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Am I bi? I'm just not sure

Lately, I have been having feelings for boys and girls. I know it’s okay to be bisexual or gay, but when I try to convince...
23 Comments | Add Yours

I know when I have been around certain people at my school you hear about how some girls enjoy kissing other girls but you dont hear it when it comes to guys kissing guys. It could be that way because we may be more understanding of our sexuality than guys that are our age. When it comes to our sexuality I am not saying we like it more than boys but we may be more open to trying different things and like it just as much.

by fashionqn on 6/24/2013 6:41:19 PM


sorry just accidentally reported that last comment :p

by emim88 on 5/24/2013 8:55:52 PM


I cant tell you a lot about this because I'm only 12 too. I think it's normal, I've had feelings for boys and girls, but each time I do, I end up growing out of it. xx

by delaneycatherine on 3/15/2013 3:45:39 PM


I dont judge those who are gay or bisexual & ik i sometimes get simular feelings like these too . Not really feelings for girls but unlike most people , I can tell another girl she's pretty or looks cute for the day without saying " no homo " . Lol i do like guys , but idk - maybe its because i dont care what people think of me ?

by Beautified_Jailyn on 3/7/2013 7:01:01 PM


You could always talk to a counselor about your feelings. It was explained to me that just because we have these thoughts and feelings when we are young doesnt mean you are going to feel like that forever. I think because of puberty and what we see, it influences our desires when it comes to guys and relationships. Maybe because we almost always see female bodies used for ads and selling things we think about our bodies more when it comes to sex. You dont see mens bodies being used as much and not that their bodies are ugly, or we arent curious about what they look like, we just feel we may be bi because we get these feelings when we see and think about female and male bodies.

by fashionqn on 2/13/2013 2:42:13 PM


I reported a comment, above, by accident.

by bloop116 on 2/11/2013 5:23:00 PM


There is a posibility that you are bi. My guess is that you are probably not though. I though I was bi for a while but then I realised I was in a way kind of making myself feel I was bi. I was, am, and always will be a proud LGBTQ supporter. At the time that was when I started the whole support gay thing. I was so focused on that that I led myself to believing I was bi. I wasn't though. It is normal at an age like this to have mixed emotions an feelings...especially when it comes to your sexuality. My advice is that you calm down, don't try any relationship for a while, take it easy this Valentine's Day, and see if you are any more comfortable with yourself after a while.
I hope this helps. I wish you all the best. Just join my club and advice queen if you still have questions.

by bloop116 on 2/11/2013 5:21:08 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is a kid at my school that no one really likes. Lets call him J. J can be really strange sometimes and isn't very good with people. Last year I got to know him and realized he isn't all that bad. Sometimes I get mad at him though because he can be really annoying sometimes. People are always calling him things like "gay","ginger", or they are just really mean. I tell them that it isn't nice to say things like that. J keeps asking me things like"do you hate me?" or "do you want me to die?" I always tell him of course not. Today he stopped talking. He told me via pen and paper that it was because of bullies. I told him good luck. I feel like I can and should be doing more to help him. I have absolutely no clue what to do. I figured that someone, whether it be a mod or. Nmm a regular User,

That's a really tough situation! You are already doing so much by being his friend and standing up for him. All you can really do, is continue what you're doing- stick up for him and be there for him. Good job girl! 
mailyse f.

by beaky54321 on 2/11/2013 3:57:37 PM


I felt the same way but then I thought about it talked to my mom n I realized I'm not. Ull figure it out don't worry

by Ayumi302 on 2/10/2013 6:47:41 PM


One of my friends is feeling the same way!

by fabina962 on 2/10/2013 11:08:22 AM

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