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The Dirt: What guys really think of formals

Getting all glammed up and hitting the dance floor sounds like a blast for us...
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So...I need help. I just met this guy at swing dancing the other night, and I'm pretty much Juliet to Romeo for him. I realize that this is mostly infatuation, but I honestly can't stop thinking about him. I went again to swing dancing and for the second time he asked me if I would be his partner, and we danced a lot that night. He seemed really nervous, and was blushing and giggling almost excessively, which was a surprise for me (most guys who look like him are pretty confident). We talked once on facebook after I initiated a conversation, and he was really responsive. I probably won't see him for a little while, since he lives so far away and goes to a different school. I guess what I'm asking is ALaughingo you think there's a good chance he likes me? And B. What do I do now?
Thanks Smile


Hey girlie, there's definitely a chance that he's interested in you. So keep talking to him on Facebook. Get to know him better and see where things go! 

Lauren T.

by solosinger7 on 3/24/2013 5:49:12 PM


So, I've had this one guy friend since like second grade. I used to have a crush on him but i got over him last year. But now all of a sudden my friends are saying we'd be cute together, and totally disaprove of my current crush. At my school dance recently, we were playing a game where you had to stand in a circle and hold eachothers hands, and my guy friend grabbed mine. His palms were all sweaty, either from being nervous or just from dancing, I wasn't sure. I couldn't look at him for the whole time; I was too scared, but I knew he was looking at me. I'm not sure what to do now. I think he likes me... what should I do? What should I say to him next time we talk?

Hey girlie,

If he hasn't said anything to you and you're not sure if he likes you, you don't have to do anything right now. He might have just been sweaty because it was hot! If he does tell you that he likes you and you don't like him back, you could just tell him that you like hanging out with him but that you only want to be friends. It's better to be honest than to lead him on and hurt him later!

Meghan D.

by Casey_cookie on 3/23/2013 12:52:48 AM


MOD MOD MOD!!! I have a great BF. We've been going out for about a month in a half. For the first few weeks, he would text me all the time. Now, he never texts or calls me. We talk whenever we see each other and he still holds my hand and walks me to class and hugs me. I've told him to tell me whenever he's free on the weekends and he's always busy or I don't get a response. He hasn't made an effort to get together. I'm really confused because everything is normal at school. I only have one class with him, so I feel we don't see each other enough. What should I do? Why is he doing this? I don't know if he's hiding something from me (I get the impression his parents are strict) or if he just doesn't want to hang out. He doesn't have a phone, so he texts me from his iPod. I feel that if I constantly ask him when he wants to hang out, I might get annoying. I need really good advice because I just feel stuck.

Hey girlie,

Maybe he really is busy--is he stressed out about a big school project or on a sports team? Try telling him that you like spending time with him at school and would really like to see him more outside of class. If it's because his parents are strict, maybe you could suggest hanging out in a group instead of just the two of you, or invite him to dinner with your family. Try to find a compromise that works for his schedule and both of your parents' rules, and then you will be able to see him more! Good luck girlie Smile

Meghan D.

by myfatsquirrel on 3/22/2013 10:36:27 PM


How come guys don't text girls first? Some guys aren't shy, but they just don't text us first. Can you help me find out why?

Hey girlie,

I think it depends on the guy--some guys might like texting, while others might prefer to talk on the phone or have an in-person conversation. Or maybe they are just busy! It really depends on the person. If you are texting a guy who doesn't respond, maybe you could wait for him to text you first so it doesn't seem like you are always the one texting him.

Meghan D.

by megagirrl on 3/22/2013 10:18:41 PM


i have to guys friends who have their own girlfriends. im single and insecure. they will say really super sweet things to make me feel better, and when theyre being insecure i dont know if im allowed to say sweet things back. maybe they will think im being weird or have a crush on them. am i supposed to say the same things they tell me?? thanks so much!!

Hey girlie,

Don't be so hard on yourself! It is perfectly normal to not have a boyfriend or to even want one (but it's ok if you do, too!), and you should never define your security or happiness by what a guy (or guys) think of you. I'm sure if you're friends they won't think it's weird if you aren't flirty or mushy, and if they're close friends with you, they'll tell you if you say anything that seems weird Smile

Meghan D.

by badatbasketball on 3/22/2013 10:10:34 PM


Mod mod mod
There's this guy at my church's youth group. I kind of like him. He doesn't even know me though. I'm in middle school, he's in high school. Will he think I'm weird if I talk to him? How do I get to know him? He usually plays pool at the pool table. What can I say to get his attention? If I introduce myself, it'll sound like I like him. What are some ways to talk to him without looking desperate? Thanksss

Hey girlie,

That might be a big age difference, but if you're at the end of middle school and he's at the beginning of high school it might not matter as much. If you like pool, you could challenge him to a game, or if you don't want to introduce yourself one on one, you could go over with a few friends and all introduce yourselves. It will also be more comfortable to get to know him if your friends are there. Good luck girlie!

Meghan D.

by kittycatmeowmeowchelsea on 3/22/2013 9:47:25 PM


how come u haven't answered my question that i sent in hours ago. normally i wouldn't complain, but you guys haven't answered any of my questions for months and i really needed advice on my last question so if you can find it and answer it i would really appreciate it thanks! oh and btw yes i did right mod on the top of my question.

 Hey girlie, I don't see any pending comments from your username, but if you repost I would be happy to answer your question! Thanks for reading GL!

Meghan D.

by cgirl109 on 3/22/2013 9:28:45 PM


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by Emilicious on 3/22/2013 6:14:20 PM


Mod mod mod
Thanks for answering! I think it might be a bit soon to ask him if he likes me, so I was thinking of writing him a tbh. I don't want to look desperate. How's this: "tbh: you look like Ken from toy story 3 lol. I had fun last night. Sorry about that one kick! Oh yeah and we should talk more."


Hey isabellec, that's so cute! Send that! Xoxo Smile  

Lynae P.

by isabellec on 3/22/2013 6:04:45 PM


So I like this guy that goes to my church, but we've never really talked before! I'm too nervous to talk to him in real life. We're friends on Facebook and I'd really like to message him one day, but I have NO idea how to message him without being awkward. Cause we've never really introduced ourselves to each other and a simple "hey" is just boring. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to talk to him, but I don't know what to talk about! Please help me!


Hey megagirrl, try making eye contact and waving to him when you see him. You could introduce yourself to him by saying something like "Hey, I'm (your name). We're Facebook friends right?" and take it from there. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile 

Lynae P.

by megagirrl on 3/22/2013 5:50:36 PM

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