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What's so weird about being single?

When boys ask me out, I always say no. It’s because I don’t like anyone that much and don’t need all that drama in my life. My...
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It is totally okay to be single. I'm single myself Smile I did have two guys ask me out before, but one was a good friend (who turned out to be gay and my sister blames me for "making" him gay, I know it's not my fault) and the other, I didn't even know him that well. I believe that you should really get to know someone and enjoy being around him before dating, because if you don't then it's like you're dating a complete stranger. But I guess my main reason why I'm single is because I'm not interested in dating. I did have the urges of wanting a boyfriend, but I'm over it now. Smile

by SusieMooCow on 1/30/2013 8:06:42 PM


My bf and I broke up a week ago and we agreed to just be friends. He will text me (and I text him) on occasion, but he will completely ignore me at school! We will pass each other in the hall, but he will stare straight ahead (while we were dating I hardly ever saw him during school.) He even spoke to my sister in the hall (after I had passed by) and told her "hello, good to see you." Last week, he started coughing near my table at a club meeting and I jokingly asked "dying?" but he kept coughing and turned away. Should I ask him what's up with the shunning? He also asked me to prom before we broke up and I'm not sure if that still stands. I really want to know why he's doing this, but I don't know how to approach him. Thanks!


Hey girlie, he might just need some time to be ready to be friends. It's hard to make that switch to friends immediately. Talk to him about it (and prom) and see what you two can come up with. 

Lauren T.

by Bridgge2010 on 1/30/2013 7:00:40 PM


My friend who I have a crush on just broke up with his gf. I really want to ask him out but I am afraid to. He broke up with her last week but said he wanted to break up with her way before that. I believe that he is over her and he doesn't jump from gf to gf. How long should I wait before making a move? And what do guys think about girls that straight up ask them out? PLEASE HELP ME, MOD!


Hey girlie, wait at least a few more weeks. Even if he's over her, he still needs some time to himself to figure things out. Generally guys like when girls ask them out. It takes the pressure off of them so it's not so hard. 

Lauren T.

by lizzierox on 1/30/2013 5:58:58 PM


Me to @puella94!
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by -strawberry13 on 1/30/2013 5:52:15 PM


Its soooo okay to be single!!!!!!(;

by lilliebeans on 1/30/2013 5:42:39 PM


So I finally asked my crush on a date. it's going to be our friends (they're dating) and us two. Her are my problems.
1.what should I wear!?
2. Should I sit by him?
3. We are trying to see a R-rated movie. How do I convince my mom to take me?
Thanks mods, xoxo.


hey girl! wear something that makes you feel confident. you'll want to look cute but casual since it's a movie date. and think layers since it's winter! Yes, I tihnk you should sit by him. If you're under 17 be prepared for mom to say no. there's a reason movies are rated R, because they're either scary or really graphic.


Katie L.

by youbelongwithme13 on 1/30/2013 4:43:44 PM


@puella94 Same here Frown Forever alone

by YouCanCallMeCat on 1/30/2013 4:39:41 PM


I'm homeschooled and 15 lately Iv been feeling sad Iv been thinking about guys and having a bf
I see all these girls my age with boyfriends but me I feel like theirs something wrong with me
I have mild asbergers so I can't be around a lot of people so it's harder for me to meet new people
When I'm out though a lot of guys smile and stare at me I'm so shy so I usually just put my head down or look the other way my mom wants to sign me up for this church youth group
Should I do it? also I'm afraid that if I ever do get a boyfriend
And he finds out that I have asbergers he'll think theirs something wrong with me
and he'll break up with me


hey girl! I think the youth group is a fantastic idea. it'll help you meet new people and give you the opportunity to get to know some guys!


Katie L.

by redvelvetluv on 1/30/2013 4:25:40 PM


@puella94 yep same

by gl300013 on 1/30/2013 4:18:34 PM


I do martial arts, and I am really confident when my crush isn't around. When he is around, I stop being confident. I get really nervous. Last class, I started laughing while I was fighting. My crush and his friends thought I was crying. Then, after that, once I got in the car, my mom left something in the studio and she said for my uncle to watch my little brothers. My little brothers saw my crush (they overhear me and my mom's convos about him, so they know I like him) and they screamed his name and spelled it out. My uncle even did it too! My crush looked over. He definitely noticed. I was mortified. I started crying my eyes out. I actually got rejected by my crush a few months ago, and things were finally getting better. It seems like he likes me now. Now, I'm worried that he'll think I'm weird. What do I do when I see him tomorrow? He knew something was up.


hey girl! just try and play it cool. he may not even remember it! just be yourself and it'll work out


Katie L.

by isabellec on 1/30/2013 4:08:42 PM

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