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Fash face off: Brittany vs. Ashley

The 2013 MTV Movie Awards rocked Hollywood this past Sunday. Did you tune in to all of the fun? While some stars left us scratching our heads...
25 Comments | Add Yours

Have you ever been left out because you were weird or would rather read a book then go to the mall then this is the club for you. In the Nerdy Chick club we will discuss everything from books to tips to get good grades to your self-esteem. Please join. Thanks Smile

by Sundaygirl on 4/18/2013 11:08:47 PM


Brittany. It accentuates her figure and the black really slims her down. Fringe is totally in. Ashley should wear pink and black, not pink and white.

by transform2314 on 4/18/2013 9:59:46 PM


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by Emilicious on 4/18/2013 9:57:54 PM


I really don't like Brittany's but I would totally wear Ashley's. SO I vote for Ashley!

by wildflower148 on 4/18/2013 9:51:40 PM


My friend told me that her parents are fighting a lot and that she thinks that the only reason her parents are still together is because of her. How do I comfort her? She keeps on crying at school. She'll try to act like her happy self, but fails. I need help! I know I can't do anything, but how do I make her happy for even a little while?



hey! it's really sweet that you want to cheer your friend up. why don't you invite her over and plan a bunch of fun stuff? you can watch funny movies, make snacks, read magazines. maybe it'll help her take her mind off of things.  


Helen S.

by LizzyPie on 4/18/2013 7:00:05 PM



by LizzyPie on 4/18/2013 6:57:42 PM


Brittany, def.

by glgirl1199 on 4/18/2013 6:47:52 PM


Brittany's dress accentuates her figure better, Ashley's doesn't at all, but Ashley's dress is a little more creative and fresh...I think Brittany wins! Smile

by XxStarlessNightxX on 4/18/2013 6:44:40 PM


Brittany. No question!

by teadancer on 4/18/2013 5:53:04 PM


Hi! When I'm at my grandparents' houses (I go there at least once a week) I'm not very good at starting conversations. I'm good at answering questions to family members but not asking them. I don't know why but this only happens with my extended family and not anywhere else. How do I become better at this? Also, it is really hot where I live now. It is around 85-97 degrees now. My school dress code is that shorts/dresses/skirts have to reach the knee and tank tops aren't allowed because we live in a conservative area. I don't like wearing maxi dresses to school that much so do you know any places that have shorts that reach the knees as well as skirts/dresses that reach the knees? Thank you! And guess what? I've stuck to eating only healthy foods for a week now!



hey! 1) well, your grandparents have lived through a lot, so maybe it would be cool if you asked them what they did when they were your age 2) old navy, target and h&m all have affordable capri shorts and knee length. congrats on meeting your goal!  



Helen S.

by Ballerina55 on 4/18/2013 5:42:06 PM

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