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6 TV bad boys we sorta wanna spend V-Day with

Oh, bad boys, how can we resist them? They’re no good for us, but sometimes we can’t help but daydream about being with them. Bad boys have...
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Derek Hale and Ian Somerhalder *_* <3 <3

by taylorswiftfan1233 on 3/17/2013 6:05:51 PM


I know Ricky from the SecretLife is like a poison, he is just a bad boy and not someone I would want my parents meeting, my dad would hate him. But he kind of does something to me in a weird kind of way. I would love to be with him, not to try to change him but I just feel attracted to him. It kind of scares me in a way, I know he is a tv character but could those feelings mean I want to be with or go for the bad boy type even though I know they would be bad for me. Is this why good girls like me may end up dating or being with the bad boy type? Or is it just an attraction and lust thing because some bad boys are just so hot?


hey girl! I think it's totally harmless to have a crush on a TV bad boy. It doesn't necessarily mean you'll always go for that type, you just happen to really be into Ricky! Don't worry about labeling the guys you're interested in, rather focus on them as individuals.


Katie L.

by fashionqn on 2/13/2013 2:50:16 PM


Puck is hot, I wish he were one of the "Men of McKinley High" in Glees Naked episode last week. I bet they would have sold more calenders.

And Caleb is just gorgeous, his PLL shower scene made my stomach feel funny, lol!

by fashionqn on 2/13/2013 2:24:58 PM


you go. ArianaKatFan!!caleb is way cuter and badder than the rest.TEAM CALEB!

by fashionista522 on 2/9/2013 3:01:54 PM


Damon Salvatore aka Ian Somerhalder, because the smirk he has and the way he looks at you makes my heart melt <3

by ApocalypticaFan on 2/9/2013 7:45:33 AM


Wooooooooooooooooooooo Chuck Bass........ ♥__♥

by SummerSomething on 2/9/2013 6:41:39 AM


If I could spend V-Day with any TV bad boy, it would be Dean Winchester from Supernatural because he's really cute and even though he's kind of bad, he's so sweet with Sammy.

by supersingershannon on 2/8/2013 11:14:38 PM


Mod Mod Mod
I am going to the mall tomorrow, but I have no idea what to buy! What are some cute trends that are good for school? Does GL have some articles about this?


Hey 11mints, over the knee socks, blazers, cardigans, circle scarves, sheer button up shirts, fitted mini skirts are all in style. Search through our Fashion section for more trends. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile  

Lynae P.

by 11mints on 2/8/2013 8:08:06 PM


Oh yes Caleb!!!!! Love him he is so cute and sweet and is such a great boyfriend for Hanna

by ArianaKatFan on 2/8/2013 5:16:56 PM


Heyy Girlies, Please check out my club; "It's all about Fashion and Beauty!!"! If you go to my profile you can find it there and join(: We post daily and answer all questions!!! Topics we talk about:Clothes,Make-up,Nails,Hair,Skin-Care♥

by nazirah817 on 2/8/2013 4:50:48 PM

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