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6 things we hope don't happen at YOUR spring dance

We love movies about school dances just as much as the next gal, but we’ve gotta admit: sometimes, the story ain't so sweet. Like having dog food...
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ok those are pretty bad things that would happen nut you hope they don`t

by 2cute03 on 3/21/2013 3:00:15 PM


I laughed at Jake's expression when Sam just left in Sixteen Candles xD i know, i know. its mean but thats a pretty funny movie. you should watch it Smile i felt so sad for Josie in Never Been Kissed. so sad :'( But I LOVEEE Napoleon Dynamite !!! x) pedro ♥ ! heehee.
loved that part in hp. (the dance, not when ron yells at hermione and she ends up crying. so sad Frown )

by islandgirl23 on 3/19/2013 1:22:30 AM


Mod mod mod
So my crush really used to pay attention to me. He'd always joke around with me. He'd touch my shoulder or play with my hair. I told him I liked him over fb 3 months ago. He didn't respond. The next day I saw him, he played a joke on me and played with my hair. He'd always joke around with me after that. I didn't want to talk about the fb message, so I didn't say anything. A few months went by, and he'd joke around with me like usual. I said happy bday on his bday, and he said thanks in a cute way and we talked for a little bit. A few weeks after that, he would randomly walk up to me and stare at me right in the eyes. It was like he wanted to eat me lol just kiddin'. He wouldn't say anything, just stare. It made me so nervous, my lip trembled and I looked away. I said "you scare me!" to cover my nervousness up. He hasn't been talking to me ever since. What do I do to fix this? Thanks!

Hey girl, if you still have a crush on this boy, go ahead and talk to him.  Show him that you're not actually scared of him by initiating a conversation.  Check out GL's helpful ice breakers for some ideas.  Good luck! 

Karin E.

by kittycatmeowmeowchelsea on 3/18/2013 3:04:53 PM


Okay so in mid July I am supposed to go to a sleep away camp for 4 nights in Indiana. I live in Chicago so it's not that far but I get really homesick. Also I went to a different camp last year and me and the friend I went with fought a lot. By this camp sounds really fun... So I'm having trouble deciding if I want to go or not. HELP ME PLEASE!!


Hey girlie, sleep away camp can be a lot of fun. And 4 nights isn't that long so if you get too homesick, you'll get to go home soon. Sometimes camp is the best when you go by yourself and make all new friends for the week who keep you from missing home. 

Lauren T.

by fashionista997 on 3/17/2013 8:18:40 PM


i think the worst thing that could happen would be like the dance in the movie "carrie"

by starr125f on 3/17/2013 6:52:04 PM


ok so i really want these headphones that are like $200 but theyre really good quality, but the thing is, i had like $90 stolen from me. either that, or ive lost it, but ive checked every nook and cranny in my house. anyway, how can i save up to get these headphones?


Hey girlie, find ways to make some extra money like babysitting or a part-time job. While you're saving try not to spend any money that you don't have to and find ways to hang out with your friends without spending money.  

Lauren T.

by foodiejr99 on 3/17/2013 6:47:18 PM


I love shes all that!!! And Harry Potter of course!!

by LilyLookALike on 3/17/2013 12:46:07 PM


I remember the Hermione and Krum one... I always liked Krum :/

by pinklol56 on 3/17/2013 8:38:21 AM

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