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Get lost in If He Had Been With Me

Friendship, love, secrets, hope and regret…this book has it all! It was the argument itself that caused all the problems for Autumn. Finny and his girlfriend Sylvie argued in...
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Bitter-sweet ending. This is a must read book. It's awesome!!! I finished it in a day.

by LizzyPie on 5/19/2013 11:41:59 PM


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ok so i am 12 as of april 2013 (will be 13 in august) and i feel these weird mood swings. i just got back from hawaii and i went from relaxed to stressed. from the day i got back home i was buried with piles of work which i am digging myself out of, but i am getting these mood swings. for example yesterday i was working on my science project which would fall apart like every 2 seconds, and my mom played a Hawaiian cd that we got at our hotel. next thing you know i was hysterical crying because i missed hawaii so much. and since i am 12 im in the "middle stage" of kid and teen and im not handling it well. when im with my friends im all like "i want to be a teenager and party and have a BF and do all these things" and when im with younger friends or family (i grew up and still growing up with an endless amount of younger sisters and cousins but thats not bad) i am all like "im not a kid anymore Frown" so what is going on with me am i crazy or a crybaby or what


Hey pandasrock292, it's normal to have these mood swings. Sometimes we get into periods of our lives where nothing is right, and you want to cry then scream then laugh then talk, lol. Turning 13 could have something to do with it though. I always hear older adults talk about how 13 is such an emotional year for girls. I'm not sure if that is completely true. I suggest you find something that takes you to a happy place, or makes you feel calm. Does music do that for you? To feel better do you have to take walks? Find an outlet and use that whenever you start feeling stressed. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile  

Lynae P.

by pandasrock292 on 4/9/2013 5:24:37 PM


I cant wait to read this book, it sounds so interesting. I am so into reading right now I can barely find time to do the other things I like to do. I especially like romance stories and growing up stuff because I like to see what girls my age sometimes go through and have to deal with. And I love the novels with a hot and kind guy because it makes me think of a guy I would like to be with. This book sounds like it has all of that.

by fashionqn on 4/8/2013 10:13:33 PM


I just bought that book on Sunday. Smile

by cass15 on 4/8/2013 9:35:22 PM


Oooh!! I like it when GL does book reviews; I will check this out!

by bookworm2000 on 4/8/2013 5:42:46 PM


This sounds really interesting, I might check it out. Oh an I really like the cover.

by Lalainya on 4/8/2013 1:17:14 PM


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