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7 HOURS AGO RT @russettvirtue: @sierra_furtado i just found you in my magazine what a time to be alive

7 HOURS AGO Decorating the office with fresh blooms and #GLsabrina 💐

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Spring out your style: Floral necklaces under $15

It’s spring! (OK, almost). But in our minds, as soon as Feb. 14 hits, we’re ready to bust out the florals. If the weatherman isn’t quite agreeing...
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American Diamond Necklaces
Gorgeous pieces! I’ve just started making jewellery myself but i’m running low on inspiration and I’m struggling to get anywhere. Following your post I think a course could be the answer.

by queenzzdesire on 5/24/2013 4:03:13 AM


So I met this guy threw my brother 2 weeks ago, and he is really cute and funny and nice, and he obviously likes me and we flirt a lot, and I think I like him, but he's in seventh grade (but he's very mature for his age, that's the only way I can stand being around him), and I'm in ninth grade. Do you think it's appropriate if I'd date him? He is only a year younger than me because they have to move around a lot because his dad's in the army like mine, so he missed a year of schooling.


hey! One or two years is no big if you both like eachother. You should get to know him more Smile good luck! 

Helen S.

by cheerfulcheer on 3/14/2013 6:33:05 PM


I have a question. I am going shopping this weekend and I want to know some cute and cheap clothes stores. Can you help me?

by genovi on 2/27/2013 5:27:50 PM


Hey there, so my school isn't very nice. The district doesn't have a lot of money so it's a bit dingy. I find that since nobody seems to care at my school I don't dress as well as I could. I want to have motivation to dress nice but I don't because nobody cares at my school. I visited my friend's school and found myself surrounded by people who do care and make me feel like I should care more about myself. What do I do? How can I motivate myself more? I've even considered switching schools...


Hey lexiebrittaine, you can't worry about other people, only yourself. Just think about how you'd like to look, and dress the way you want. Think about your friend's school when you need more motivation too. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile 

Lynae P.

by lexiebrittanie on 2/22/2013 7:26:25 PM


Sorry, two questions!
1) I have really pretty curly-wavy hair, especially from my ears up. What are some really good products to control the frizz or just for curly hair in general?
2) What is a good base coat that strengthens your nails and is ok for tweens to use?
Thank you so much!!! Smile


Hey girlie, 1. depending on your budget, you can try John Frieda Frizz-Ease or  got2b anti-frizz serum for under $10 or I've heard a lot of people have success with Moroccan Oil brand ant-frizz for around $30. 2. For a base coat I really like Sally Hansen's strengthening base coat. It's not very expensive, and I think it helps.

Lauren T.

by Lady Grey on 2/20/2013 6:03:02 PM


I love the white flower from claire's! So cute!!!

by hmeyer on 2/19/2013 9:12:50 PM


I love floral necklaces! Smile

by awesomegirl4everandalways on 2/19/2013 9:08:33 PM


Hey GL chicas! Check out my club, "It's all about Fashion and Beauty!!!" We have advice for any fashion/beauty sitch. Please check it out girlies! <3 Fashion and Beauty Crew

by nazirah817 on 2/19/2013 6:29:51 PM


Most of these are adorable! I especially love the 1st, 3rd,4th and 5th ones. You can get a necklace just like the 4th one at Forever 21, but it's cheaper. Forever 21 also has really cute flower rings and earrings.

Need advice? Look no further! Join my Advice Queens page! I'll answer within 2 days. Plus I post tips on the page. You can ask about anything. Thanks for reading! Smile

by scamp24 on 2/19/2013 4:48:48 PM


The very first necklace from Forever 21 is really cute! <3

by purplerainn on 2/19/2013 4:10:25 PM

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