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16 telltale signs he likes ya back

It’s hard to get the courage to ask out the cutie you’ve been crushing on. We get it, it feels like it could go either way...
29 Comments | Add Yours

So...I need help. I just met this guy at swing dancing the other night, and I'm pretty much Juliet to Romeo for him. I realize that this is mostly infatuation, but I honestly can't stop thinking about him. I went again to swing dancing and for the second time he asked me if I would be his partner, and we danced a lot that night. He seemed really nervous, and was blushing and giggling almost excessively, which was a surprise for me (most guys who look like him are pretty confident). We talked once on facebook after I initiated a conversation, and he was really responsive. I probably won't see him for a little while, since he lives so far away and goes to a different school. I guess what I'm asking is ALaughingo you think there's a good chance he likes me? And B. What do I do now?
Thanks Smile

by solosinger7 on 3/24/2013 5:47:59 PM


I'm pretty sure that my best friends crush is crushing on me
My best friend confided in me who her crush is and i'm pretty sure that he likes me because he
knows who my fave celeb is, he started watching my fav show when he never watched it
before. Even some kids in my class say that he likes me and i like him a little bit but how do I handle this without upsetting my best friend???

by orlandobloomrocks on 3/14/2013 5:22:22 PM


So the guy I like walks with me in the hall sometimes. He flirts with me and my friends even tell me. My friend told him that he should go out with me and he said that he just thinks of me as a friend. What do I do?

by Ariana101 on 3/13/2013 8:05:34 PM


Hey! I need some advice. I have a boyfriend and we love eachother to death. But, recently, there's this girl in our class who has been flirting with him a lot. One time, we were in class, and the convo somehow got to texting. She decided to say, after I said that I sent almost 1000 messages to him in 2 weeks, that she's been texting him. Then, yesterday, we were going down stairs to get ready to leave school. Usually, I sit beside him, but then she walks up and sits right where I was going to. I know I sound REALLY jealous, and I am, but he knows how mad it makes me, and I can see how it makes him mad. I'm realy sorry that this is so long. Thanks for your help!


Hey girl, some girls can really be the worst -- right?! I would totally talk to your boyfriend about it. When she comes up and takes your seat, texts to much etc., he needs to say something to her that he's taken and he would appreciate it to give him some room because he's taken! Also...he should probably just stop texting her all together. Just have a good talk him with. It'll be okay. 

lauren r.

by KenzieC84 on 3/9/2013 7:58:32 AM


There is this guy I really like, and we always have a fun time together. Yet he likes one of my besties. He even asked her out, but she said no (she likes someone else). What should I do?


Hey girl, try to bond with him. Get to know him, then you'll be able to make a move and ask him out! 

lauren r.

by TresSapphire on 3/9/2013 7:07:02 AM


Hey! How are you? Well, I really like this guy. He and I have a lot of similarities, but the most important one is humor. We are known as the class clowns, and really good friends. He and I sit beside each other in advanced pre-algebra and advanced reading. He told me that he really liked sitting beside me, and when we were given the option to move near friends, we both chose to stay. He has given a few signs that he likes me, such as touching me, joking around and teasing me, and initiating many conversations. Plus, my friend told me that she is pretty sure that he likes me. What should I do? I don't want to ruin my friendship, but I also want something more. Thank you so much!!!!

Hey girlie,

It sounds like you like spending time together, which is a great sign! If you want to tell him you like him, you could say that you still want to be friends no matter how he feels and see how he reacts. Or you could keep hanging out as friends and start being a little more flirty and see how he responds! Good luck girlie Smile

Meghan D. Meghan D.

by keswickcascade on 3/8/2013 10:52:25 PM


i have 2 questions
1. Ive been posting mod comments for 2 weeks and NONE of them showed up, why is that?
2. I think my crush likes me. He and i have been walkin home ALONE with each other, hes caught red handed staring at me, talking to me more often, and even cut his long hair (I used to nag him about it before i liked him lol) do you tink he likes me?

Hey girlie,

I'm sorry your comments haven't showed up--I don't see anything from your username in the last couple of hours, but if you repost your questions I would be happy to answer them! It sounds like your crush at least wants to get to know you more, so maybe you could get to know him as friends and see how he acts around you then to get a better sense of whether or not he likes you!

Meghan D.

by YayaYuiki on 3/8/2013 10:44:05 PM


How do I ask my crush for his email??

Hey girlie,

Maybe you could become friends with him first and ask him after you have gotten to know each other so it will be less awkward!

Meghan D.

by Horseygal12 on 3/8/2013 10:34:37 PM


I can't even talk to my crush! How?? How do I start a Convo?


Hey cutie24061, are you guys friends? Have you ever talked before? Xoxo Smile 

Lynae P.

by cutie24601 on 3/8/2013 9:02:42 PM


So there is this guy that has been my friend since 6th grade and we have both liked each other but never really went out. Well im in 8th now. Anyways, we always talk and i thought he liked me (we both eventually stopped crushing on each other in 7th) he always gives me compliments about all the things I do and everytime I walk into his class (Im a student aid) I would catch him staring at me. He one day gave me a hug and I felt like all happy. So over winter break we are texting and next thing you know, he has a gf. It got awkward. anyways we now talk again and we always look at each other in class. I was also wearing a dress and he just looked at me. Im soo confused. Does he even have a gf if i have never even heard anyone talk about her? Does he like me?


Hey mommy's girl,  yeah he may have one, but that doesn't mean he never liked you. Maybe he liked you both equally and the timing was just right for the two of them to be together. Stay being his friend, but don't make any romantic moves until he's single. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile

Lynae P.

by mommy's girl on 3/8/2013 8:35:00 PM

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