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Help! Why do I act so awkward around my BF?

I always want to have a cute relationship. But when I have a BF, I get nervous and non-romantic and we break up in less than two...
10 Comments | Add Yours

I like this guy who's in my Sunday class. The class ended and we won't be seeing each other until September. I think he likes me because I'm the only girl he really talks to in that class and he jokes around with me and sometimes hangs out with me but I'm not sure because I don't go to his school so I don't know if he does it to other girls. The only way I can stay in touch with him is by email. I want to have a conversation with him on email, but I'm not sure how. He's NOT the type of guy that worries about girls and dating all the time. He is really smart, proud of himself, and a bit arrogant. He won in a bunch of academic tournaments. I want to have a conversation with him on email but I don't want to freak him out by saying anything too bold. What should I say to him? Can you help me? Thank you so much!


Hey girlie, just send him a short and sweet email. Ask him how he's been doing, what he's doing this summer, and maybe even if ask him if he'd want to hang out sometime if you're feeling brave enough. 

Lauren T.

by teralilac on 6/3/2013 8:12:06 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!
Okay, so there is this guy in my class and keeps inboxing me in FB and he keeps saying that I'm pretty and everything like that and I think he likes me, but I am a bitter person and I literally get annoyed with boys so easily. What should I do? I don't like him and I don't want to hurt his feelings at the same time.




Hey Girl, saying something like, "im not looking for a relationship right now" is a nice way to tell him that it isn't hime but you just want to be friends. Trust me, he'll back off.


Hannah H. 

Hannah H.

by JaliceFan01 on 4/9/2013 12:52:04 PM


there's this guy i've spent a lot of time with lately. the other day, we both confessed to liking each other. since then, we've been more flirtatious than usual, and we act kind of boyfriend-girlfriendy, but i don't know if we're actually "dating." how should i go about defining the relationship?


Hey girlie, one time when you're having a moment that seems more than friendly, ask him about it. Just ask him if you're more than friends however you feel comfortable doing it. It's not the easiest thing to do, but it'll make your relationship a lot more comfortable.

Lauren T.

by ♥marsupials♥ on 3/18/2013 5:12:29 PM


When I hangout with my boyfriend we are always in a group, me, my bf (D), my friend (N), her bf (M), and my boyfriends best friend (J). I always feel like I am taking J's best friend away from him. Also I try to give u my time with D so J can spend time with him but the favor is never returned (my friend and her bf are together and me D and J are together) and I always feel weird around J. When we all hangout he is always really quiet but sometimes he puts in his two cents. I really like D but I don't want ruin his friendship with J or our relationship. Also how do I get D alone without it being weird? Help

by boy crazy<3 on 3/17/2013 11:56:59 AM


I'm a competitive swimer which means i practice ALOT during the week and usually have competitions on Saturdays but now the season is almost over and there are almost no more competitions left I really need to train hard to go to allstar championships since i couldn't go to my league's championship (i had Saturday school).the problem is sometimes i miss a week worth of practice because i am on my period and my mom won't let me use a "plug" I'm 12 years old almost 13 and I've tested it out and it feels fine so i don't know what her problem is with letting me use one should i go ahead and use one or should i try and convince her?





Hey Chica, I was a competitive swimmer too and I promise that as long as your tampon is changed regularly, you should be fine to swim. Your mom probably has different issues with them, and because we don't know them I'm not sure how you should address it. Try asking her. Then you can do some research or ask your health teacher/school nurse so you can talk to your mom about it.


Hannah H. 

Hannah H.

by donsana on 3/12/2013 8:13:15 AM


I have this crush and when I like someone, I tend to ice him out. He told me that he thinks I ignore him. I don't get nervous when I talk to him, it's just that I don't and don't know why I don't. Could you help me?


Hey girlie, try making an effort to be extra friendly with him. If you like him you should want to spend more time with him and get to know him better. 

Lauren T.

by cookiemomaallie on 3/11/2013 5:42:37 PM


Mod Mod Mod
Is it a good idea to tell your guy friend you have a crush on him over text? I know it's best to tell him in person and that's what I'd prefer to do, but it's March break and I can't see him for a week but I don't think that I can wait that long to tell him. I could ask him to hang out with me and my friends but i want to tell him one on one and it could be kinda awkward if i asked him to hang out with just me . So should I tell him over text or should i try to wait until school starts again or what? Thanks


Hey girlie, if you're comfortable telling him in person and you think you can wait then tell him when school is back in session. If you can't wait then call him. At least you'll be able to hear his voice and it'll be more personal than a text. 

Lauren T.

by hermionegirl12 on 3/10/2013 8:37:12 PM


So my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost two weeks! We've been talking/ hanging out for almost 2 months!! Whenever we hang out, we don't even have actual conversations and we make out a lot! I feel like I'm not getting to know him the way I want to! Just like any boy, he's getting perverted, which I guess means he's comfortable around me. How can I start an actual conversation with him and what could we talk about!?
THanks!! XOXO


Hey girlie, just start out by asking him how his day was and go from there. You can bring up any topic you're interested in knowing more about. And if you want to talk instead of kiss then tell him that. If he's only looking for the physical aspect of the relationship then he's not the right guy for you. 

Lauren T.

by kt_catlover on 3/10/2013 7:35:44 PM


I have this guy friend and pretty much like every single weekend it seems he wants to hang out. I really don't want to hang out with him. I mean it's not just him, it's just on the weekends I reaaaaallly like to be alone since it's literally the only time I have to myself. He asked me to make plans with him ahead of time since my excuses mainly consist of me having "unexpected plans". I'm starting to run out of excuses. What can I tell him?


Hey girlie, if you want to stay friends with him, it'll be best if you hang out with every once in a while. It doesn't have to be every weekend or for a long time but just going out to see a movie or grab a meal together will let him know that you care about him without taking away too much of your alone time. 

Lauren T.

by claudsoda on 3/10/2013 6:21:54 PM


i'm going to spend a weekend at the beach next month but i'm really out of shape. i have excess fat on my belly thighs and hips. how can i get rid of it? i try really hard to eat healthy but my family doesn't eat healthy at all. so all we have is really unhealthy food and it's all i have to eat. btw, i'm a pescatarian (i eat fish but not any other meat) but no one else in my house is.
thank you mod!!


Hey girlie, try to get into an exercise routine so you're burning more calories. You can start running or walking as the weather is getting warmer or you can find tons of free exercise videos online. Ask your parents to get more fruit and vegetables at the store. That way you can at least be snacking on healthy things throughout the day and have more fruits and vegetables with lunch and dinner to keep you from eating large portions of unhealthy food. 

Lauren T.

by bethanylovesyou on 3/10/2013 5:33:27 PM

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