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I'm following Mom's no-makeup rule, but sis is sneaking it!

My little sister is in middle school. I'm in high school. My mother made a rule that we can't wear makeup. I'm following it, but...
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this probably sounds like a stupid question, but i think i want to start wearing make up. my mom asked me one time if i wanted her to show me how, but i was busy and never really got to answer. i want to ask her now, but for whatever reason it feels awkward. also, my bro can be slightly judgey and sometimes makes me feel a little self-conscious, so i KNOW he'll say something about it. again, stupid question, sorry


Hey ladybug, no not stupid at all. Makeup can be a little tricky for someone who doesn't usually wear it. There's a bunch to learn. I don't wear a lot and I'm always picking up tips and tricks. Don't feel awkard asking your mom especially since she offered to show you how to apply it. She is probably looking forward to sharing this moment with you. And if you bro says something, have a comeback ready for him. For example, if he says something like "What's that on your face?" Respond: "Um skin, but you have ugly on yours". Just something to let him know his insults can't affect you.  Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile

Lynae P.

by ladybugg on 7/28/2013 9:07:53 PM


So, school ended a month or two ago. I miss this guy I like soooooooooooooooooo freaking much. He's going to a different middle school next year (because there's two middle schools) and I can't get over him. I had a dream about him and he's just not getting off my mind. I can't believe I'll never see him again. HELP. ME. NOW.

by vampiress31 on 7/2/2013 8:36:13 PM


hey about the middle school thing don't worry everything will be fine btw it will go by in a breeze and why worry now it is two months away so go enjoy your summer

by fozziebear on 6/13/2013 10:48:48 AM


I am having a major problem. I have a serious crush on a guy who is YOUNGER than me by a whole grade! We are only 5 months apart but our grades separate us ): I don't know if I should try to get over him or if I should date him. Is this going to seem weird to other people? Please give me your opinion.

by chexMixer on 5/20/2013 7:28:39 PM


You are a realy good daughter. I could NEVER obey that rule. I think you have nothing to worry about.If your sister is going to rebel and were make up, let her. She'll get introuble on her own.

by Mavertishboydrama on 5/18/2013 12:25:19 PM


A few days ago I told me crush that i liked him thru text. A few minutes later i got a face time from him and he said "I like you too. Will u go out with me." Without thinking i just said yes! The only prob is my mom doesnt know and i'm not supposed to have a boyfriend yet! It's not anything serious, we just put hearts in our texts and face time alot (he doesnt go to my school) But it just seems wrong to not tell her but i rlly don't want to lose him. It's not like she hates him or anything. She even said he was a rlly nice kid. I'm just afraid if she finds out she won't approve. help!


Hey girlie, like you said it's nothing serious. So there's no harm in telling your mom that you both like each other and want to spend time together. It's better to let her know so you're not hiding it or keeping secrets from her. 

Lauren T.

by Peppermintz541 on 5/5/2013 6:04:37 PM


I'm going to middle school next year and I'm really nervous. We get lockers but we only have four minutes to get from class to class. I also have a feeling that I'm going to get lost. I have really bad eyesight and I'm getting contacts but I have a feeling that my teachers are going to sit me in the back where I won't be able to see. What do I do?!?!?!?!


Hey girl, just talk to your teachers, they will be very understanding. 

lauren r.

by Luvdance00 on 5/4/2013 10:39:04 AM



Hey girlie, I really don't think that's possible, but if you're still worried you can talk to your doctor or school nurse to be safe! 
Meghan D.

by angelicjade on 4/26/2013 8:36:02 PM


talk to your mom and tell her that your sister is sneking make up and you also need to tell her no thats my advice.

by armanibieber on 4/23/2013 10:59:39 PM


I would totally sneak make up too! Except that me and my mom are addicted to Sephora and makeup deals. Its silly to not be able to wear makeup, its a form of expression, making those high cheek bones or green eyes pop, or covering up that tiny breakout on your forehead! If I were you, I'd talk to your mom about this. Smile

by missykp on 4/23/2013 10:51:01 PM

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