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Sneak a peek at GL's April/May 2013 issue

*~*Check out what’s HOT in this issue*~* On sale and in mailboxes March 12! EXCLUSIVE! Debby Ryan isn’t shy about her quirks From the hilarious ways she’s...
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where is the winner for the verameat french terrier necklace posted?

by taylor kane on 7/10/2013 5:15:04 PM


Are they going to update it to the June July issue soon?


Hey girlie, it'll be updated to the new issue toward the middle of this month. 

Lauren T.

by janay123 on 5/6/2013 7:04:38 PM


Try putting the word "mod" above your paragraph. It will help a moderator know if they are suppose to answer or not.
P.S. I would recommend that if becoming an author if you're dreams, try it!
P.S.S. I'm not a moderator I'm 14 too.

by glitzimani382 on 5/2/2013 5:24:52 PM


Hi i wrote a book and i really want to get it published but i am only 14 how do you think i could do it? a lot of my friends have read it and say its good but i want to make sure its good enough to get published, this is like my dream

by wokstar99 on 5/1/2013 10:13:23 PM


well I want to start by saying I'm fourteen and... "Hiya!!!" Anyway, I'm not really the kinda girl that wears make-up, I think that this is the true me and why should I change... I don't want to 'in a way' lie to myself of what I really look like. I'm pretty confident in my decision, but a couple of people I know and a lot more that I don't know don't wear makeup yet aren't so confident. I've been trying to help my friends by saying " you don't need to. This is who you really are." but I could still tell that they were a little lost with wether they should or shouldn't wear makeup. How could I help them find their way?


Hey glitzimani382, people have to find their way for themselves. I think you did the right thing in complimenting them on their natural beauty, but that's all you can do. They have to take it from there. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile 


Lynae P.

by glitzimani382 on 4/23/2013 7:28:30 PM


I signed up for the mag in Feb but its not here and its Apr so when is it coming

Hey girlie,

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your subscription! You can contact our subscription department during business hours at Thanks for reading GL!

Meghan D.

by MTC 415 on 4/19/2013 11:10:47 PM


I'm really torn between which school I should go to next year! My local public school that I went to fro 7th to freshman year, and it has a lot more opportunities class wise, but I also won't have any friends there, and I won't be o the cheerleading squad, and they don't have a play! Or there's the private christian school I've attended my sophmore year, which has only basic classes and uniforms, but I have good friends, I'm a cheerleader, and I can be in the play! Unfortunately next year in the private school, my favorite subjects will be taken over by my least favorite teacher as well! I honestly am torn at which school to go to next year! Any advice!?

Hey girl, that's a tough decision.  If you haven't seriously discussed the pros and cons with your parents yet, bring it up with them.  Think about what's most important to you and how you'll be able to adapt to either situation.  Good luck! 

Karin E.

by selgomez1997 on 4/17/2013 11:10:40 AM


mod mod mod
~I wanted to start by saying hiya, and I subscribed for GL in mid-march and I wondering how long would it take for someone that lives in south FL. to receive this awesome mag?


Hey glitizimani385, it should bee arriving shortly. I would give it another 2-3 weeks and then send an email. Thanx for being so patient with us! Xoxo Smile 

Lynae P.

by glitzimani382 on 4/5/2013 7:26:39 PM


Mod! I have a couple complaints/questions. One, my December/January issue in February, and then, I never got the February/March issue. Why? I know my subscription does not expire until October this fall, so that is not it.

Helen S.

by popers0 on 3/30/2013 3:44:47 PM


how do I enter the lip smacker contest???


Hey pupluv327, click this link: to enter. Good luck girly!! Xoxo Smile

Lynae P.

by pupluv397 on 3/29/2013 4:10:01 PM


DO YOU LOVE DAVID ARCHULETA? Please join this fan club. It would honestly mean the world to me:

by myfatsquirrel on 3/27/2013 11:29:42 PM


Oh gosh, bieber laid eggs!

by Chloe<3 on 3/27/2013 1:04:32 PM


Last year, there was a poem contest about "Live Out Loud." My english teacher used the opportunity to give it to us as an assignment, and as long as it was a school appropriate poem, we could write whatever "Living Out Loud" meant to us. Whoever won got their poem published in the yearbook. I was the runner up, and I'd really like to see my poem published. Should I send it in to GL, if so, how do I do that, or should I try to publish it somewhere else, and where?


Yes! You should absolutely send it to GL! You can send it to for a chance to get it published on the website. If that doesn't work out then there are a lot of creative writing magazines for teens that you could send it to. 

Lauren T.

by Eve W on 3/25/2013 4:16:07 PM


I just got the new GL in the mail yesterday and it was sooooo awesome!!! Definetly one of my favorite issues, especially all the cool new spring trends! I will soo be wearing stripes and I thought the two-toned lip color looked really cool, maybe I should try that out too. Loved it Smile

by cupcakecutie325 on 3/24/2013 12:48:20 AM



by myfatsquirrel on 3/23/2013 6:42:18 PM


Mod mod mod,
I got a new puppy


hey! I am sooo jealous, I want a puppy! Smile 

Helen S.

by Abbydabbers on 3/16/2013 4:01:53 PM


I am a little new to this mag. anyway i want to get GL's print edition, but I also wanted to get the digital edition. can i only get one with the same one payment?


hey! Looks like right now you have to pay separately for print and digital. 

Helen S.

by glitzimani382 on 3/14/2013 7:42:30 PM


Hotties, please.

GL, In one of your upcoming summer issues I think you should devote part of it to showing hot guys and celebs. I wouldnt mind seeing some hot celebs and non celebs, shirts off of course. Please, please! It would be one of your most popular issues ever if you did that. Smile

by fashionqn on 3/13/2013 11:56:47 PM


How do i get into the lip smacker conest thing

by YannaRox on 3/13/2013 8:33:05 AM


I havent gotton my latest issue of GL yet when will it come??


Hey girlie, it should be on its way to you. You'll probably have it in the next week or two. 

Lauren T.

by donna1 on 3/11/2013 4:42:19 PM


mod mod mod
i have a class trip to go to another country (other schools from all over the region are also going). i have 3 problems! Frown 1) i'm really nervous about going because we're going to be having roommates (either with my classmates or another school) and i'm the loner in my class. none of my friends got selected to go and the mean people are going instead Frown i'm so sad cuz my friends aren't going Cry 2) what do you suggest i should wear/pack for 60-70 degree weather?? 3) i'm really shy when it comes to meeting people. i clam up whenever i'm around strangers. i know i'll have to talk/interact eventually, but i'm just so nervous about meeting them.
i'm REALLY nervous about this! this is my first trip away from home

Hey girl, if you're worried about the roommate sitch, seek out an adult in charge of the trip and ask if they can help identify someone who would be a nice roommate.  It's okay to explain that you're a lil' uncomfortable because none of your friends are going.  For spring weather, make sure to dress in layers.  Light sweaters and jackets are a good idea.  Make sure to wear good walking shoes, too, if you'll be on your feet a lot.  Take a deep breath and allow yourself to interact with kids you don't know well.  It's okay to be nervous, but know that you'll have a lot in common (and a lot to talk about) with your fellow-travelers.  Good luck and have fun on your adventure!  

Karin E.

by islandgirl23 on 3/11/2013 2:06:55 AM


I gavent recieved this issue. SHOULD i be worried.

Hey girlie,

You can contact our subscription department at to see what's up with your subscription. Thanks for subscribing to GL!

Meghan D.

by linkin on 3/9/2013 10:19:10 PM


I just got the April/May issue today, but never received the February/March issue. Is it possible for me to still get that one?


hey! yeah, go here and fill out the form: 

Helen S.

by photographynut2008 on 3/9/2013 5:01:10 PM


the may prizes look amazin!

by xoxojillianxo on 3/6/2013 12:39:29 AM


I signed back up for the newest edition of GL and still haven't received it! Why is that? Also, when will you guys be mailing out the April/May edition to AZ? Thnx for your help!Smile


Hey girlie, check If your question isn't answered then send an e-mail to 

Lauren T.

by IMDoodlebug on 3/4/2013 8:25:37 PM


OMG! MODMODMOD! When are we getting our new issues? I am excited to get the new issue.
Hey Girlies! Join my club "Fashion, Advice, DIY? Check!" I give out fashion tips and ideas, along with hair styling secrets and beauty shortcuts. Ask for advice and I will reply pronto! Come check it out and enjoy. XOX!


Our new issue is already out! 

mailyse f.

by JellyBeanChick on 3/4/2013 4:23:37 PM


ive liked this guy for my whole life (lets call him Jo). but he started flirting with my friend and she started liking him. she asked me to help her up from sitting on the ground but jo held her hand and helped her up. she was complaining that she was cold so jo have her his jacket. and they flirt with each other ALOT! i get so annoyed cause shes known that i liked him for my whole life but still flirts. its kinda annoying plus she has a billion other crushes but this is the only guy i have ever liked. plus, i get rly freaked out to talk to him cause hes all sports and im... not. so ya please help


Try talking to your friend about your situation- tell her how you feel! If she still doesn't back off, than at least you know she is not a real friend. You could also start talking to him, maybe the reason why they flirt all the time is because she talks to him. You guys don't need to talk about sports, start talking about his and your family and friends! Good luck!

mailyse f.

by Carrie_Underwood on 3/4/2013 3:16:33 PM


Hey girls! Can you please check out this club? I'd really appreciate it!

by myfatsquirrel on 3/2/2013 11:35:39 AM


i still haven't got the feb/march issue. is there a problem with my subscription?

by soccerlili on 3/2/2013 8:18:52 AM


Hey girls! Need help finding outfits for your first day of school or your first date? Just finished cramming the night before and look terrible? Check out Fashion ASAP and get advice on your skin, body, hair, nail how-to's, makeup and awesome outfits here that fit your taste and style! I will help you with your problems ASAP (usually within 24 hours) and you'll receive fabulous answers.

by Emilicious on 3/2/2013 12:03:41 AM


Yay! Debby is my favorite Disney star! Seems like a great issue! Oh, and the space camp sounds fun! Smile

by sprinklecookie on 3/1/2013 10:42:49 PM



by nerzbug5 on 3/1/2013 9:20:31 PM


Yay, yoga!

by taylor22742 on 3/1/2013 8:07:12 PM


debby looks so great in this!!! cant wait!

by pussycat103 on 3/1/2013 4:43:58 PM


hey girls if you love fashion and you need advice then join FASHION ADVICE FOR YOU we will answer you questions asap and we really love your comments we give lots of outfit ideas and tips so please join you wont regret it hope to see all at my club

by funnybunny661 on 3/1/2013 4:09:55 PM


Looks like a great issue!

by pinklol56 on 3/1/2013 2:10:50 PM

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