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Why can't my BF be more romantic--like my BGF?

One of my close guy friends is going out with my BFF. I like this guy a lot as a friend but, I admit, I am...
18 Comments | Add Yours

ok so today I dumped my boyfriend and Im fine with that but then my friends walked away to tell everyone. Wjile my other friends tryed to hook me up with like 3 other guys. But thats no problem. After my friends were sitting with the teachers. I had no idea what they were tslking about until I asked my friends. They were talking about me and my boyfriend in front of the teacher. I was upset but I tried to let it go. but its not so coll whe the teacher know about your love life!!!!
tired of knowing

by lovelyhanali on 5/30/2013 5:12:30 PM


MODMODMOD (:My BGF is like my brother, and I'm dating his friend (also my friend). My BGF really cares about
me, and when he says hi to me he'll squeeze my hand or put his arm around me. He's dating my girl friend, and I know for sure he doesn't like me. Do you think
his affection makes my boyfriend uncomfortable ? Thank you Smile


There is no way of really knowing unless you ask your boyfriend yourself. Also, if he hasn't said anything and doesn't look upset, most likely he understands that you guys are just friends. 

mailyse f.

by kenzi143 on 3/4/2013 4:16:26 PM


MOD MOD! ok, this is something I really need help with, so any advice is great. I moved here 5 months ago. I don't have very much friends, my closest friend here is a guy. we talk 24/7 and are pretty much inseperable. I love him. in every sense of the way. I love him like a best friend, I love him like a brother,and I love love him, like, in that way. he flirts with me all the time and EVERYBODY is always telling us to stop flirting. we can't look at eachother without smiling ear to ear. and I know for a fact that the feeling is mutual. I even have half the school telling us so. seriously. I tell him everthing, he tells me everthing. the thing is is when I first got here I asked him out. but for some reason he said no. and I've tried to talk myself out of liking him but its impossible. I even got advice from mod! it doesn't work!so my question is: what should I do from here on? do I ask him out again? do I aimlessly flirt? I just don't know wat the best thing is to do. thnksforhelp

Hey girlie,

You could ask him out again, or maybe since you're so close, you could ask him why he said no to you before. Even if he likes you, he might not be ready for a relationship right now or want to focus on school. Talking to him will give you a better sense of what you should do and will answer a lot of your questions!

Meghan D.

by lalalagurl on 3/1/2013 11:46:42 PM


Maybe we can get their attention by making slight suggestions or hints about being romantic or what we like and want to do. Instead of mentioning about being with friends, maybe make suggestions about being alone with each other. Does anyone think that some guys ever get resentful about our hints?

by fashionqn on 3/1/2013 10:33:36 PM


My best guy friend and I are always laughing and our other friends think we are flirting but we arent. We are the best of friends but I do not want to stop bring friends just because they are jealous. Im tierd of people say that we are flirting and I am cheatin on my bf with him what should I do ???

by that_girl_ on 2/28/2013 7:17:42 PM


hey! You have to either tell her to stop repeating what you're saying to her, or stop telling her things you don't want repeated. good luck, girl!  

Helen S.

by eaglette on 2/28/2013 5:32:57 PM


I feel really sad and Lonely I'm 15 I'll be 16 in august
I'm also homeschooled Iv been thinking about boys a lot I really do want a boyfriend
It makes me really sad because all my other sibs have someone two of my sisters are getting engaged my one sis is getting married next may my other sister has her GF
My brother has his GF and I'm all alone it really makes me sad
I really do want a boyfriend I want someone I can talk to and cuddle with
and tell me I'm beautiful but I don't want a boyfriend for two weeks and that's it I know
some girls my age only go out with a guy for like a week but I don't wanna do that
how can I not feel this way? please help

by redvelvetluv on 2/27/2013 11:38:24 PM


So I REALLY like this guy. Well, we went out and we had to break up because I can't date and I felt bad about going behind my Mum's back. Well, now I think he likes my BFF.. WHAT SHOULD I DO, because I still like him ALOT!! Please help me!!

by kkheartspink on 2/27/2013 10:45:56 PM


My bgf and I are close to dating and my best friend is very supportive. But she tends to get very jelious of me because she likes popular guys who dont give her the time of day for 6 years. Half the time, she goes to thier games and popular poeple make fun of her but she still likes those guys. It pains me to see her in this cycle. How can I explain it to her nicely that she should move on and that the guys dont like her and if they did, everyone would try to ruin it? She deserves sooo much better then them. Help please, and thank you

by Quietfriend1415 on 2/27/2013 10:22:34 PM


I think some boys need a push. I dont think being romantic comes naturally to them as it does to us. I cant tell you how many times I hear from friends, I wish he would kiss me but hasnt. I would try to give him hints that you want to get more romantic with him, it could scare him but it could start to make him think and want to be romantic with you.

Guys mainly watch sports stuff and we read and think about romance and relationships, I think its just how we are.

by fashionqn on 2/27/2013 10:13:55 PM

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