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Does your flirting drive boys away?

None of my boyfriends ever take me seriously or trust me because I’m a “big flirt.” What should I do? Dear Flirt, Should you tone down the flirting...
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Yeah, that happened to me. When you feel that way, it's like you wanna know more about the person and become really good buds, but that's it. Hang out with him and learn more about the guy. Hey, maybe you'll fall for him in the end!

by neonroxursox on 1/23/2013 3:23:53 PM


I flirt with my guyfriends, but am shy around guys I don't know. Any tips? Also, how do I get guys to like me more?


hey girl! sometimes you just have to bust out of your comfort zone. if you see a cute guy, casually approach him and ask him about something you two have in common. maybe you both play soccer, maybe he's wearing a t shirt of your fave band...? whatever it is, bond with him over it and soon the convo will be flowing. just remember to be yourself and you'll be fine! xoxo

Katie L.

by puella94 on 1/23/2013 3:17:57 PM


hey girlies!

check out and join my club, "Tips & Tidbits"!


there are tons of tips daily, on basically anything you can think of!Smile


by alindgren on 1/23/2013 2:40:34 PM


I have a new crush on my basketball team. He's funny and nice and overall just really cool. It's kinda weird though, cause it's not really like a crush I've ever had before. Instead of being like, "OH MY GOODNESS! THERE HE IS! WHAT DO I SAY!" It's more like, "Oh look, there's ______, I'm gonna go say hi." I don't know if that makes any sense, but I guess it's more like a crush on a guy because he's cool, not because he's the cutest boy in town. When I think about him, it's not in a "I wish he would kiss me" kind of way, but more like, "I wanna hang out with him." When I started basketball, most everyone had already played before so he was always helping me and telling me good job and stuff. He's just really sweet, but I don't understand why I'm not all squealy about it. ?


hey girl! there are lots of different types of crushes. maybe one day you will get total butterflies over him, but its no biggie if you dont. in fact, it could be a sign that you like him for the right kind of reason. rather than fangirling over practically a stranger, youre crushing on a guy you befriended first...and thats awesome! good luck girlie.


Katie L.

by WashingtonGirlie13 on 1/23/2013 2:11:14 PM

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