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Why do I wet my undies after I go to the bathroom?

Sometimes a little pee comes out in my underwear after I go to the bathroom. Do I have a bladder control problem? You’re probably just...
22 Comments | Add Yours

MOD MOD!!!!!!!
Hi I have discharge and I wet my undies can I wear pantiliners? How do I go about asking my mom?

Hey girlie,

You could wear them if you want to, but discharge is normal! Just explain the situation to your mom--she's totally been there and will understand!

Meghan D.

by APlovesJB on 4/6/2013 9:26:01 PM


Mod mod
Hi so I have white stuff when I clean my down there when I take a shower and when I put new underwear on it leaves the same white stuff and makes it wet. What should I should do?


Hey! change your underwear daily, but yeah that's just the way it is when you get discharge. 

Helen S.

by APlovesJB on 4/6/2013 4:55:57 PM


Umm so well. Im only in 6th grade and I started my period 5 months ago. I have ALOT of hair down there and I was thinking maybe I should shave my vg. Should I and what age should I start shaving or should I ever shave it?

Hey girl, check out this super helpful page full of posts that relate to "should I shave down there."  Ultimately, it's a personal decision.  If you feel comfortable talking with your mom about it, you can ask her.  Good luck! 

Karin E.

by Savannah14 on 4/3/2013 2:21:11 PM


I just started volleyball for my school. I started my period 3 months ago and I still feel super nervous when im around friends to tell them things. When I go to public places and things like volleyball I feel so embarrassed. I feel like the only girl that started Frown How can I get rid of these feelings and get more confidence?

Hey girl, you might feel like you're the only one who has started, but chances are you're not.  Pretty soon lots more of your friends will get their period and it'll be easier to talk about it.  For now, talk with your mom, an older sister or cousin, or older friends who've started their period.  And chica, don't feel embarrassed.  It's a girl thing and it happens (will happen) to all your friends eventually.  Hold your head high, you got this.  Good luck! 

Karin E.

by Savannah14 on 4/3/2013 2:17:39 PM


Sorry if this is gross but: I had just finished going to the bathroom and was wiping, but I noticed some clear snot looking liquid on the paper!! Ew i know, sorry!! Ok so i asked my mom and she said it was snot (?!?!?!) and meant I'd have my period soon. Was she right? Thanks!


Hey! well, technically it's called discharge, but it is a symptom that you may get your period soon

Helen S.

by BrownhairblooooeyesxD on 3/28/2013 6:37:20 PM


ahhhh i didn't mean jk.... how do i delete it?

by la1234567890 on 3/26/2013 7:44:59 PM



by la1234567890 on 3/26/2013 7:44:19 PM


sooo i'm a competitive gymnast and i have my discharge. lately i feel like at competitions you can see a stain at the bottom of my leotard (we can't wear shorts). it still happened if i wear underwear. i was wondering if panty liners would work? but I'm afraid it'll move and show and that'd b embarrassing.... also i feel like it would bulk up.... any advice?


Hey la1234567890, yep panty liners should solve everything. They're thin enough to where they aren't visible, yet absorb moisture. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile  

Lynae P.

by la1234567890 on 3/26/2013 7:42:58 PM


I had my period, and i was sitting on my friends lap, and it leaked on her pants! She hasnt noticed, and she didnt notice! Its in the wash, the stain didnt come out! Helppp!



Hey Girl, I'm confused- are her pants in the wash? You should apologize and offer to replace them. If she still hasn't noticed, you need to point it out to her. It isn't fair if she has to walk around with a stain on her. She will understand.


Hannah H. 

Hannah H.

by 1Deleanor on 3/26/2013 1:02:31 PM


Tomorrow i am going on a school trip it is over night for four day. We are flying and i will be getting my period about half way through the trip. We are swimming one night but you dont have to so i wont but i am nervous that blood will leak through my pant because the last time i had my period it kept leaking through to my butt. What should i do? Also we are flying and now airplanes have those security scanners that are like x rays and can tell if you have your period or not i will feel really embarrassed when the guy/girl sees my scan.
P.S I will not wear tampons!


Hey girlie, pads come in different absorbencies. Go out tonight and buy some super absorbency pads to help prevent leaking. Pads with wings might help that too. Airport security won't know that you're on your period so you have nothing to worry about.

Lauren T.

by coco4 on 3/25/2013 5:50:13 PM

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