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One of my friends says I exclude her, but I really have no idea when it's happening. She is really nice and still says she thinks of me as her best friend, but one time she was really harsh and she made me cry, and then she said I was being over dramatic. She's a really good friend normally, but when I exclude her she gets really upset. I can't fix it because I don't know when I'm doing it! How do I stop?


Hey! just ask yourself these questions. When you see her do you speak to her? do you invite her to things? If you do then her accusation is kind of baseless and you aren't doing anything wrong.  otherwise you could try to interact with her more than you do now if you feel like you really are excluding her. good luck! 

Helen S.

by cordelialear on 1/26/2013 1:26:39 PM


Hi guys. The guy I have a crush on never talks to me. He ALWAYS talks to my brother and to my other friends, but NEVER to me! Does this mean he likes me or doesn't like me? I'm confused!


Hey! I would say he doesn't unless you catch him looking at you sometimes. The key is to see if he's paying any kind of attention, I think.

Helen S.

by cordelialear on 1/26/2013 1:21:57 PM


Ok here :3 Ok so i over heard this guy saying he was gonna ask me out to formal, AND HE DID. i said idk because it's alot of presure having his whole table and him staring at you. So i got my friend to ask him if he was kidding and he said idk and turned red then hid behind his friend. Hence i thought that ment that he was serious. So, then *w/o asking me if she could* my other friend Asked him if he was serious. He said no o: *truth be told my friend does like to spread gossip*. Finally, he openly told another one of my friends that he was kidding. Honestly, I like him a bit and we talk sometimes. Do you think he kidding?
Sorry its so long!



Hey Girl, It's hard to tell but most guys won't jokingly ask you out. Unless he's not very nice. if I were you, you should ask him when no one is around. Your rejection probably really hurt his self esteem in front of all his friends.


Hannah H. 

Hannah H.

by kitkatgurl44 on 1/24/2013 3:42:06 PM


I submitted a question a few days ago, could you please answer it??(: thanks!


Hey Girl, It's difficult to tell if you are asking us moderators unless you write MODMODMOD across the top. I can only tell that you're asking us now is because of the way you worded it. So next time, be sure to address us if you want it answered by us instead of just the other girls. Because your question has already been approved, I can't tell what you originally asked, do you mind asking it again?


Hannah H. 



Hannah H.

by kitkatgurl44 on 1/24/2013 3:06:24 PM


Hey girls! Do you loove to read? If you do, could you please take a look at my club, Books by Us? It would mean the world to me if you joined it! We discuss books, review books and even share our own book ideas! I hope I see you there! P.S. All positions are available Smile

by pinklol56 on 1/22/2013 8:48:49 AM


Mod mod mod!
Okay so me and my bf are really close in our relationship. We are long distance, but we are able to visit eachother for a few days each month. The thing is we won't be able to spend vday together, and he got really depressed when we were skypeing and I brought up the subject. I was wondering if you had any ideas of something I could do for him to show him I love him. (Something special maybe, that would mean alot) or if you had any belated vday ideas for the next time I see him. We wouldn't be able to go out alone because my bro and cousin always have to tag along. So if you have any creative ideas that didnt involve going out, or maybe if I took him on a walk what kinda cute creative things could I do, how could I make a simple walk or something like that special and romantic for a late vday gift?
Thanks so much in advance it means alot!

Hey girlie,

Even though you might not be together on Feb. 14, maybe you could make your own Valentine's Day on a day that you see him. You could have a picnic or eat at a nice restaurant, or see a movie together. You could also give him a handmade valentine! Even if your brother and cousin were there, you could still give him a gift or have a picnic or something in front of them. A walk would be great because you could talk and enjoy nature!

Meghan D.

by becca<3's you on 1/21/2013 7:24:17 PM


I want to find new ways to wear my hair. I usually wear it wavy, straight, with a headband or in a side braid. It's very thick and light brown, and it doesn't curl. Any ideas? THX!

Hey girl, check out GL's Hair Styles & Hair Tips for lots o' hair ideas. 

Karin E.

by ColosalMascara on 1/21/2013 3:06:41 PM


Can u plz reply my question that i just sent?

Hey girl, we're busy answering some other questions right now, but we will def get to your question soon. 

Karin E.

by Hot mess on 1/21/2013 2:17:32 PM


i alwayslove doing my hair into a bun yet i dont really know how do it the correct hair is at the shoulder level and it always look mssy and not perfect when i i tie into a bun.any advice??thx!Laughing

Hey girl, try some bobby-pins specifically designed for making buns and/or a hair donut.  For example, check out Lauren Conrad's bun in this article.  If you're not into the "top knot" look, just pull your hair into a lower ponytail instead of a high ponytail. 

Karin E.

by Hot mess on 1/21/2013 1:51:05 PM


Mod mod mod
Can someone answer my question? Thxx sorry

Hey girl, I'll get to it in just a minute.  Look for a reply soon! 
Karin E.

by Ljbdaisy on 1/21/2013 9:43:16 AM

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