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16 ways to get his attention

Sometimes we feel like we’re doing everything right when it comes to guys. We’re being our fun, bubbly selves, laughing at his jokes and smiling sweetly in...
23 Comments | Add Yours

In school we got put into new classes (mixed with my year and the year above) and in one of my classes a cute guy came in a few days late as he got shifted from a few classes (I had never met him before). I also got shifted a day or two before him and managed to get 2 booklets for that class and he walked in and asked if we were using our own folders (I had a different colour) and I said no and he went to get a folder and I offered to give him one of my booklets. He thanked me (really enthusiastically) and sat down. He sits to my side at another table. He started to sing. Later on we needed rulers and my friend went to get my ruler and he came to my table to give me a ruler instead of my friend.
I thanked him.
How do I grab his attention and sorta flirt with him? ( I didn't mean to when I met him)
Does it sound like he likes me
Thanks MOD!


Hey! yeah, this seems like a great opportunity to get to know each other. The next time he sits next to you ask him how his weekend was, keep asking questions to keep the convo going. Ask what classes he's in, if he likes them, what kind of music he's into. before you know it you'll be a natural Smile good luck!

Helen S.

by Insideoutkid on 6/13/2013 7:20:56 PM


HELP!!!!! i really like this guy in my school(i will have dreams about him everynight),and so dose my BFF! ive talked to him more and know him more then she dose, and we have many things in common (like we both like reading the same novels and basketball). but my BFF dosent know i like him. so my BFF is always flirting with him. i will message him on FB all the time and he answers back and we have a converstaion. i think he kinda likes me back beacuse when i get to school he will just walks up to me and talks to me. should i tell my BFF i like him or should i just ignore him and let my BFF have him?

by Fashionismylife on 5/25/2013 1:30:20 PM


Want to know what He's thinking? Get the advise at my club called Dear Ms.Piggie i would post a link but i am totally clueless with computer stuff. My club is different because instead of answering your questions myself, i ask a variety of real guys what they think and dont worry! its completely anonymous!

by savy88 on 5/11/2013 3:15:27 PM


HELP!!! Okay, so my school gets out in FOUR DAYS. There's this guy that likes me, and I think I kinda like him back. He keeps getting in my head, and in my dreams 2-3 nights a week. My friends say it's "love". How do I catch him before school ends? I really want to talk to him, but he's two grades ahead of me, so I'm nervous. Once he graduates this year, he'll be in high-school and I'll still be in middle-school. I think he wants to talk to me too...but we're both super shy. How can I make this work?! PLEASE HELP!

by CleverWitch2000 on 5/11/2013 10:41:02 AM


Ok so I'm in the eighth grade. I've been telling myself over and over that I don't need a boyfriend, but with all of my friends having to choose between guys and me having no choices, it's getting harder to convince myself. I just feel like I'm basically ugly or invisible. The guys in my school aren't "eye-candy" but the guys in my area are cute too. I have mostly guy friends to reduce drama but the girls at my school do call me weird and since I'm skinny anorexic. This falls into play when I think about the guy thing. So my question is: How do I make myself not really care about what they say? Do I need to change who I am just to get a guys' attention?

Hey girlie. You absolutely don't need to change who you are for the sole purpose of getting a boy's attention. It may sound cliched, but it's true - you'll know who the right boy is when he likes you for exactly who you are. It sounds like you just need a little more practice being comfortable in your own skin. When you find yourself struggling to maintain your confidence, try to think of all the things you like about yourself. Make a list. Keep running over it until you're no longer surprised by how long it is - because it will be long. And focus on all the great things you're doing for you, rather than trying to fixate on just any boy. Soon enough, you'll find that you're much more proud of yourself, and more confident as a result.
Florence N.

by vani98 on 5/9/2013 9:48:12 PM


OK, i rlly need some advice. So i liked this guy for 3 years and we didnt even talk. But now i finally kinda got ovr him. But last night i txted him and he called me cute and said it was possible that we cud go out. But i RLLY like this other guy and everyone knows i do, and so does he but he practically hates me. So if i go out with this guy it might seem like im trying to make the other one jealous. I dont know wat to do! Plus, he said we cud talk in school but ill b so nervous!! Plz help me!

by laugh121 on 5/5/2013 12:28:58 PM


I'm in 5th grade. There's this guy I like, and he's also my friend. I really like him, but how can I flirt with him?

by justmeasking on 5/3/2013 4:47:13 PM


Mod mod mod!!
i'm in fifth grade. My crush is actually one of my close friends, and when I went to Jekyll last week his mom slept with my roomates and I in the room. I spilled that I liked him to my r'mates, while his mom was showering. There's another girl he might like, but she's going to a different middle school next year. I THINK he sees me as a friend, but I'm not sure. How do I flirt with him?


Hey justmeasking, click these links for flirting tips girly! Xoxo Smile


Lynae P.

by justmeasking on 5/3/2013 4:39:21 PM


Mod mod mod!!!!!
Today I told one of my best friends that I liked this one guy that's one of her best friends too. She wants to help us get together. I trust her a lot. She says that he talks about e a lot an I talk about him a lot. Do you think I should let her do it?


hey! I think if you like him, you should do it. Trust me, this kind of stuff works out better when you involve fewer people. It seems scary and awkward, but if you just act like it's no big deal then it won't be Smile I know you can do it! 

Helen S.

by niccer13 on 5/2/2013 5:59:19 PM


How do you approach a guy who you've never talked to? I don't want to sound stupid and he doesn't go to the same school as me so thats out of the picture.


Hey Girl! Next time you see him out and about make an effort to go over and say hi.  A simple hello can get a convo started! I know it takes a ton of confidence but you got it, girl!  

Elizabeth K.

by SuperSwimmer1 on 4/30/2013 3:29:22 PM

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