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The smoothest way to sign your crush's valentine

I am giving my crush a nice, but not too mushy, Valentine’s Day card. What’s the best way to sign it? “Love,” seems a little much, and...
19 Comments | Add Yours

I've liked this guy for sometime now and I thought he liked me he sure acted like he did he payed next to me during a movie he jumped on my back for piggy back rides he would always look me in the eyes and if he was talking he would look at me and no one else and he would do anything just to see me smile but then this girl that hates me told him I like him and he told her that I'm weird and he would never go out with me. my friends all hear him say this and my heart broke when I heard he said that cuz I thought he actually cared for me and then he started annoying about liking him and his friends did to and I thought he hated me but then he still talks to me and he jumped on my back for a piggy back ride. I'm confused he said he wouldn't date me but then he still acts like he likes me? Help!?!?! Thanks sorry this is so long


hey! He sounds like a jerk, so I think you should try to move on from liking him. I know it's hard, but just try to concentrate on other things for a while, like your friends or an activity you love. It's tough now but every day your life will bring you something new to learn about or help with or share with someone, and when you make the most of your days, the hurt will go away even sooner than you think. I hope this helps girl! Smile  

Helen S.

by HopeIsNotHopeless on 2/9/2013 3:42:27 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!
Okay, I have a MAJOR crush on this one guy and I know he likes me back but he lives in Illinois and I live in New Mexico. There's a guy at my school that I kind of have a crush on and I know that he likes me, too. Last night at the Valentine's Day dance, we... KIND OF... hit it off. We're both really shy so it was pretty much just some of my more obnoxious friends trying to get us to dance. (According to one of them, I ended up turning bright red). I met my other crush the summer before last at the summer care we went to and have fallen more and more in love with him ever since, even though I've only talked to him via Facebook and haven't actually seen him for a year and a half. Now here's my question... should I stay single for my dream guy or put myself out there? And don't tell me to follow my heart, 'cause it's as clueless as I am. Frown


Hey girl, do whatever you think is right. Be with who you want to be with. Flirt with who you want to flirt with! It's cheesy, but you only live once. Have fun with it! 

lauren r.

by firestarwillowpelt on 2/9/2013 11:48:53 AM


Hi, about a year ago, I had my first real crush. Everything was absolutely perfect about him and I felt like I was in love. That was a while ago and I don't really like him anymore. I have been trying to get over it for a long time. But, I didn't know what to do since he was my first. I was mesmerized, and sent him things like anonymous notes that said I loved him and was obsessed with him. It was really awkward after that, but I just cared about him so much. Now, he is nice to me again, because he is still one of the the nicest people I know. I still really bad about it and I know he remembers but I don't want or know how to bring it up to say I'm sorry.


Hey lifeunicorn, it seems like he's moved passed it, so you should work on doing the same. That was a part of your past, and you're in the present now. Just take what you did as a lesson learned. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile  

Lynae P.

by lifeunicorn on 2/8/2013 5:36:48 PM


Hi! So this guy in my class has been flirting with me since sometime in October. I didn't start getting feelings for him until early December. We always text and talk but we haven't been talking as often right now, and he is starting to talk to my best friend more! I was hanging out with her and some other friends of ours this weekend and she said she really really liked him. He has been talking to her a lot! And she has been saying how he has been texting her more often. I can't just go up to him and say i really like you. What if he doesn't like me or people in my class make fun of me? I really need help with this I'm sorry if this was long but thank you anyways!


Hey girlie, maybe he moved on since you didn't seem to like him. You don't have to walk up to him and tell him you like him. But you could let him know in a text. It might be embarrassing if he doesn't feel the same way anymore, but it's your only chance so if you really like him it's worth the risk! 

Lauren T.

by dancer8608 on 2/6/2013 5:08:50 PM


I'm going to a 1920's themed valentine's day dance with my BGF, who also happens to be my crush. I'm going to be wearing a light turquoise drop-waist sleeveless knee-length dress with a lace Peter pan collar. I'm not sure what sort of shoes I should wear, but I was thinking red heels. Would those be alright?

Hey girl, red heels sound super cute.  If you haven't already, do a little dress rehearsal: try on the dress and the shoes together and see what you think.  If you look and feel great, then go for it.  Have fun at the dance! 
Karin E.

by violaplayer09 on 2/6/2013 2:58:29 AM


Mod Mod Mod
Meghan i was wondering if you know of a legit survey site that can get you magazine subscriptions?



Hey Girl, I;m not sure I understand what you're asking. So no, I do not.

Hannah H. 

Hannah H.

by justrainbowz on 2/5/2013 4:58:58 PM


Ok, so I like two guys. The thing is, I liked the one before, then stopped liking hi because my friend started dating him, but lately I've been starting to like him again. I also have 5 classes with him. The other guy I have no classes with, but I think I igh like him a bit more, but I have no clue if he likes me or not because I never talk to him outside of church (and he doesn't have a phone). And I think the 1st guy seems more like someone I should be with, but I'm confusing myself trying to decide between the two. HELP!!!!!!!!!!
PS:sorry if I totally confused you or something

Hey girlie,

The great news is that you don't have to choose, so if you don't know who you like, that's totally fine! Just keep spending time with each of them as friends and see which one you like being around more and which one you click with. There's no rush, so take your time!

Meghan D.

by actress12345 on 2/4/2013 7:45:22 PM


MOD So today, I asked out my crush, and he said yes! I got really excited in the moment so I just said cool, see you tomorrow and bye and left...I really wanted to hug him or something but I was just too nervous and now I'm really worried he doesn't think I'm serious about it. I texted him and he didn't should I act to him at school tomorrow? I don't want to be all over him because we've only been going out for a day but don't want to make things awkward by being distant. What should I do? should I hug him or hold his hand or is it too early for that? Also, where should we go on our first date that's not going out to dinner or to a movie? Thanks!!

Hey girlie,

I'm sure he thought you were serious if you got up the nerve to ask him, so I wouldn't worry about it! Maybe he was just busy and couldn't respond to your text right away. Instead of texting him again, I would talk to him in person at school tomorrow about where you could go for the date. If he tries to hug you, you could reciprocate, but you don't have to rush into holding his hand before the date, especially at school where you could get in trouble. Dinner and a movie are totally safe bets, but if you want something different maybe you could go bowling or skating, or go to an ice cream shop. Have fun!

Meghan D.

by kwr3000 on 2/4/2013 6:28:31 PM


the guy i like found that i like him (along with the whole grade) by this really mean girl that forced me to tell her. now we avoid each other (well, i do, i don't know if he tries), and i feel really uncomfortable talking to him. i want to flirt with him and ask him out, but if i do it'll just make me sound stupid, as if i don't know that he knows. over the weekend i thought that maybe him knowing that i like him will make him like me, but he's probably too confidant for that. will this uncomfortable stage pass soon? also do you think that he might start to like me knowing that i like him?

Hey girlie,

I don't think you need to rush to ask him out--now that he knows you like him, he'll be comfortable approaching you if he's ready for a relationship. I don't think knowing that you like him would necessarily change his feelings, though. I would try to focus on your relationships with your friends and fam and on schoolwork, and if he wants to be in a relationship with you, I'm sure he'll say something. In the meantime, the awkwardness will pass eventually, and there's no harm in keeping your eyes open for other guys you might not have noticed before!

Meghan D.

by soccacheer on 2/4/2013 6:21:07 PM


Hey, I'm confused and don't know what to do. I really annoyed my best friend and now he's ignoring me. Also, my friends and I always joke around and 'bully' each other. In drama class I was joking with them saying that they can't do English accents(I'm English.) This girl in my class overheard this.I am over sarcastic sometimes, but I'm always there for my friends. What do I do???

Hey girlie,

If your friend is upset with you, I would give him some time to cool off and then try to make up with him. Doing something nice for him will go a long way--even just a card or a cookie to say you were sorry would really show him how much you value your relationship! As for the rumor, I would try to ignore it and it will go away before you know it. If your friends are ok with teasing each other, that's up to you, but if they're hurt maybe you should cut back on the teasing.

Meghan D.

by Bestfriendsforlifesogorgeous on 2/4/2013 6:19:49 PM

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