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Help! Life is just too hard

For a while, I felt like I had everything anyone could ever want: awesome friends, no pimples (yay!) and a great family. Then everything changed...
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omg i live with you! my mom has head cancer just a few days ago her hair fell out!!!!! and my parents are divorced and i have a step mother and step sister i dont like! its a really hard topic to talk about but i feel good talking to my school councelor and bff and getting your family close helps a lot too! keeping a diary helps too, but never do something to harm yourself!! and remeber its just a down part of your life but it will always go up again!!!! Smile i pray for you!!!!!

by annelie on 6/29/2013 12:06:36 PM


About the situation I'm in or about my feelings helps And then I just sing my heart out but I can't always do that. In fact, even if I sit in my room and sing I've caught my fam listening to me then bring it up later and it makes me mad that I have no privacy at all!!! And they don't even trust me either!

by chaquita on 6/8/2013 1:06:32 AM


I've always tried not to be the kind of girl who's self concious or thinks I'm ugly or anything and I really dont think I'm ugly but lately I've been get self concious. Also I've been getting really angry about stuff and not acting at all like myself! I know part of the problem is because I'm a teenager and all that crummy stuff but I just don't know. I feel like I wanna say my life sucks but I know there are some really good parts ! I mean my family loves me and I have friends! But I always say live life to the fullest or live like there's no tomorrow or you only live once but I still feel like my life is a waste. I dream about what I wish my life was like and I just start balling my eyes out. I can't stop these feelings inside myself. Like I wanna start over. I really like to sing and I've found that writing songs

by chaquita on 6/8/2013 1:03:36 AM


Mines not that bad, but it means something to me. Well my brother is 19 and he is in boot camp. When I got to hug him I cried when we saw him. The cried when we watched him walk away. Well hes going to be traveling across the state! I love him, and we might be 6 year apart, but we were extreamly close when he left. I sometimes write him letters, but I have nothing to say without saying I a million times. What should I do?

by Ilovekidflash on 5/9/2013 12:16:00 AM


Sometimes i feel alone im not exactly depressed i can still laugh wit my friends and laugh wen things are funny but when im not laughing or smiling this feeling of lonliness just hits me sometimes ill just b sitting there wit my friends and ill feel alone but i cover it wit a smile. Ive never told anyone how i feel alone. I hvent told my parents, not even my closest friends. I feel like no one will understand how i feel. I dont even know why i feel like this. It just seems like everyday something bad happens. I can never hve like a good day and wen somethng bad hapens it comes to the point now where i just say oh im use to it, its no big deal. I just feel like theres no one i can talk to. I just wish one day something good wud happen.

by B-nicole on 4/15/2013 8:43:37 PM


Mod!! (Two questions) So my family has been friends with two other families for a long time. Both of those families have a boy who is in the grade below me. We are all the same age. The first guy, lets call him A, is one of my best friends. The second guy, lets call him B, is just close friends with me. So, A and I tell each other everything from crushes to family problems to friend issues. B and I text eachother every day, and I lately our convorsations would be considered innapropriate. We both know that we are only joking, and niether one is serious in any way at all. We laugh at the same things and know that nothing is for real. Basicially, I think I might have a crush on B, but him and A don't like eachother. So, how would I tell A? Also, what do I do if my parents see the texts B and I have? I don't think that they would approve, and it feels awkward to ask him to stop having the convorsations with me. Please help! Thanks Smile


Hey! well, you don't have to tell A do you? if you want to or if it comes up, just tell him the truth. You may think it seems awkward to talk to him about it but all you can do is be honest, right? he won't resent you for that. If your parents found the texts they might be concerned, so explain your side to them. You guys are joking around and flirting and not taking what you're saying seriously. if they still want you to stop texting him, again just tell B what happened, he'll understand that it's your parents and not you. good luck!  

Helen S.

by Supersid on 3/21/2013 5:49:49 PM


Mod please help😫 I'm stressed about REALLY stressed!!!! And I'm not familiar with anyone on this team😣😣😣 any tips???


Hey girlie, just keep calm. Take some deep breaths and pretend that you're playing in a game or in practice. Just do your best and don't worry about anything else!

Lauren T.

by marylofal16 on 3/4/2013 7:05:53 PM


Hey, i broke up with my ex on in my freshman yr of highschool. After a little while i started feeling bad about it like we could have done something to work things out instead of just giving up. He eventually wanted to get back togather; but after i graduated school we barely see each other. We talk on fb and i ask him. I know he still likes me and wants to be with me but he just wont say it. What can i do to get him to open up?

Hey girlie,

Even if he likes you, maybe he's not ready for a relationship and that's why he's hesitating. If you've brought up the subject, he'll know you're interested and will make a move if he wants to be back together with you. In the meantime, try focusing on schoolwork and your relationships with your friends and family, and a romantic relationship will come when the time is right Smile

Meghan D.

by Dilyla16 on 3/2/2013 9:55:13 PM


mod mod mod
I'm really stressed out lately cause I don't have time to relax. Plus I have a lot of things going on. Do you have any suggestions on how to get some down time?



Hey Girl, make sure you are being efficient with your time and get everything done so you do have that time off. Tell yourself that homework needs to be done at this time, and that you need to go to bed at this time so you can manage everything well. Remember, it's okay to take a day off once in awhile to take a break and say no to things you can't manage.



Hannah H. 

Hannah H.

by kritosaurus on 2/28/2013 3:46:56 PM


That sounds like a hard time for you.
I know when Im in a hard situation but not quite as hard as yours but just pray to God everyday. He will make your life better. Did you know every second is controlled by God and he does something in your life for a reason. In the hard times like right now just take a deep breath find a quiet spot and pray.
Also journals are a good way to realese your feelings. Its almost like your spilling all your feeling out to someone.

Just remember God does the things and your life for a reason to help you.
You are loved! dont forget that <3

by <3Girl on 2/23/2013 1:38:04 PM

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