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The Dirt: What guys really think of formals

Getting all glammed up and hitting the dance floor sounds like a blast for us...
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Omg I so wish there were boys who went to formarls in my grade!!!! I wish the boys in my grade knew what a belt was too

by Hottie1250 on 3/22/2013 5:33:21 PM


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There was this guy who rejected me last year.He started avoiding me at all costs. Then one day he liked my tbh status. That was odd.He never did that before.Yesterday at karate,I made a joke with my little sis that he looks like a Ken doll. Her friend heard, and walked over to him and pointed at me and said "that girl thinks you look like a Ken doll". He looked at me. I didn't know what to do, so I walked over and said "Yeah, that's right. You do look like a Ken doll. Your hair looks like plastic" and I walked away. He giggled and his bff started laughing and agreeing. It was time to fight. I got paired up with him. He looked at me for a sec, and then quickly looked away. I kicked him hard by accident, and the instructor and him started laughing. I said "are you okay" and he laughed and said "yeah I'm fine". He was having fun fighting me.I fought him a second time. I caught him and his bff looking at me. Does it sound like he likes me? Should I say hi next week? Thanks!


You can't really tell if he likes or not until he tells you himself! Why don't you ask him if he likes you! Or if you like him, you can tell him how you feel so it will be easier for him to open up! Good luck girl!

mailyse f.

by isabellec on 3/22/2013 3:38:56 PM


i love those "no makeup" looks.what should i were to achieve that look??


hey girl! try a touch of mascara, a lip balm like baby lips which infuses a bit of color, and concealer if you've got any blemishes. If you still want more, try a subtle eye shadow shade that's only a little bit darker or lighter than your true shade. Still want more? Carefully lift your top eyelid,and apply kohl eyeliner to the line of skin under your eyelashes. by lining this under-rim, you'll get a subtly stronger look without anyone being able to tell you're wearing makeup.


Katie L.

by olivia19 on 3/22/2013 2:54:23 PM


can i put baby oil,vaseline and vitamin e oil on my lashes?? should i put all three or just one???


hey girl! you don't wanna overload your lashes, because getting any of that gooey stuff in your eye would really hurt. you could dip a clean mascara wand in any of these three things to help make your lashes healthier. I think vitamin E works the best, I sometimes brush it through my lashes before bed.


Katie L.

by olivia19 on 3/22/2013 2:33:03 PM


So this nice family I know (my parents know these parents, I know the daughter, and I have a crush on the son) brought me and my brother to a educational concert yesterday (we are all homeschooled) and it was really fun and I was talking to my crush and sitting next to him in the car (yay!) and when his friends arrived to the concert my crush WOULDN'T TALK TO ME! HE WAS JUST TALKING TO ME, now he won't? And to make it WORSE we all went out to Subway afterwords and the tables weren't big enough, so me, my brother, my crushes parents, and one girl and her mom sat togetherwhile my crush, his sister and his sisters friend and his buddy sat together! And they were LAUGHING and having a good time and the car ride back home my crush didn't really talk to me because I had to sit next to sister. What do I do? Why does he act so different around his friends? Should I befriend his friends?


hey girl! he probably wasn't even aware he was doing anything to upset you. it could be a good idea to befriend his friends so it makes it easier for you all to hang out as a group next time. don't worry, you'll have more opportunities to talk to him in the future!


Katie L.

by pinklol56 on 3/22/2013 12:49:03 PM

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