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Up 'n' coming Hollywood hotties we'd love to be lip-locked with this V-Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here, yippee! This day is all about red ‘n’ pink, yummy treats and spreading some love. But don’t sweat it if you’re swingin’...
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Hey girls, please check out my club
"It's all about Fashion and Beauty !!!"

If your looking for somewhere to ask questions about fashion, hair, skin, makeup, nail ideas or anything else this is the place to go. We post daily and there will always be someone to help. Thanks <3 Can't wait to see you there

by nazirah817 on 1/19/2013 7:50:48 PM


Thomas Brodie-Sangster looks a little like Niall Horan which I love <3 I didn't ur was the voice of fern tho from Phineas and Ferb... Smile James and FJ are REALLY good BTW I like their Locked Out of Heaven rock song Smile better then the original.
I'm not exactly sure who my dream boy is yet, but for now it's Niall Horan because he is the description of great BF! We would go somewhere fun like an amusement park an then when he leaves he gives me a good night kiss on the lips! <3

by YouCanCallMeCat on 1/19/2013 7:47:39 PM


I heven't heard of ANY of these people....

by audz1199 on 1/19/2013 7:31:02 PM


Thomas Brodie-Sangster was in Dr. Who, I think. He was in a two part episode, and he kinda saved everybody's lives.

by hopefullgirl on 1/19/2013 5:58:26 PM


My dream V-Day date is to tour London with Harry Styles.

by supersingershannon on 1/19/2013 5:17:26 PM


It's always so awkward on come the 14th...
So, I have this crush who I think like me back. The signs:
1. He is always facing towards me
2. He materializes out of thin air (or so it seems like) to talk to me
3. He tries to catch up to me any time he can
Anywho, mod, do you think he likes me? And, if he does, do you think he will do something special on the 14th? Thanks Smile


Hey! It sounds like it to me! My experience with teen guys tells me that most guys wouldn't think to/would be afraid to do that, but who knows, maybe he's different Smile good luck! 

Helen S.

by Laineyluv123 on 1/19/2013 2:59:55 PM


I agree with Alexander, but the others, eh not so much

by ssunshine13 on 1/19/2013 2:32:51 PM


MOD MOD MOD Ok so one of my best friends is my best guy friend Ethan and everyone thinks we like each other but we dont...and i know he doesnt like me because we talk about our crushes..we are just really close..how can i get people to stop thinking we like each other?


hey! What other people think isn't necessarily something you can change, but you can change your own attitude about them. So what if they think that? You know it's not true, so why should you need to convince anyone else? right? right! 

Helen S.

by zeus11 on 1/19/2013 2:23:19 PM


I'm so scared that Slenderman is coming to get me! I know he's fake but his story and himself is so creepy! I'm going to have nightmares now and I don't want to go to sleep!1


hey! I understand, sometimes it's easy to feel afraid of something,even when we know and tell ourselves it isn't real. Part of this is the fear of the unknown, the possibility that something scary might happen. Try to take the Harry Potter 3 approach. If you start thinking scary thoughts, imagine something silly, funny, or ridiculous happening to comfort yourself. I really hope this helps! 

Helen S.

by WinnIeGirlie on 1/19/2013 2:21:54 PM


I'd love Louis Tomlinson or Harry Styles to take me on a date <333333

by pinklol56 on 1/19/2013 1:44:13 PM

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