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Up 'n' coming Hollywood hotties we'd love to be lip-locked with this V-Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here, yippee! This day is all about red ‘n’ pink, yummy treats and spreading some love. But don’t sweat it if you’re swingin’...
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Wait, wait, wait...isn't Thomas Brodie-Sangster Simon from Nanny McPhee? Anyone else think so? Cuz I absoulutly LOVED him! I would SOOOO go on a date with him!

by Actress-2-B on 2/8/2013 8:30:23 AM


Jeremy Shada!!!

by hanban24157 on 1/21/2013 9:28:04 PM


Need help with girl problems? Guess what.. There's a blog for it! Do you ever say to yourself, ow.. My tummy hurts., maybe it's a period, or, My friend is judging me by my clothes, what should I do? Well, join my club, Girl Problemos!

by LovinPiee on 1/20/2013 11:29:12 AM


Alexander Ludwig! Smile

by footballgirl15 on 1/20/2013 1:44:52 AM


Not really familiar with some of them but I could be tempted to getting lip locked with one or two of them. And upcoming Valentine's can be good and can be bad depending if you have that special someone to be with.

by fashionqn on 1/20/2013 12:25:41 AM


I recently developed a crush on this boy. I sit next to him in the one class that we share and I really want to talk to him, but I don't know how. We don't share any of the same friends and we came from different schools so I have no idea what to talk about. And I think he might have a girlfriend who goes to another school. But on the plus side he thinks I'm smart.

Hey girlie,

If you have a class together, that's a great way to start a conversation! You could talk to him at lunch or after school about the class and maybe you could even study together! If you came from different schools, you could talk about what your schools were like and start a conversation about that. Once you get to know each other as friends more, you can move into other conversations, too!

Meghan D.

by peanutpiedolphin44 on 1/20/2013 12:00:06 AM


hey i really need help im 12 and my mom wont let me date and i CANT HAVE A FB BEACUSE SHE THINKS i will online date. i like having guy friends but i feel weird when i taqlk to them online i try to hide it from my mom... how can i change this??

Hey girlie,

I would try not to disobey your mom's rules! Even if you're not being romantic with your guy friends, I would try to talk to them in person or texting, or whatever your mom lets you do. Maybe you could start a calm conversation with her about why you want a Facebook account and you could reach a compromise. Try to listen to her reasons and understand that she's only making these rules because she loves you, and respect her decision!

Meghan D.

by popgirl79 on 1/19/2013 11:35:28 PM


Ok no offense y'all but not everyone can have these dudes. No lies, some are cute, but… idk I guess I'm more of a non-celeb lover kinda gal. Go for your local infamous cuties!!!! There's more than you might think.

by Taekwondolover on 1/19/2013 11:28:38 PM


I love Alexander Ludwig. Me and my friend are drool.over him ( not really but we do like him alot)

by hgrules on 1/19/2013 11:03:09 PM


i love alexander

by Byeaman on 1/19/2013 10:16:56 PM

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