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Gorgeous spring dance gowns under $30

Hoping to stick to your budget when buying your perfect spring dance dress? We’ve got five fab frocks all under $30 so you can stress less. Now...
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Hey girls! I know all of you like fashion and beauty. So why don't you check out my friends club, "It's All About Fashion and Beauty." Its a really good club that i think all of you will love. It is updated almost daily and you should check it out.<3

by alexandrah99 on 3/29/2013 10:36:33 PM


Spice up the outfit our add a twist to it so that your outfits will be different and you won't look anythign alike. Or cut up the shirt and make it a muscle tee. (If its a tshirt)Its totes okays!!

by iishbootiful on 3/28/2013 11:22:07 PM


Too bad Lulu's is too expensive, but I am defanitly going to buy one!

by dancer995 on 3/16/2013 6:31:54 PM


How do I write a comment on my club? Theirs just little lines
I'm a little bit confused

Hey girlie,

Check out this article for all of the information on updating your club!

Meghan D.

by redvelvetluv on 3/16/2013 12:05:29 AM


Those are great choices for under $30. We need good choices and dresses that you can buy on a budget. I need to get at least one of them for spring.

by fashionqn on 3/15/2013 10:54:55 PM


what do you I do if someone at school has the same shirt as me!? I still want to wear it but it would be awkward and they wear it a lot. Thanks

Hey girlie,

I think you should wear it if you like it, and if you wear it on the same day just compliment her and laugh it off Smile

Meghan D.

by Zia111 on 3/15/2013 10:07:31 PM


Why dont my comments ever show!

Hey girlie,

After you post a comment, it has to be answered and approved by a moderator ("mod") and then it will show up!

Meghan D.

by #1partier on 3/15/2013 9:36:46 PM


Hey so my birthday is April 10th and my party will be April 21st, but I have a little sitch... I can't think of a theme! It's going to be guy and girl and I'm inviting a good bit of people... I really want a theme to make it really cool! Thank you in advance

Hey girlie,

Maybe you could brainstorm with the friends you're inviting and see what they're interested in! You could do something fancy like the red carpet and have everyone dress up and take tons of pictures, or you could do a luau theme since it's in the spring and have smoothies and flowers. Or you could have a theme party based on something you like, like OneDirection or your favorite show. Whatever you choose, I'm sure it will be fun! Happy birthday!

Meghan D.

by #1partier on 3/15/2013 9:36:16 PM


So I go to a school with no grades or tests (i'm in 8th grade) and I took a placement test for honors english next year and I thought I did awesome (it was essay writing) and I didn't get in! I feel like I'm a fail! What do I do?

Hey girlie,

Don't be so hard on yourself--I'm sure you're good at plenty of other things! Maybe you could talk to your English teacher next year and tell them that you like writing, and you could show them some of your essays outside of class and ask for feedback to improve your writing. And reading is a great way to be a better writer, too! Smile

Meghan D.

by txtingirl on 3/15/2013 9:16:52 PM


Ok so my school dance is tomorrow. It's going to be all under blacklight. A few of my friends are saying be careful what underwear to wear because it might show through my dress under the blacklights. If i wear nude underwear will it show?

Hey girlie,

I don't think nude would show, and you'll definitely be fine as long as you wear a slip Smile Have fun!

Meghan D.

by therealmerevealed on 3/15/2013 9:05:11 PM

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