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5 clever ways to ask for your crush's number

You really, really, really want your crush's number. After all, how are you supposed to flirtext without it? The key to getting a cell number is...
33 Comments | Add Yours

so i have a crush on a sophomore and im a freshman. He hangs with my crew every morning when his friends are there. I usually get to school then he does. We are alone for about two min then everyone starts showing up. What do i do in that time were alone. Im a natural flirt and that doesn't seem to help as much as you may think. Like this morning we were talking about the weather. Like really, i want a real convo with him to get to know him better.


Hey girlie! Mornings can be a nice time to talk. Try to avoid dry topics like the weather, homework, or being tired. Instead, try to ask him good questions. If he plays a sport, ask him about it. Ask what he's doing this weekend, and if he doesn't have plans, ask if he'd want to grab lunch or go see a movie, or whatever other activity you might share in common. If you inquire about his interests, he'll be able to talk about things that matter to him, and you can really tell a lot about a person by how they talk about things they love best. Best of luck! xx 

Hannah M

by May9 on 5/10/2013 1:39:55 AM


MOD mod mod
so I have a crush on this boy in my class and we text a lot and talk a lot in school.He says I'm his friend but we stare at each other and laugh together a lot. He keeps asking me who he should ask to this social we are having at the end of the year.I want him to ask me but my friend (who also likes him) wants me to tell him to ask her.What should I do?????


He may be asking you so you can say "take me!" Next time he asks, tell him to take you and if it doesn't work out, tell him your friend is interested. Good luck girl!

mailyse f.

by spartans_softball30 on 3/15/2013 3:20:17 PM



1. I need some help here. I don't know which guy I should choose! One of them is my age... But openly said he liked a different girl (after my friend asked if he liked me and he said yes then realized I was paying attention) I've liked him for 3.5 years
The second guy is four years older, and really funny. We are really good friends, he's prob my bgf. But I think he likes my sis! Should I keep crushing, or give up??!!
The third guy is 5 years older. He doesn't like me like that, but he's my really good friend. Should I give up on him??

2. I'm homeschooled and I HATE it. But my mom won't let me go to public school. She's not the one that teaches me. How do I convince her public school is better for me?

by Chicwithblondhair101 on 3/5/2013 2:48:58 PM


Okay so I have a big crush on my brother's best friend and drummer of his band! We've all been hanging out together recently but I'm not sure if Adam, my crush, sees me as a friend. I really want his number so I can text him but I don't have any reason (other than I really really like him) to ask for it. Help!!!

Hey girlie,

Instead of asking for his number at first, maybe you could hang out with him and get to know him as friends, and if you were friends it wouldn't be weird to get his number. You could hang out with your brother and him like you said and then talk to him when you're together, and ask him questions about what he likes to do and get to know him better. You might also want to consider telling your brother you like him since it's his friend, too!

Meghan D.

by kayla99 on 3/3/2013 12:09:01 AM


Mod Mod Mod
This article was very helpful by the way. Thank you! But I think one of my guy friends are crushing on me. Each time he sees me, he tries to speak to me and is always around, helping me and all of that. I don't how I know that he likes but I can feel it. I think it's in his eyes. I like him, but just as a friend. I don't want to talk to him since if I'm wrong, it would make or friendship awkward, and I don't want that. I don't want to ignore or be cold to him, but I dunno what to do.
Thank you!

Hey girl, unless you're certain that he likes you, just continue treating him like a friend.  Be careful to avoid flirtatious interactions and hopefully he'll get the message that you just think of him as a friend.  If you're sure he likes you, pull him aside and have a private conversation where you tell him you just want to be clear that you don't think of him in a romantic way, but you're happy to be friends.  Good luck!  

Karin E.

by PeculiarGurl on 2/28/2013 4:02:45 AM


i think these are all really great way but u should put something out for the people who are not as confident or really, really popular.

by hailee_blades on 2/10/2013 7:10:33 AM


I like this guy who is 2 years older than me. He is in the same grade as my brother, but they aren't friends. I don't know how, but the guy I like knows I'm my brother's sister. I have no idea how to talk to him. If I do, all his friends would probably laugh at me. I also have a best friend in his grade so would that help? How do I talk to him without being awkward?


hey! if you feel self-conscious around his friends, try to find a time when he's not surrounded by them and just say hi. Maybe ask your friend when a good time might be Smile good luck! 

Helen S.

by Prim13 on 2/9/2013 1:04:51 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!!! today me and this guy were passing notes and he wanted 2 know what i think of him i put ur some where between cute and weird (we're friends and say that kinda stuff all the time.) well he said rate me on a scale of 1-10 on cuteness and wierdness so i rated 6 and 5 so he kinda liked the answer but i told him 2 rate me and he said 6. i have been really happy ever since but he has a GF and i REALLY dont want her 2 find out what does any of this mean i am confused.P.S the teacher for that class pays nooooooo attention LOL.


Hey bethybooboo21, let this be the last time you guys flirt. You don't wanna be the cause of any relationship drama. Make it clear you just wanna be his friend. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile 

Lynae P.

by bethybooboo21 on 2/8/2013 7:28:24 PM


Mod mod mod
Ok, so my I got my crush's phone number, but he doesn't really text me. I texted him hey, he said yo then I said what's up, and he never answered. The same ritual happened the next two nights. Does he not like texting or something? In person he will talk to me, but only if I start a conversation. He's kinda awkward. But I was wondering 1)if you know why he won't text me back 2) good conversation starters. Thanks a bunch!!!!


Hey Natazah, yeah I think your assumption is right. Some people just don't like texting, they prefer face to face interaction. So instead of texting, call him when you guys can't be together. I'm sure he'd like that a little more. For conversations, talk about what happened during the week, music, movies, friends, jokes, tv shows, or anything else you enjoy. Ask him about his interests if the convo gets dry. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile  
Lynae P.

by Natazha on 2/8/2013 8:15:21 AM


Wanting his number!

Has anyone ever gotten a friend to give you the number of a guy you liked? I know my friend has the number of this really cute guy and I would love to talk and text him, we have seen each other in the halls and even even spoken but we never had to to let things go naturally. I dont want to seem desperate with him but I want his number, should I just ask my friend, the only problem is that she may like him too.

by fashionqn on 2/6/2013 11:11:06 PM


I was planning to ask my crush out on valentines day. I already bought him a present and everything. But, today we were talking about political views in civics class and I found out he thinks that gays and lesbians should not have equal rights. I personally think that anyone can get married if they want to. Should I just forget about it? I have no clue whether I should still ask him out or not. Thanks in advance!


Hey girlie, it depends on how important that issue is to you. If it's something that you think could come up often and cause fights, then don't do it. But if it's not going to be something you talk about then go for it. 

Lauren T.

by beaky54321 on 2/6/2013 5:50:01 PM


One time at a dance my crush asked me if I brought my phone i said yes then I just asked him

by hermionegirl12 on 2/3/2013 9:15:20 PM


help!! There's this guy that I think is really cute but we only have study center together and he doesn't know I exist. Also, about a month ago broke up with his girlfriend and she is kind of one of my friends so would it be wrong to like him??? HELP!!!! Thanks Smile


Hey girlie, talk to your friend about it. See how she feels about it and decide from there. If she's okay with you liking him then just say hi to him. Sit near him and start conversation and see how things go. 

Lauren T.

by Itzsofluffyimgonnadie! on 2/3/2013 7:10:53 PM


I have liked this guy for about a year and he's so sweet and we have had a few decent conversations, and I don't have classes with him this year (sophomore year) but his locker is right next to my best friends. So every once in a while I see him, and Tuesday I saw him and i smiled with my 10000 watt smile and I said "Hi (his name)" and he smiled really big too and said hey and his face got red. So I'm pretty sure he used to like me and he might now. I really think we would be great friends or a good couple so I want to know how I can start a conversation when I only see him for a few minutes twice or three times a week! Thanks so much! Also I already have his number I just think it'd be awkward to randomly text him.

Hey girlie,

Maybe you could start with a casual conversation as friends and work up from there! Try talking to him about what he likes to do after school, your classes or your favorite TV shows. Once you build a friendship you can talk about other things and get to know each other more! Then it won't be awkward to text him, and maybe you could ask him to dance at your next school dance!

Meghan D.

by Gigilove321 on 2/2/2013 11:41:30 PM


Mod Mod Mod My schools Snoball dance is next Saturday. I just bought my dress. It is strapless sparkly and black. I am going to get a corsage and last time I got one it was for Homecoming and I just showed them a picture of my dress and they made one for me. It was gorgeous. But my dress was blue and they used a blue ribbon with pink and white flowers. But this time my dress is black and I really don't want a black ribbon. So what color should I get? Also I am getting my nails done. What color should I do? And I don't know what to do with my hair. My hair goes past my shoulders. Any ideas? Thanks so much! I appreciate the time you take to answer my many questions!

Hey girlie,

If your dress is back you could get a corsage in whatever color you like and it would look great! Maybe you could choose something that would go with your shoes or just pick a color that you like Smile Or you could match the corsage to your nail color! As for your hair, check out our hair styles channel for tons of ideas. Have fun at your dance!

Meghan D.

by 15hayhay on 2/2/2013 10:18:51 PM


Do you like rock and roll music of any era?If so, then join my club "Rock music that rocks"...We will talk about anything, from 70's-modern rock! We have rock trivia, and we share our favorite bands! You can find the club by going to my profile page, and clicking on the club with the awesome electric guitar pic!

by rockchik333 on 2/2/2013 6:15:05 PM


Yeah… I wouldn't recommend the last one so much just cuz he might think you're stalking him or something. I know I hate it when people pass out my #.

by Taekwondolover on 2/2/2013 5:53:03 PM


Mod Mod Mod!
Im 13 and I got a really bad 2nd degree burn in 4 grade so I was never allowed to wear a bikini or it would scar. Well anyways this year im finally allowed to (yay) Smile but I have some scars around by belly button and mid stomach. So do you have any suggestions on how to get rid of those scars and what I should do? Like is there some special cream for that? Or could I do something else to make it leave faster? I know it’s kinda early for that but I was just wondering in case I had to start something now. And what are some good stores to get bikinis from? Thank you <3


hey! yeah there are totally creams that reduce the appearance of scars when applied every day, Like I think neosporin does and also cocoa butter. Anything that has vitamin E. Target is good to get swimsuits and relatively cheap. delias has really cute ones and so does american eagle I think. good luck! 

Helen S.

by Izzybel on 2/2/2013 4:21:43 PM


Would it be bad if i didn't wear a dress to a semi-formal dance? Can't i wear nice clothes and really awesome bootie heels?


Hey! absolutely! 

Helen S.

by Justmecheyenne on 2/2/2013 3:04:48 PM


Is there any way that I can change my username? Thanks!!!


hey! I think you'd have to start a new profile to change the username girl, sorry! 

Helen S.

by goofballgirl101 on 2/2/2013 2:47:09 PM


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I really need help fast Foot
I'm a college student and I think my professor has a crush on me. He's always staring at me and close to me and every time he or someone in the class makes a perverted joke, he blushes and looks at me and he teases me and tries to make me laugh. He also looks at my boobs and one time he was so close that I bumped into him and he said sorry and touched my back. Do you think he likes me? We have a lot in common and a really strong connection. 

by Nerdyprincessxo on 2/2/2013 2:38:40 PM


 Mod mod mod!! 
I really need help fast Foot
I'm a college student and I think my professor has a crush on me. He's always staring at me and close to me and every time he or someone in the class makes a perverted joke, he blushes and looks at me and he teases me and tries to make me laugh. He also looks at my boobs and one time he was so close that I bumped into him and he said sorry and touched my back. Do you think he likes me? We have a lot in common and a really strong connection. 


hey! it certainly sounds like he likes you. You should be careful in a situation like this though. Your professor could lose his job, depending on the school's policy on teachers dating students. It can also be a problem to be interested in an authority figure like a professor because he could either give you special treatment grade-wise, or give you worse marks if he feels guilty. My advice is not to make the first move in this case, because that could be an awkward situation if he actually doesn't like you that way and you have to see him in class all the time. If this is a real connection, I think it would be better to approach him when you're not in his class anymore so there's no awkwardness. and of course, if his attention ever makes you feel uncomfortable, you should report it, because teachers need to be professional with their students in all cases.

Helen S.

by Nerdyprincessxo on 2/2/2013 2:38:04 PM


So I have a crush on this guy. It has been a year and I am still not over him. My friends tell me to try to forget him cause he really hurt me but I have tried every possible way that I know and I still cant get over him.Please help me! x


Hey! when it's been that long the best thing is to try and meet someone new. Start talking to guys and scope out your crush scene. Once you have someone new to compare this other guy to, you'll get over him in a flash. good luck! 

Helen S.

by Naomi_WordLeader on 2/2/2013 1:48:32 PM


MOD MOD MOD i have this crush and i dont want him to know i like him but um what should i do to get his number with out letting him know


hey! You could ask a friend who has it, but I wouldn't advise that. He'll know you have it when you call him anyway so you may as well ask for it yourself. you can do it! Smile 

Helen S.

by animal lover2982983294 on 2/2/2013 1:36:56 PM


why do girls flirt with already TAKEN guys I mean really?!
its annoying like when your out with your bf and girls are standing right next to him and giggling its so annoying
I dont have a bf but if I did flirting with other girls would be a def NO NO! gosh its annoying


hey! the thing to realize about flirting is that it's a natural interaction, and can be harmless. Of course there are lines you shouldn't cross, and if it happens all the time it's a problem for people in relationships, but if you really trust the other person you will both know your boundaries and can talk about them without getting upset. It all comes down to your attitude toward that kind of thing. If it only happens every once and a while, you can choose to ignore it, same goes for a boy if a guy tries to flirt with his girl. 

Helen S.

by redvelvetluv on 2/2/2013 1:24:14 PM


I really like this guy, who's in a couple of my classes. he's really sweet, adorable, and funny- but he's a lot shorter than me. I really enjoy spending time w/ him but I don't know if I should ask him out or anything, I feel like things might be kind of awkward... any advice? thanks!! Smile


Hey! My advice is I don't think you should let his height stand in your way if you really like him. Think if it were the other way around and you knew he liked you but he thought you might be too tall for him. how would that make you feel? If you guys work well together his height won't be an issue, trust me Smile 

Helen S.

by i<3cake on 2/2/2013 1:05:34 PM


MOD MOD MOD! ok, so im healthy and not fat at all but i just wanted to sort of like tone my stomach for when summer comes. I dont really want to diet because i eat healthy but i also love sweets but just maybe like quick exercises i can do everyday haha thanks lol


Hey girl, running is actually the best exercise to tone your stomach! Then crunches of course. 

lauren r.

by flippy678 on 2/2/2013 12:13:22 PM


Hey girlies! If you need advice on anything (and I mean anything) I would love to help ya out. Smile No question is too weird, gross, stupid or wrong. I promise I don't judge.

Oh and if your profile isn't visible I'll post the response on my page, so just be sure to check back! <333

by kikidee12 on 2/2/2013 12:11:52 PM


These are nice. This is how I got my crush's number: I went to a youth group one night and saw him there. I saw my friend there, and she knows him. Later, in class one day he texted her to say "I'm sitting next to your friend". Anyways, we were sitting in a few classes together, and I texted my friend that he might have took my math book by mistake. I asked her to send me his number so I can go check. Sure enough, she sent it and I got his number! Now we text all the time Smile

Another good way is pretending you lost your phone somewhere in the room. Hide it without letting anyone see, and then be like "Oh no I can't find my phone! Can you call it for me please?" He'll call it, and now he has your number and you have his ;) xoxo

by neonroxursox on 2/2/2013 11:46:50 AM


Mod I dont know what to do my (shy but very nice) friend came over and I dont know what to do!!!!! It is soooo ackward!!!!!! We are watching ninja turtles out of boredness! HELP?!


Hey girl, try and find a different movie. Talk about boys or what's going on in school. Maybe you can do some valentine's arts and crafts! Browse are site for some craft ideas! 

lauren r.

by angelst.marie on 2/2/2013 11:36:00 AM


hey girls if you love fashion and you need advice then join FASHION ADVICE FOR YOU we will answer you questions asap and we really love your comments we give lots of outfit ideas and tips so please join you wont regret it hope to see all at my club

by funnybunny661 on 2/2/2013 10:21:10 AM


So I am really into this guy and he knows I like him and we danced and talked a few nights ago at the dance. I want to know ways to flirt around him and stuff to take things to the next level because my friend says he may like me, but I want to clarify it if u know what I mean. Thanks!


Hey girl, ask him to hang out again. One on one! Go to the movies or just hang out at your house. 

lauren r.

by joelcourtneysuper8 on 2/2/2013 10:07:41 AM


Heyy Girlies, Please check out my club; "It's all about Fashion and Beauty!!"! If you go to my profile you can find it there and join(: We post daily and answer all questions!!! Topics we talk about:Clothes,Make-up,Nails,Hair,Skin-Care♥

by nazirah817 on 2/2/2013 9:37:21 AM

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