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How to fall in love with your least favorite class

No matter how awesome your electives are or how kooky your Shakespeare teacher is, we know there’s at least one black hole of boredom plopped...
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Hey girlies, please check out both of these awesome clubs:

"Fashion, Hair, and more! Oh my!"
"It's all about fashion and beauty!"

these are perfect for you if you love fashion,hair,nails,makeup, and more!

Can't wait to see you there! Thanks <3

by karasinski on 2/14/2013 9:57:43 AM


What does it mean when I get really bad stomach pains and side cramps all the time after I eat?


Hey girlie, if you always get them you should probably see a doctor. Pay attention to what you're eating when you get them and what seems to trigger the pains. 

Lauren T.

by Megan1220 on 2/13/2013 8:15:35 PM


MOD MOD MOD My friends were hanging out and they did something really stupid. What should I do?


Hey girlie, if they just did it and you think they're acting funny then you want to get help for them. They might get in trouble, but calling parents to help you make a call on whether or not you need medical help is best to make sure that they're alright.  If they did it earlier and seem fine now then they should be fine as long as they don't it again.

Lauren T.

by -strawberry13 on 2/13/2013 8:12:44 PM


I am afraid that I am a bully. I am afraid my parents think so too because i try hard to look good and don't want to look "lame". All my friends are really good people but it is a clique and its very judgmental. I do hang out with other (not in my group)but when I start talking about other people they say i am being mean. Am I a bully? If so, how do I stop it?


Hey girlie, talking about other people is natural. But you want to be careful about it. Pay attention to how much you're talking about others and what you're saying. Make an effort to cut back on negative comments to help break the habit. 

Lauren T.

by superstarxoxo1 on 2/13/2013 7:44:27 PM


I absolutely CAN'T STAND social studies.....I want to know about what CAN happen, instead of what already did. I must say, the Civil War isn't exciting. Or interesting. Or even closely remote to fun. But its bearable because I like the guy that sits behind me!!! We flirt and talk the whole time Smile I kinda look forward to it now!

by actress12345 on 2/13/2013 6:23:50 PM


hey girls if you love fashion and you need advice then join FASHION ADVICE FOR YOU we will answer you questions asap and we really love your comments we give lots of outfit ideas and tips so please join you wont regret it hope to see all at my club

by funnybunny661 on 2/13/2013 4:35:51 PM


Some of the advice is really good. I think you can end up liking a class if you have the right friends. In one of my classes I didnt have any of my normal friends and I hated it until I made a few new ones and now all is good.

by fashionqn on 2/13/2013 1:12:40 PM


I don't think this'll work if your math teacher doesn't teach anything, especially when you ask for extra-help. I am currently teaching myself how to make the angles of a triangle with a compas... but it's working.

by angel29 on 2/13/2013 8:43:35 AM


MOD omg i HATE social studies! my teacher is the worst teacher EVER! she is mean 2 only certain people and total buddy buddy 2 others! im one of the quieter kids so the one time i raise my hand 2 give an answer that no one else knows SHE FORGETS MY NAME! and we r half way thru the 3rd quarter!!!!!!! plus she always drops huge tests on us with only 1 days notice!

Hey girl, keep on raisin' that hand and your teacher will be sure to get it right, sooner or later.  Best of luck studying!  

Karin E.

by Kate'sguitar101 on 2/13/2013 7:33:23 AM


i hate my classes >__<~!! and i can't switch out of them plus i'm one of the loners in that class ._. my friends all ditched me >.<

by islandgirl23 on 2/13/2013 12:09:15 AM

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