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The Scoop: Would guys date girls two years younger?

Would you ever date a girl who is two years younger than you? And how would you feel if she started to talk to you suddenly? Would...
25 Comments | Add Yours

I feel like there is no way to generalize the whole age thing because everybody is different and every person matures at a different rate. To me, 3 years older or 3 years younger would be a bit much no matter what but I think 2 years could be ok. It really depends on the guy and how mature he is and how mature you are. If a guy was really mature and I really clicked with him but he was 2 years younger then me..I'd still go for it. And same with if a guy was 2 years older, so long as I felt like we were on the same page in terms of maturity. I think age in terms of one or two years isn't important and people turn it into WAY to big of a deal. Like there's this guy in my chem class who is dating a girl two years older then him and honestly they have the best and most long lasting relationship out of anyone I if you feel like the age difference isn't a big deal go for it, and don't let other people turn it into one.

by maggie183 on 3/1/2013 2:15:17 PM


Once you're older, 2 years is nothing. Until college, I wouldn't date a guy 2 years younger simply because I have a sister 2 years younger and it would seem weird. But now I'm dating a guy who's literally like 2 weeks younger than me, but because we're born in summer I'm a freshman and he's in 8th grade. Simply because he's a middle schooler some people at my school think it's a little weird but it really isn't when we're around each other.

by dragonsrox1000 on 3/1/2013 9:42:58 AM


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by Hot mess on 3/1/2013 7:34:49 AM


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by Emilicious on 3/1/2013 1:45:31 AM


Well my parents are 10 years apart and been married 25 years. It only seems odd when your young. As you get older the gap gets smaller, but I'll admit its pretty weird to think when my dad was 18 my mom was 8...But when you think of it when my mom was 25 and my dad was 35 it doesn't sound so weird!

by Chloe<3 on 3/1/2013 12:10:23 AM

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