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DIY it! Dreamy book page banner

You don't have to be a bookworm to adore this vintage-looking banner. Perfect for above your bed, bulletin board and beyond, we love that it's...
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I love that its so cute!

by Maddie90871 on 3/7/2013 9:41:43 AM


Any other ideas to decorate above a bulletin board? Thanks.

by sparkles12aug on 2/16/2013 6:50:23 PM


i need snazzy ways to fab up my room walls for cheap? i like this idea (book garland) but are there any other diy ways to wake up my room and add a pop of color to my walls?

Hey girlie,

Book garland would be totally cute, or you could buy a couple of new posters! If you go to a decorating store like the Container Store or a big box store like Target or Walmart, they might have sticky designs like flowers or other wall art type things that you could put on your walls that won't cause damage.

Meghan D.

by aleadawn on 1/28/2013 6:56:33 PM


Ok so our cheer banquet is next week and I really want to make the girls something special. Last year I made them all little bears that had bows on their heads and were wearing shirts that said "cheer 2011-2012" in glitter. I want to do something else creative like that for this year.There are 14 girls on the squad. Do you have any ideas on what I could make/get them? Thank you so much! Smile

Hey girlie,

Maybe you could make a craft that looks like a cheer megaphone? I'm sure they would love whatever you gave them, because it's the thought that counts! Have fun at your banquet!

Meghan D.

by rissafuzzy on 1/28/2013 5:06:14 PM


My room is seriously so small. It is actually meant to be a medium sized office. I can only fit in my bed, nightstand, desk , and deresser in it so i can't really add lights and #D decoration to it because it wouldn't fit. What are ways i can spice up my room without taking up to much space?


Hey girl, some wall decorations could definitely help, or some snazzy string lights!

lauren r.

by CottonCandyCutie on 1/27/2013 12:07:44 PM


Heyy Girlies, Pleas join my club It's all about Fashion and Beauty!!! If you go to my profile you can find it there and join(: We post daily and answer all questions!!! Topics we talk about:Clothes,Make-up,Nails,Hair,Skin-Care♥

by nazirah817 on 1/25/2013 1:40:27 PM


♥♥ super cute! gonna do it soon Laughing

by hiphop1199 on 1/25/2013 1:08:25 AM


Hey girls! Need help finding outfits for your first day of school or your first date? Join Fashion ASAP and Get advice and awesome outfits here that fit your taste and style! I will help you with your problems ASAP (usually within 24 hours) and you'll receive fabulous answers. Thank you!

by Emilicious on 1/25/2013 12:16:13 AM


Hey girls! Come check out my advice queen page! I can answer any question you have about anything you want!!! Feel free to ask on my profile page as well! I will asnwer either the day you asked or the next day! I hope I can help!

by cupcakecutie325 on 1/24/2013 8:40:38 PM


Hey GL chicas! Check out my club, Guys R Us! We have the beat advice for any guy sitch. Please check it out! <3 Alicia

by cali princess on 1/24/2013 8:27:21 PM

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