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Master a middle-of-the-year move

Mom and Dad are packing up and moving? Whether you’re zipping across the country or just swapping one town for another nearby, switching schools is...
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My Mom met a guy a year and a half ago, and now they're engaged. Once they get married,I have to move to another town, an hour from all my friends. This isn't the first time my mom has met a man, and moved with him so I'm scared. He's a nice guy but i just dont trust anyone anymore, so it's hard to have faith in the move. Im a sopohomore and I'd have to start that new high school when I'm a Junior. I really hate it because I wanted to graduate with my friends so badly. Now i have to graduate with strangers.. Just thinking about it makes me depressed and I'm consumed by anxiety. I try so hard to be optomistic about the whole situation but it's so hard, and let me reassure you I'm the most optomisictic person. My mom tells me I'm selfish and that I only think of myself. It really hurts me because I do want her to be happy, but I want to be happy to..
What should I do?

Hey girlie,

That sounds like a tough situation, but maybe you could try to see it from your mom's point of view! She's changing her whole life to move, too, so she must care about him a lot and be really happy with him. You'll have to go to a new school for two years, but she'll be living in a new town for the rest of her life! Moving when you're a junior won't be so bad, because you'll still have two years to make a new group of friends you can graduate with and have fun with. And if your other friends are an hour away, maybe you could see them once or twice a month still, and you can definitely talk to them on the phone! If you're still feeling down, you could talk to a trusted adult like a guidance counselor or other family member about what you're feeling with the move. Try to remember that your mom is an adult and knows what she's doing--if she has faith in her fiancee, you can too Smile

Meghan D.

by Rach571 on 4/21/2013 12:39:27 AM


My parents just asked me today if I was willing to consider going to a private school next school year (7th grade for me). My response was no, and when I asked why they would think about that, they told me that they thought the teachers were better at the private school, and I would get a better education. I don't think there's anything wrong with the education I'm getting now. My math teacher teaches better in extra help than in regular class, and my Social Studies teacher drones on and on and fails to see that kids (not including me) are playing games and checking their email on their computers when we're supposed to be typing something up, but that's just school. I don't mind that. They're also thinking of having my sister (next year she will be in 4th grade) go to the same private school that I will. Of course, there's a chance that if we even do decide to go, we might not get in, but whatever. I don't want to go, and my feelings are all crazy right now. Help?


Hey eliaiamagic12, sit your parents down and tell them everything you told me. Explain to them how much you love your school, and don't want to leave. Bring up valid points like the quality education, opportunities you have at school (clubs, student organizations) and the close relationship you have with your teachers. If they see how passionate you are, they may change their minds. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile

Lynae P.

by elianamagic2 on 3/29/2013 8:12:56 PM


Im moving from Mississippi to New York at the end of the school year which is around the end of May. How should I tell people that I am especially my really close friends?


Hey girlie, invite them over or go out to your favorite restaurant and just get it over with. Tell them you have something really important to tell them and then say it. It'll be sad, but the sooner they know, the better. 

Lauren T.

by lovergurlluvsyooh on 3/10/2013 8:24:57 PM


i mastered it 2 times within a 5 week limit it is rlly tough

by rockyroad on 3/3/2013 8:22:24 PM


One of my closest friends is making a cross country move, in fact, further than that. She's moving from here, Austin, TX to just across the US-Canada border. She's not taking a lot of stuff so I need to get her a small, compact gift that's memorable but not fragile. I've already considered stuffed toys.

Hey hon! I'm so sorry your friend is moving. I know it's rough - both for her and for you. In terms of gifts, have you thought about getting her some sort of charm or a piece of jewelry? Like a 'best friends' necklace or bracelet, etc. Or, if you're into crafting, pop by the craft store and pick up a wooden frame to decorate. They don't usually come with glass frames so it won't be fragile, and you can personalize it just for her. xxx
Florence N.

by pinklilac on 3/1/2013 4:31:35 AM


im moving to but i have a really good group of friends that i REALLY dont want to leave behind.Im not moving from city to city, more like state to state.Im in Cali but movin to ND because ALOT of my family is there!im really gonna miss them!what do i do!?!o.0

by Abril on 2/25/2013 9:47:42 PM



Hey girl,

I can only imagine how tough things are for you. Because we wish you only the best, it’s extremely important that you speak to a trusted adult, such as a family member, doctor, guidance counselor, teacher, etc.


Also, for additional help, check out:!2.aspx


, Your Blog Patrol Babes


Meghan D.

by Bluestar479 on 2/25/2013 7:14:30 PM


hey girlies! if you need advice/tips on anything at all post a comment on my profile and i will answer them as soon as i can!

by onedirectionlurve on 2/24/2013 6:25:37 PM

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