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Rah rah rude

So, one day I was sitting with my friend talking about cheerleading, and this guy hears us, and says to me, "You're a cheerleader?" I said...
12 Comments | Add Yours

Mod Mod Mod I have gotten very involved with my school's football team. I have become a very big fan and have grown pretty close to the players. I have this really cool idea. I want to get a shirt that says (insert schools name) football's #1 Fan and on the back of it have it say My Senior Boys Class Of 2013: Then list out the ten seniors names and numbers. I want to get it made and wear it to school. I think it would be so cool to wear it and have them see their names on the shirt. But how do I bring it up to my parents about getting one made? I don't know how I could bring it up! I sketched out what I want and on the side I wrote I want this on a shirt so bad. And I left it on my bedroom floor hoping my mom would get the hint. But one time she cleaned my room and then the paper was gone. I am running out of time! The Seniors get out the end on May and I want to at least wear it a few times so they all have a chance to see me wearing it.It would mean alot to them and to me! Please he


Hey! I think you should make the shirt yourself using white paint pens and a ruler to make it neat. The problem with getting it done professionally is that usually places won't make just one, you'd have to order a certain amount, probably a lot. That could work if a lot of girls wanted to chip in and get one, so maybe you could talk to your friends and see if they're interested. You could make it so cute and unique as a DIY project thoughSmile good luck!  

Helen S.

by 15hayhay on 4/27/2013 7:53:44 AM


So, there is this boy I dated a year ago. He has a new girlfriend now, but its killing me! I think I am literally in love with him, and I do know for a fact that he still has feelings for me, but we rarely talk Frown Im moving in a few months so I am thinking that I should tell him my true feelings soon... I need help moving on, but also dealing with him. I literally haven't liked ANYONE else besides him for 2 years... its sorta pathetic. Any advice?! THANK YOU!


Hey girlie! Here is my question for you- if you know he has feelings for you then why is he with another girl? You deserve someone who likes you and ONLY you!  Before you move, I would just try to be friends, nothing more.  You will be okay, I promise!  

Elizabeth K.

by jigglyjello456 on 4/25/2013 11:15:04 PM


Mod Mod Mod At my school we always have Homecoming and a Snoball dance. But we also have a Spring dance. It is a dance that is different from the others. This one is a little more casual than Homecoming or Snoball. But anyways Student Council plans and sets up for the dances. In one of their meetings they had to vote on if they should have it or not. Like nobody voted for it so they decided not to have it! I was looking forward to going but now they are not having it! How can I try to get them to have it without getting in trouble. Thanks Mod!


Hey girlie!  It's awesome that you want to take charge!  Here's an idea that could possibly help ya out!

 Gather as many people as you know that want to have it and make a petition.  Have everyone sign there names on a piece of paper and at the top write why YOU think your school should have to dance.  Once the student council see's how many people this dance effects, they will for sure reconsider!  You go girl! 

Elizabeth K. Elizabeth K.

by 15hayhay on 4/25/2013 11:03:41 PM


Girl... don't let that boy tear you down. Your beautiful no matter what. =D

by music191 on 4/25/2013 8:32:44 PM


Ok, so my bff, who lives in the apartment next to mine. She has asked out two guys for me without me asking. I'm okay with that, because I'm too scared to. The first guy, said no twice and is totes gross but I used to like him. The second guy, I REALLY liked last year. He lives right down the street and often comes over to hang out with my bff. She asked him, and she said he said that he really likes me and wants to go out with me. Should I ask her more about, should talk to him, what should I do? HELP!



 Hey Girlie!  I would def try to talk to the second guy in person because he seems a lot nicer than the first!  Its really cool of your BFF to be helping you with this too! Make sure you get to know him one on one to see what he is really like! Goodluck babe!  

Elizabeth K. Elizabeth K.

by BriannaM911 on 4/25/2013 8:19:43 PM


ulch...i don't understand why some guys are like this. I'm sorry. You are beautiful!

by Emilicious on 4/25/2013 8:11:51 PM


My best guy friend (just a friend) and I have a joke with our other friends, where they tease us about how we should date. It's not really a big deal, but two days ago, it got a little uncomfortable for him, and I think he's freaked out. He didn't sit at lunch with us the past two days, even though he usually does every day. What can I do to fix it?

Hey girlie! I would just be straightforward about it. Go up to him and let him know that you've noticed he's been acting a little strangely lately. Ask him if it's about what your friends were joking about the other day, then reassure him that you think of your relationship as just a friendship. Hopefully normalcy will reassert itself soon afterward.
Florence N.

by Eve W on 4/25/2013 8:06:25 PM


Well, that's rude.

by sparklingsavannah on 4/25/2013 5:07:49 PM


You are so much better than him and because of that, you're beauty shines through all the time. The only reason he can't see it is because he's too shallow and ugly inside and out. Don't let a jerk like him get you down!

by lucy143247 on 4/25/2013 4:51:19 PM


Mod mod mod!
So yesterday i got over a huge feat and asked one of my guy friends (whose also my crush) to my prom. He asked what school (we go to different schools) and i said my school and he said, ya sure. Then he asked the date and i told him and his face just dropped and he told me he had this big game that day and couldn't go. I said it was totally fine and he kept apologizing and saying he felt like a jerk. So I'm currently a bit Upset and need some advice. 1) do u think he really wanted to go or is this an excuse to let me down nicely? 2) my friends won't stop feeling bad for me for getting "rejected". How do i deal? 3) what do i do now? I'm the only one w/out a date in my group and i really don't want to go alone? Any advice would help me!

Hey girl, it sounds like he was genuine about his response and that he did really want to go.  Soon enough, you'll probs learn whether or not there was a game that day.  Hopefully there is!  Even if your friends feel bad for you, don't feel bad for yourself or wallow in frustrated feelings.  Ask your friends if they know anyone who would be a good friend-date for prom.  Also- you could totes go by yourself!  Just exude confidence and no one will think twice about it.  Good luck!  

Karin E.

by iheartu? on 4/25/2013 4:37:29 PM


1 word - JERK

by funnybunny661 on 4/25/2013 4:28:50 PM


dont let a jerk like that make you lose your self esteem. any guy like that is just begging for attention, he's just going about it the wrong way.

by KallieAndrews16 on 4/25/2013 4:07:47 PM

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