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Help! I'm crushing on my teacher

I have a crush on my social studies teacher. I want to be with him but know I probably can’t because it can get both of...
27 Comments | Add Yours

Theres this guy that I know likes me and we text all the time but at school we only exchange a grand total of 10 words all day....we only have 1 class where we sit next to each other and plus hes my locker neighbor but how can we make time to talk?? also we both go to a really small school (where everyone knoes everyone's busines and I dont like the idea of everyone knowing our business which is one of the reasons I dont want to date him...what should I do about this stupid phobia???? THANKS!!


Hey girlie, it's not a stupid phobia. But if you really like him, you might just have to put up with it. To talk to him more, spend time with him at your lockers and try to sit together at lunch. Take advantage of any time you have together.  

Lauren T.

by Reba22:22 on 2/6/2013 4:46:33 PM


Mod mod mod
I told my crush I like him a few months ago, and he rejected me. He started avoiding me. At a snowball fight party, me, him, and his friend had fun throwing snow at each other (I started it). But he didn't say anything to me. Then, he liked my tbh status. I said that I had fun throwing snow at him at the party in the tbh. I didn't want to elaborate anymore because I didn't want to seem desperate like all the other girls do when they write him tbhs. Then, one day him and his friend were kidding around with me and he gave me this shy flirty smile. He watched me from the window (and yes, I've told one of you guys about this before, but something happened last night so it's kind of different). He shows up around me a lot, but he can't go near me. When I go near him, he gets weirded out or something. What does this mean? He also worries about his hair a lot when he's near me. Thanks

Hey girl, it's possible that your crush might like you back.  Check out the GL ice breaker page, it might come in handy.  Best of luck!  

Karin E.

by britishgurl on 2/6/2013 10:38:30 AM


LOL I get that feeling sometimes!!!

by SummerSomething on 2/6/2013 7:46:31 AM


The only male teacher we have is so messed up! He talks to his cactuses and he's obsessed with his cat, Greymalkin! What a weirdo.

by the_girl_in_goal on 2/6/2013 7:31:37 AM


SO, I have never been like this before high school, but I am weird. I mean I am weird but yet normal. I guess I am not one of those weird kids who are just in their own world, but like I am just weird. I don't know why. Last year, I wasn't that weird I was just your average freshman, now I am weird. people tell me that, and I'm like what? Weird? What? I think I just haven't found myself. But I end up saying weird stuff, or randomly singing songs. I don't know why! I'll be at my sports practice and say things like "i got my phone back from punishment, I am ecstatic." And the girls are like "Ecstatic? " And laugh. I don't want to be weird. How do I not be weird? In middle school, I was just crazy fun, freshmen beginners weird, now sophomore weird? Please help!

Hey girl, it doesn't sound like you're being "weird," it sounds like you're being yourself- and that is awesome.  Embrace your personality and silliness.  When you're around your friends and people who know you well, you should feel especially comfortable to be yourself.  Don't let people laugh at you, laugh along with them.  A good sense of humor and an acceptance of your fun attitude will help make your unique "weirdness" something to be proud of.  

Karin E.

by andsothelionfellinlovewiththelamb on 2/6/2013 1:12:32 AM


Wish I had a hot math teacher. I'm sure I would do way much better in that subject and ask for help waaay more often! LOL!

by Chloe<3 on 2/6/2013 12:22:50 AM


I love GL they have GREAT advice. (I have not gone through something like this before, just saying)

by mooncool7 on 2/6/2013 12:18:35 AM

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