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This Wednesday: Chat live with GL's April/May cover girl, Debby Ryan...and win!

Loving GL’s latest April/May 2013 issue—and its fabulous cover girl—as much as we are? Thought so! From her adorable style to her super-catchy musical choices...
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Hey Debby. How do you describe the experience of being on the cover of Girls Life Magazine for the first time? It's one of my favorite magazines. I'm so proud of you.

by Heredebbyryan on 3/26/2013 5:46:00 PM


I don't have a facebook or twitter!!! So sad! Here is my awesomer than awesome question...What does the cast of Jessie do behind the scenes? Do you ever have something like a Jessie night out?

by 1Dgurl on 3/26/2013 2:55:48 PM


Mod Mod Mod!
I have a wonderful boyfriend but he lives in a different state! Is there a way to convince or compromise with my parents so we can see each other? Please help!


Hey girlie, get your parents to talk to his parents. If they can come to an agreement that makes your parents feel safe that you won't be sleeping near each other or anything like that then it might help. Make sure they know how much this means to you and try to take the trip to see your boyfriend in place of a present for another holiday. 

Lauren T.

by sammehkat on 3/25/2013 6:11:18 PM


Why did you change your hair? I love the red(my hair used to be red)but I prefer the straight dirty blonde hair on you.

by janay123 on 3/25/2013 5:58:59 PM


I don't have a fb so how can I do this?

by katiebugisbomb on 3/25/2013 3:41:50 PM


hey, debby. I was wondering if all the characters that you have portrayed met, what would you imagine that to be like?love you so much<3

by slodtvdfan4ev on 3/25/2013 2:55:12 PM


Hey, Debby. I was wondering if all the characters you've portrayed had the chance to meet, what would you imagine it to be like? Love you<3 (:

by slodtvdfan4ev on 3/25/2013 2:50:23 PM


Question for Debby : How do you get your hair healthy as it is now? Tips for healthy hair?

by cherrydreamer on 3/25/2013 2:03:22 PM


Hey girls! Need help finding outfits for your first day of school or your first date? Just finished cramming the night before and look terrible? Check out Fashion ASAP and get advice on your skin, body, hair, nail how-to's, makeup and awesome outfits here that fit your taste and style! We will help you with your problems ASAP (usually within 24 hours) and you'll receive fabulous answers! <3High Tops

by High Tops FTW on 3/25/2013 1:13:07 PM

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