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Help! Life is just too hard

For a while, I felt like I had everything anyone could ever want: awesome friends, no pimples (yay!) and a great family. Then everything changed...
48 Comments | Add Yours

omg i live with you! my mom has head cancer just a few days ago her hair fell out!!!!! and my parents are divorced and i have a step mother and step sister i dont like! its a really hard topic to talk about but i feel good talking to my school councelor and bff and getting your family close helps a lot too! keeping a diary helps too, but never do something to harm yourself!! and remeber its just a down part of your life but it will always go up again!!!! Smile i pray for you!!!!!

by annelie on 6/29/2013 12:06:36 PM


About the situation I'm in or about my feelings helps And then I just sing my heart out but I can't always do that. In fact, even if I sit in my room and sing I've caught my fam listening to me then bring it up later and it makes me mad that I have no privacy at all!!! And they don't even trust me either!

by chaquita on 6/8/2013 1:06:32 AM


I've always tried not to be the kind of girl who's self concious or thinks I'm ugly or anything and I really dont think I'm ugly but lately I've been get self concious. Also I've been getting really angry about stuff and not acting at all like myself! I know part of the problem is because I'm a teenager and all that crummy stuff but I just don't know. I feel like I wanna say my life sucks but I know there are some really good parts ! I mean my family loves me and I have friends! But I always say live life to the fullest or live like there's no tomorrow or you only live once but I still feel like my life is a waste. I dream about what I wish my life was like and I just start balling my eyes out. I can't stop these feelings inside myself. Like I wanna start over. I really like to sing and I've found that writing songs

by chaquita on 6/8/2013 1:03:36 AM


Mines not that bad, but it means something to me. Well my brother is 19 and he is in boot camp. When I got to hug him I cried when we saw him. The cried when we watched him walk away. Well hes going to be traveling across the state! I love him, and we might be 6 year apart, but we were extreamly close when he left. I sometimes write him letters, but I have nothing to say without saying I a million times. What should I do?

by Ilovekidflash on 5/9/2013 12:16:00 AM


Sometimes i feel alone im not exactly depressed i can still laugh wit my friends and laugh wen things are funny but when im not laughing or smiling this feeling of lonliness just hits me sometimes ill just b sitting there wit my friends and ill feel alone but i cover it wit a smile. Ive never told anyone how i feel alone. I hvent told my parents, not even my closest friends. I feel like no one will understand how i feel. I dont even know why i feel like this. It just seems like everyday something bad happens. I can never hve like a good day and wen somethng bad hapens it comes to the point now where i just say oh im use to it, its no big deal. I just feel like theres no one i can talk to. I just wish one day something good wud happen.

by B-nicole on 4/15/2013 8:43:37 PM


Mod!! (Two questions) So my family has been friends with two other families for a long time. Both of those families have a boy who is in the grade below me. We are all the same age. The first guy, lets call him A, is one of my best friends. The second guy, lets call him B, is just close friends with me. So, A and I tell each other everything from crushes to family problems to friend issues. B and I text eachother every day, and I lately our convorsations would be considered innapropriate. We both know that we are only joking, and niether one is serious in any way at all. We laugh at the same things and know that nothing is for real. Basicially, I think I might have a crush on B, but him and A don't like eachother. So, how would I tell A? Also, what do I do if my parents see the texts B and I have? I don't think that they would approve, and it feels awkward to ask him to stop having the convorsations with me. Please help! Thanks Smile


Hey! well, you don't have to tell A do you? if you want to or if it comes up, just tell him the truth. You may think it seems awkward to talk to him about it but all you can do is be honest, right? he won't resent you for that. If your parents found the texts they might be concerned, so explain your side to them. You guys are joking around and flirting and not taking what you're saying seriously. if they still want you to stop texting him, again just tell B what happened, he'll understand that it's your parents and not you. good luck!  

Helen S.

by Supersid on 3/21/2013 5:49:49 PM


Mod please help😫 I'm stressed about tryouts..like REALLY stressed!!!! And I'm not familiar with anyone on this team😣😣😣 any tips???


Hey girlie, just keep calm. Take some deep breaths and pretend that you're playing in a game or in practice. Just do your best and don't worry about anything else!

Lauren T.

by marylofal16 on 3/4/2013 7:05:53 PM


Hey, i broke up with my ex on in my freshman yr of highschool. After a little while i started feeling bad about it like we could have done something to work things out instead of just giving up. He eventually wanted to get back togather; but after i graduated school we barely see each other. We talk on fb and i ask him. I know he still likes me and wants to be with me but he just wont say it. What can i do to get him to open up?

Hey girlie,

Even if he likes you, maybe he's not ready for a relationship and that's why he's hesitating. If you've brought up the subject, he'll know you're interested and will make a move if he wants to be back together with you. In the meantime, try focusing on schoolwork and your relationships with your friends and family, and a romantic relationship will come when the time is right Smile

Meghan D.

by Dilyla16 on 3/2/2013 9:55:13 PM


mod mod mod
I'm really stressed out lately cause I don't have time to relax. Plus I have a lot of things going on. Do you have any suggestions on how to get some down time?



Hey Girl, make sure you are being efficient with your time and get everything done so you do have that time off. Tell yourself that homework needs to be done at this time, and that you need to go to bed at this time so you can manage everything well. Remember, it's okay to take a day off once in awhile to take a break and say no to things you can't manage.



Hannah H. 

Hannah H.

by kritosaurus on 2/28/2013 3:46:56 PM


That sounds like a hard time for you.
I know when Im in a hard situation but not quite as hard as yours but just pray to God everyday. He will make your life better. Did you know every second is controlled by God and he does something in your life for a reason. In the hard times like right now just take a deep breath find a quiet spot and pray.
Also journals are a good way to realese your feelings. Its almost like your spilling all your feeling out to someone.

Just remember God does the things and your life for a reason to help you.
You are loved! dont forget that <3

by <3Girl on 2/23/2013 1:38:04 PM


Hi How Do You Ask Carol Questions?

Hey girlie,

You can submit a question to Carol here: http://www.girlslife.com/contact.aspx?t=advice

Meghan D.

by Who_Am_I on 2/22/2013 11:37:16 PM


Mod Mod Mod
I am always feeling that my besties are ignoring me and not caring what I say.. one of my friends has started worrying about hair and boys.. my other friend has been telling me "She hates humour" now.. and another friend has been starting rumours like "I had sex with my friend (me)" or "She is such a slob..." and she knows i am a neat freak... the first one is really freaking me out..
<Frown what do I do!?


Hey LiliArtist, talk to your friends about this. They may not know their words are affecting you, especially your last friend. Also you have to realize as you get older you become interested in other things. For some girls that includes boys, and makeup and clothes. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile  

Lynae P.

by LilArtist on 2/22/2013 8:10:43 PM


So my bf sometimes calls other girls hot. Then doesn't say he does, like one of his friends would say what do you think about her again? And he won't tell me. But I know he did because he was sitting right next to me when he did. Should I be worried???

Hey girlie,

Have you heard him say things about other girls? If it's all hearsay, I wouldn't confront him if all you know are rumors that might not be true. But if he says things like that in front of you, that's not very considerate of him! Even if he does find other girls attractive, it's not respectful to you and your relationship to say that. If he says that it front of you I would tell him that it hurts your feelings and that you don't like when he makes those comments. Hopefully he will stop, and if he doesn't then you might want to consider finding someone who is more respectful of you.

Meghan D.

by jellybean2 on 2/16/2013 12:21:59 AM


My life is okay... But my mom and dad dont really talk to me and the only person that I could rely on was my brother and now he's turned his back on me. What do I do??? I'm stressed out and can't sleep at night because of how stressed I am. It feels like I can never be good enough for my family anymore...

by beachheads1016 on 2/12/2013 8:32:12 PM


know how u feel Frown

by monicavampire on 2/12/2013 5:23:51 PM


My life is Horrible! My mom doesn't understand me AT ALL! I think my period is around the corner cause ive had all symptoms but 2! and I've had no pimples (THANK DA LORD) but I feel so lonely. I like a guy. BUT I don't know if he likes me back! I've never had a bf or a crush before! Yikes! Everyone doesn't like him! and my friends keep teasing me that they will tell him I like him! My friend almost told him at youth group yesterday before I covered her mouth. Nd' I'm afraid that they are going to tell him! I've asked them to not say anything and just drop it, but they won't! Also, I've been super tired cuz' my dad wont help me with my dog when we had an agreement I have said something and so has my mom and he wont do a friggin' thing! I just want a day off and I NEED ADVICE! IK this is a comment but if this can become an answered question or plea of help! That would be awesome! Frown Smile :?

Hey girl, first of all, take a deep breath.  It's very common to have disagreements with your parents.  When you're talking with your mom, stay calm and respectful, and hopefully you can expect the same from her.  Ask your friends kindly to please not say anything to your crush.  It's important to have trustworthy friends.  If he does find out that you like him, it's okay.  And who knows?  Maybe you'll find out that he likes you back.  To best take care of your dog, get into a daily routine to help with time management.  Also, check out this article about "5 Ways to Get Out of a Funk."  Good luck, chica! 

Karin E.

by Love5771 on 2/11/2013 8:25:45 AM


Mod, Latley I have been stressed and I NEED to talk to someone. I am in the 7th grade and I have never gone out with anyone nor kissed anyone. All girls make such a big deal out of it and I guess it just hit me. My good friend started going out with someone and they kissed. I was so happy for her. The other day at lunch she said "I'm so glad I got that over with" those words are stuck in my head. I feel like when I go to my new high school that I won't find a guy and I won't have my first kiss until senior year! I don't know why this is sitting in my head but it is. I choose not to go out with anyone right now. I'm very social and I know alot of people, I just think dating in my school is stupid. Guys have asked me out before but I've said no. I want to start dating in 8th or 9th grade without alot of publicity. I REALLY need the help


Hey girlie, if not dating is a personal decision then it's nothing to worry about that you haven't dated or had your first kiss. If you've been asked out, boys will continue to ask you out! Stop worrying so much about it and just enjoy being young and single! 

Lauren T.

by marylofal16 on 2/6/2013 5:07:16 PM


I just found out some brain-shattering news today:
My best friend (practically sister) has been raped. She said that she hasn't told anyone, not even her mom! I know I'm supposed to tell someone, but who? She says it happened when she was ten, three years ago. She said not to tell anyone, should I just keep it to myself?


First of all you need to be there for your friend. Make sure she knows youre there for her to listen or for a hug whenever she needs it. Second of all I suggest you talk to her and see if she would be willing to talk to the guidance counselor or some other adult she trusts - if not her mom. What she went through was awful and no one who hasn't experienced it can even begin to understand. So all you can do is be there for her and support her the best you can - especially in trying to get her to open up about it. Talking to the counselor will help her sort everything out and you can even be there to help her while talking about it. Just be supportive and try to get her to tell a trustworthy adult about it, preferably a guidance counselor. Good luck hon! xoxo kerra

Kerra S.

by daylit14 on 2/5/2013 10:58:25 PM


one more thing, when I walk in front of people, i get uncomfortable and selfconcious and do a funny walk. How can i stop bein like this.
Oh hey this must be an out of the blye questons but my mom wants me to be like normal.... i want to be unique and hve my own style but she wont let me! What should i do?

Hey girlie,

Even though it seems like everyone is watching you, they're really not, so try to imagine they're not paying attention to you and walk normally! No one will notice, trust me! As for your style, try focusing on developing your personality on the inside. Even if you have to dress a certain way when you're at school, being unique comes from what you like, so focus on developing yourself on the inside and letting that show, because that is what counts Smile

Meghan D.

by Angelsfall on 2/4/2013 8:23:06 PM


many of my friends trust me with their secrets andit feels njce to have people trust you. But im a terrible friend because what some people tell me i tell other peopple. How can I keep my mouth shut?
Also, when my friends get me mad, i ignore them and just walk away. I crack my neck, shoulders and fingers 24/7 how can i stop this because it gets me annoyed.
also, in like 9 months im having my quinceanera, how can i get skinny?
One more thing, how can I stop being mean to people? At home i make my min hat I will be nice but once i go to achool im mean, how can i stop that?
On more little stich! How can i talk to my mom about personal stuff without being shy?

Hey girlie,

If you can admit that you tell other people's secrets, it shouldn't surprise you that they aren't talking to you about things they don't want to get around! Try thinking about if those secrets were your own--would you want them to be public? If you imagine yourself in their shoes it will help you keep their secrets. And if you are upset with your friends, it is better to talk to them about it than to ignore them, because they might not realize they upset you and they'll definitely be hurt if you walk away from them! If you don't want to crack your joints anymore, maybe you could set up a reward system like that you could have dessert or watch TV (whatever works for you) if you don't crack them. You can also talk to your mom or guidance counselor for help breaking a bad habit! I would think more about living a healthy lifestyle than being skinny, because a healthy look is different for everyone! If you are eating fruits and veggies (and protein!) and exercising regularly, you will be fine Smile If you want to be nice to people, try thinking of something you admire about them and compliment them on it Smile And don't be nervous about talking to your mom, she's been through it all and is there for you!

Meghan D.

by Angelsfall on 2/4/2013 8:17:35 PM


One of my best friends has been really down lately. I know her parents put a ton of pressure on her for school and sports and her art and my friend feels the need to be perfect at everything. Also there is this boy she really likes and EVERYONE knows that she likes him (including the boy) and that he doesn't like her at all (including her). She's been really grumpy lately and a lot of her friends won't hang out with her anymore. She comes to school with dark circles under her eyes and almost never smiles anymore. I'm really worried about her. Is there anything I can do to help her?

Hey girlie,

The first thing I would do is encourage your friend to talk to a guidance counselor, teacher or other trusted adult about what she's going through, because they can help her deal with all of the pressure she's carrying right now and make it easier to deal with. Aside from that, you could show your support by going to her sports games or studying together next time you have a test! You could also make sure to compliment her next time her hair looks awesome or she wears a really cute top. Little actions of support for her will go a long way!

Meghan D.

by Meeshmeesh on 2/4/2013 4:21:13 PM


My mother puts way too much pressure on me. She constantly nags me about my failing Physics grade and hovers over me when she thinks I'm not being productive. She's even threatened to hurt me and take away everything I own. Even when I'm talking about art or something else I like, she'll suddenly interrupt and start bugging me about school. It gets so bad sometimes that I feel like I'm about to puke. This happens a lot because when it does, I don't eat and end up losing weight. I've lost 15 pounds over the course of a few months, and it's all because of her. She's noticed this and now thinks I have an eating disorder. I don't know how to deal with this. Every time I try talking to her I get too intimidated and start crying. Please give me some advice!


Hey girlie, there's nothing wrong with crying when you talk to her. If you're crying while you're telling her how much it hurts you, she'll know that you genuinely mean it and that she's really upsetting you. Hopefully that'll be enough to keep off her back. Work hard in school to bring your grades up to help take a little pressure off too. 

Lauren T.

by DarcyAranea on 2/3/2013 8:15:31 PM


I am 13 years old but my parents, well my dad mostly, blocks websites on my computer, channels on the TV, and movies on the xbox. I know he's just trying to keep me safe but say I am looking for a cute new pair of sweats online. I love Victoria Secret sweats but that website is blocked. I can't watch lots of movies on the xbox because they are blocked. I'm not dishonest and I don't want to watch anything inappropriate but my parents need to understand I am growing up so some movies I want to watch may have a scene or two that is inappropriate. I have tried having a discussion about this before but they just won't budge! What do I do?

Hey girlie,

You're right that your parents just want you to be safe because they love you! If you want sweatpants, you could buy them in person or ask your parents to visit the site and buy them for you. And if there are scenes that you even think are inappropriate, it definitely makes sense that your parents don't want you to see them! Maybe you could make a compromise, like that you could watch certain movies if your parents were there. If not, try to respect your parents' decisions--you have your whole life to grow up, so make the most of what you can do now that you won't be able to do when you're older! Have fun with your friends, play games with your fam and enjoy being young, and you'll be able to watch those movies and shop online before you know it Smile

Meghan D.

by nutmeg2009 on 2/2/2013 11:18:03 PM


I have liked the same guy for about 4 years and i've known him since i was about 7..... I have considered telling him how i feel but i'm just really afraid because of how things turned out for me last time i told a guy how i felt. But now i think he may actually like me. I'm just really scared i will lose his friendship. How do you tell a guy that you like him when you have known him for 7 years? My friends tell me to wait for him to tell me but i have waited for 4 years! I think he is too shy, he has tried twice before but he got scared. I'm tried of waiting but is it worth the risk?


hey! I don't think so. If you think it would affect your friendship, you shouldn't risk it. But if you think he's mature enough to know how you feel and still be your friend even if he doesn't feel the same way, then you should absolutely tell him. 

Helen S.

by ColoredRain541 on 2/2/2013 4:24:42 PM


I never really asked personally for advice because I figured I didnt need it. But now I do. Im 13 and a couple of weeks ago I walked in on my 16-year-old soster and her boyfriend doing 'it.' I got over it, but now it turns out shes pregnant. Its worse for her than it is for me but I dont know how to deal. Im kind of ashamed of her, is that okay? I feel sorry for her but at the same time I dont. I dont know whether I should make a big deal about it or not. Teen pregnancy sucks but she didnt do it safely and this is the price. Any advice?


Hey sleepinginblack, this is a lesson for you too girly. Never rush into anything physical if you're not ready and always use protection. I can understand why you feel that way about your sister. Things happen, but that doesn't mean she isn't the same sister you always had. As long as your sister and her boyfriend are good parents, they should be okay. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by sinkinginblack on 2/1/2013 5:57:36 PM


I have this pretty good guy friend. I've always thought of him as a friend but then i started having dreams about him.... like every single night.... and everyone else thinks he's kinda weird cuz he likes one direction but i think he's rlly sweet..... does it matter what everyone else thinks?

Hey girlie,

I don't think it matters what everyone thinks, especially if it's just about his music taste! If you like spending time with him and he is nice to you, that's all that matters Smile

Meghan D.

by ColoredRain541 on 1/31/2013 6:25:10 PM


I found out a few weeks ago that my best friend had gotten her first boyfriend and had kept it secret from ME!! We had a fight and i forgave her but now something else is happening and she seems even sadder and i want to help but she won't tell me whats wrong! she says talking about it will just make her feel worse and she doesn't want to. I just feel rlly hurt that she won't tell me. She also says i havent been there for her lately. I can't be there for her if she doesn't tell me whats wrong! Do i have a right to be angry with her? thanks so much!



Hey Girl, that is frustrating. Supporting her doesn't always mean you have to give her advice about what's bothering her. Just chatting about something like school or boys can be really supportive.

Hannah H. 

Hannah H.

by RainbowcoloredRain541 on 1/31/2013 3:28:07 PM


In the beginning of my school year, I started out amazing. Good grades, I listend during class, I did my homework and I was nice to people and I had great goals. Now it's visversa. I'm horrible in my classes and I feel really stupid in math, science and social studies. My grades use to be A and B's but I fear it's A, B, C and D's. I sleep during class and I don't go my homework - i copy it from someone. I'm mean to people and rude at times. All the goals I had - I don't want. I'm rude to my teachers. I always waste time instead of doing my homework. Please help me!!
Also - i don't mean to bother but during the summer my older brother was here and he was always making me angry. I use to scream silently untonmy pillow, I use to shut the door and cry or just be angry. I started cracking my head. (Side to side.) And my inner throat. Which looks like I'm twiching. It cracks my head and thorat - it feels good but I get annoyed more. I have temper issues. Please help me!!!!

Hey girl, it's good that you're acknowledging that you're having problems at school.  If you're worried about your grades, speak with your teachers.  Tell them that you feel like you're not doing well and you want to improve.  Ask their advice about how to do better in their classes.  Make some new, manageable goals about school and strive for them.  You can do it!  If you think you might have anger issues, try talking with your school guidance counselor.  Tell them how you've been feeling.  Also, talk with your parents or an adult you trust.  They'll be able to help you come up with ways to get your anger under control and help you start doing well in school again.  Good luck!  

Karin E.

by Angelsfall on 1/31/2013 7:40:04 AM



Hey girlie,

There is nothing wrong with you at all, and the right guy will love everything about you and appreciate you for who you are! If you're feeling shaky, I would talk to your mom about seeing your doc in case that is a side effect of any medicine you are taking, but I wouldn't worry about what a future boyfriend would think because the right one will see everything beautiful about you Smile You can also talk to your mom or a guidance counselor about how you're feeling--it will feel great to talk to someone in person.

Meghan D.

by redvelvetluv on 1/28/2013 8:12:31 PM


I am so sorry that you are going through these horrible challenges! Please remember that you are loved by more people than you could ever imagine. Life WILL get better. These challenges will make you a stronger person. Please remember that there is always someone out there who cares deeply for you.

by st8cfab on 1/28/2013 6:32:14 PM


Ok, sorry to be a bother but I have another question. Can your stomach shrink if you eat smaller portions over a long period of time? Thanks!


Hey girlie, your stomach won't shrink. Your body might adjust to that over time and make you slightly less hungry, but your stomach is one size and what you eat won't affect that. 

Lauren T.

by appleduck101 on 1/27/2013 7:08:27 PM


Ok, so at school, our lunch is really gross and I sometimes have to buy lunch when my parents still have to go grocery shopping. I also don't eat breakfast. So I had the idea that if I'm not going to eat it then I shouldn't buy it. I figured I would go home and eat. I didn't do it as a way to lose weight or to look skinny. Now, my teachers and my friends are concerned that I am a developing anorexic. I like the way my body looks and I didn't start not eating lunch to lose weight, I thought if it happens it would be an added bonus to the money I would be saving. I don't want them to think this. What should I do?


Hey girlie, you should always eat breakfast. It'll give you energy throughout the day and help start up your metabolism. Skipping meals actually slows down your metabolism and encourages your body to store fat instead of lose it. So make the best out of school meals and at least eat something. 

Lauren T.

by appleduck101 on 1/27/2013 7:07:17 PM


I'm either nauseous, uncomfortable, or crampy every night, I'm dizzy, shaky, sweaty, and I have absolutely NO energy and I haven't been very hungry and I eat a very little amount of food. Is this a sign of an eating disorder?


Hey girlie, eating disorders are something that people start themselves by not eating and/or exercising too much. So unless you've brought this on with bad habits, it's probably not an eating disorder. You should probably see your doctor about this. It could be anything, but probably something you want to get checked out.

Lauren T.

by megan1220 on 1/27/2013 6:17:20 PM


well i asked a question on how to loose thigh weight fast and they said to like do lunges and squats, i think. How long should i do them for? Also ,i have another question, are there any fruits or veggies that can make you loose(or gain) weight? THANKS!


Hey girlie, you can't target weight loss in certain areas. But lunges and squats will build muscles in your thighs and burn more calories. Do 15-20 at a time, rest for a couple minutes and do them again until you get tired. Eating more fruits and vegetables in general will help you be healthier and lose weight. 

Lauren T.

by ida_ghohestani on 1/27/2013 6:16:04 PM


Do you have any workouts that work arms, legs, and core at the same time???


Hey girlie, cardio is your best all over workout. Whether you're running, walking or even doing something as simple as jumping jacks, you're working your whole body. 

Lauren T.

by YayaYuiki on 1/27/2013 5:36:37 PM


Okay, so whenever I sit, my thighs are big and I become really self conscientious. Please help!!!.


Hey girl! Don't feel self conscious about it! Thighs are big muscles, so when you sit down, they relax and expand. It's okay it happens to everyone! 

lauren r.

by Iloveonedirection! on 1/27/2013 10:39:39 AM


Omg! I feel so bad for you! I hope you feel better with days filled with smiles!!!!!! Frown to Smile

by char char on 1/27/2013 8:45:43 AM


I am so sorry that's happening to you!

by -strawberry13 on 1/26/2013 11:24:49 PM



Hey girlie, I can only imagine how tough things are for your friend. Because we wish you only the best, it’s extremely important that you encourage her to speak to a trusted adult, such as a family member, doctor, guidance counselor, teacher, etc.


Also, for additional help, please tell her to check out: http://www.girlslife.com/post/2008/08/04/HELP!2.aspx


, Your Blog Patrol Babes

Meghan D.

by cassie46726 on 1/26/2013 2:18:38 AM



Hey girlie, I can only imagine how tough things are for your friend. Because we wish you only the best, it’s extremely important that you encourage her to speak to a trusted adult, such as a family member, doctor, guidance counselor, teacher, etc.


Also, for additional help, please tell her to check out: http://www.girlslife.com/post/2008/08/04/HELP!2.aspx


, Your Blog Patrol Babes


Meghan D.

by gummiebearbeatred on 1/25/2013 11:23:45 PM


I've always been the nerdy girl that everyone bullied and didn't like. My "friend" has everyone liking her. My other "friend" gets on my nerves often. The first "friend" insults me (she thinks jokingly) I have told her to stop in a firm voice and she doesn't. I wanna be their friends but I don't! I just want to start over. I wanna move to a random place out of the country and start over. Sometimes I even think about cutting myself. I need help. Should I stay with my friends? How can I let go if not? Is there anyway I can start over? I want to be loved! Help, please MOD !


hey! I think you should make a clean break from your friends and start over. Start by talking to people. Just say hi and maybe ask some questions about them, like how their weekend was and if they did anything fun. People love to talk about themselves want they get going, so i know you can do it Smile Please don't hurt yourself, you are a wonderful, talented, smart individual and I hope you know that too. Good luck girl! 

Helen S.

by hannygl10 on 1/25/2013 10:48:15 PM


thanks Helen S. it does not hurt THAT bad its just like cramps


hey! That's a pretty common period symptom, so check out these relief tips! http://www.girlslife.com/post/2008/07/23/Banish-PMS-Forever.aspx  

Helen S.

by redvelvetluv on 1/25/2013 10:11:04 PM


is it normal for like down there to hurt a little bit when your on your peroid? you can hide this question if its to much but I would really like to know


Hey! the only way to really feel reassured is to talk to your doctor about all of these questions Smile To be honest, that's what we mods just have to tell you guys when you come to us with any health concerns. You may very well be fine, but since we're not doctors and we can't even see you face to face, it's not for us to tell you what's fine and what isn't. You know your body. Trust your instincts and talk to your doc! 

Helen S.

by redvelvetluv on 1/25/2013 9:21:18 PM


How do I send Carol Weston a question?

Hey girlie,

You can submit a question at this link: http://www.girlslife.com/contact.aspx?t=advice

Meghan D.

by gracesurfer on 1/25/2013 9:18:24 PM


my mom-mom had cancer so I know what u feal

by Glgirl227 on 1/25/2013 8:35:55 PM


So recently all of my friends have been getting their driver's licenses, but I had this health incident and can't drive for 6 months soo I'm not able to get mine for quite a while. Since they can all drive they have been going fun places and doing fun things, but I can never go because my parents won't let me drive with kids. But they both work all day so I'm stuck!! I've tried having my friends over my house, but they don't want to do that all of the time, so I hardly get to hang out with them anymore and I don't know what to do!!

That's tough! Maybe you guys can hang out at night when you're parents get home...you guys could meet at the movies, or ice skating or even dinner!

mailyse f.

by mememe6 on 1/25/2013 2:40:16 PM


I'm sorry that you're upset and that life just it your friend right now. You should talk to your friends, even if it's about who wore what last week at school. Talking (about anything, especially your problems) really helps perk a girl up. I hope your mom gets better and that you talk to your dad. Good luck! I'll kepp you in my prayers. Good advice GL!

by scamp24 on 1/25/2013 1:27:22 PM


I am so sorry this is happening to you I hope your mom starts to feel better.I hope you and your dad start to talk again! Good Luck!

by Country Girl 2020 on 1/25/2013 11:22:56 AM

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