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Help! This guy keeps spilling my most awk moments

I can’t get guys to like me because this one guy constantly tries to ruin my rep. He tells people my most embarrassing moments. Bill: Wow! What could...
15 Comments | Add Yours

PLEASE HELP! I like this guy since th 6th grade. Im in 7th now. I like him a lot and he lives right across from my bff. Sometimes when I walk home with her he will walk with us he only does that when im there. Hes also my locker neighbor. We text sometimes too. We are both obssesed with the same tv show but thats kind of all we talk about. We hung out once too. (He text my bff sometimes too and... he has a GF) Any ways I can't tell if he likes me as a friend or more than that! Help me!


Hey girl, just keep hanging out with him and see what happens. He could just be nice! Although if he's walking with you two only if you were there, it's quite possible!

lauren r.

by autumnrose011 on 3/2/2013 1:37:13 AM


This guy showed up in the middle of the year and when i looked in his eyes i gasped and quickly turned around iv never felt this way after about a month i finally said hi to him. Later that day he gave me his number! but a week from Christmas he pretended his name was Jake and said don't text this number ever again. so i didn't. but then he randomly starts ignoring me. someone said he thinks I'm creepy. my mom said to ignore him but i cant. Plus iv found him stare/looking at me somtimes. Does that mean he likes me?
What should I do?

by boogaangel13 on 2/5/2013 10:02:51 PM


So there's this guys in a couple of my classes that I reeally like. I want to let him know that I like him but I really don't want to go out on a limb and just say, "I like you." What other ways can I show him I like him without actually saying it??
Thanks! c:


Get Your flirt on, Girl! Instead of telling him, he will know that you like him. Laugh at his jokes, smile, touch his arm when he's near. Check this out

Hannah H.

Hannah H.

by i<3cake on 1/29/2013 4:20:53 PM


Valentine's Day is coming up but I don't know who to ask. What do I do?

Hey girlie,

You don't have to ask anyone if there's no one you really like--Valentine's Day can be super fun with your friends, too! Maybe you could have an ice cream or movie night with your friends and celebrate being single Smile

Meghan D.

by transform2314 on 1/28/2013 8:50:02 PM


Mod MOD Mod
So this guy and I keep Skyping, he lives four hours away. We both kind of like each other. But every time we Skype we don't talk much, we sit there smiling at each other. I really want some things to talk to him about since we just met but I just don't know what to talk about thats interesting. Any ideas? thanks!!

Hey girlie,

If you're already comfortable with each other, it shouldn't be hard to start a casual conversation with him! Since you're at different schools, you could ask him about his teachers and the classes he's taking, and tell him about what you're doing, too. You could also talk to him about your favorite TV shows or books--you might even have some interests in common! Once you get the ball rolling, the conversation will flow naturally.

Meghan D.

by ljbdaisy on 1/28/2013 7:12:04 PM


Hey GL chickas, it would be so awesome if you could check out my club, "It's all about Fashion and Beauty". We talk about fashion(pretty obvious), makeup, hair, and more. You can find it on my profile, and I promise you'll love it!
<3 Fashion and Beauty Crew

by nazirah817 on 1/28/2013 5:39:07 PM


Mod mod mod
I really like this guy in class a few months ago we started to talk and walk home from school together. My friend thinks he likes me too but I'm not really sure. I want to tell him tat I like him but I'm afraid he'll sat no and we won't talk but its killing me to just stay friends with him,
I think I nt to text him how I feel I have his number and my friend suggested that I should just text him but I have no idea what to say how to start it off. Thanks a mill

Hey girlie,

He might like you or just want to be friends, there's not really a way to tell if you only spend time together as friends and he hasn't hinted at anything. Maybe you could ask him to dance with you at your next dance and see how he reacts! If you do want to tell him you like him before that, I would talk to him in person instead of texting him. It will be a lot easier for him to respond, and that's something important enough for a real-life conversation! Good luck chica!

Meghan D.

by Colie34720 on 1/28/2013 4:06:58 PM


This may seem a bit strange, but I always get super nervous around a lot of girls my age (minus my friends obviously). I'm into academic things (Speech/Debate, writing, reading, etc.), and it's easier for me to talk to adults. People my age just give me a blank stare when I use a "big word (as they like to call it)." I mean, sure, I'm into other "normal" stuff, but what can I do to become more comfortable around my peers. Thanks! Smile

Hey girlie,

That isn't strange at all, a lot of people are shy, and there's nothing wrong with that! Maybe you could try to start a conversation with them about your favorite book or TV show, and ask them what their favorites are too! Or you could have a sleepover or dinner at your house and invite a few people to get to know them better. I'm sure if you started talking to them, they would love to talk to you, too Smile

Meghan D.

by lpolk on 1/28/2013 3:37:02 PM


Helloo everyone! Smile I have a club called Legit Boy Advice were you can ask questions and even give your own answers on peoples questions (as long as you are polite!). If you have any problems feel free to leave a comment on the club homepage. If you want a guys perspective leave your age in the comment because I actually have 5 brothers..Yes, 5! Each age group I am positive you have questions for! I will get back to every comment asap!

by Chloe<3 on 1/28/2013 1:27:36 PM


I think im being dramtic but my sisters finances brother never talks to me like when I see him he will say hi and hug everyone else but ignores me he hardly ever talks to me hes not shy ether one time at a party he said bye and hugged everyone but when I walked over to him to see bye he scrathed his neck and was like umm I dont know what it is! he talks everyone else but ignores me I have to dance with him at my sisters wedding please help!

Hey girlie,

He might be more shy around you since you are going to be family soon and he doesn't know you that well! Maybe try getting to know him by doing something together, like lunch or ice cream, or an activity like bowling or skating. You could also ask your sis if the two of you could tag along with her and her fiancee next time they do something so that it would be less awkward! If you get to know him before the wedding, it won't be awkward to dance with him because you'll already have started getting to know each other as family.

Meghan D.

by redvelvetluv on 1/28/2013 1:00:51 PM

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