mod I like a boy who I used to be friends with we stopped talking for a while due to the awkwardness of him finding out I like him but now we kinda talk more recently he backed me up during an argument with one of his best friends and we smiled at eachother but when my math teacher made him sit behind me he asked if he could move is he avoiding me or did he want to move because of someone else? Does he like me?

Hey girlie,

I'm not sure if he likes you, or if he does, he might not be ready for a relationship right now. If you've told him you like him and he hasn't done anything, I wouldn't bring it up again. Now that he knows you like him, he can say something about it if he wants to be more than that! As for why he moved, he might have been avoiding you or it could have been another reason, there's really no way to tell. Maybe you could talk to him in person and say that you want to be friends no matter how he feels. Hopefully he will remember the fun times you had and not want to be less than friends anymore!

Meghan D.

by Rain278 on 1/19/2013 9:25:10 PM

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