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6 signs you should or shouldn't go on that second date

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advice please?
well, i've been enjoying the single life... but last night i told this guy i like him, and he likes me back, but i just feel like something's missing because i really don't want to be in a relationship right now, but I don't want to break his heart after I already rejected him once. I really didn't think it over until after. what should I do?


Hey! just wait and see what happens. maybe he won't ask you out. But if he does just say that even though you like him you don't want a relationship right now. He'll understand Smile 

Helen S.

by PoseyLynn on 5/18/2013 8:58:43 AM


Okay I have two questions
(1)In a few days, it will be mine and my boyfriends one month. I've never had a boyfriend before. Do I get him something? If so, what? I don't have any ideas.
(2) We live in a very small, boring town and we are already running out of date ideas. We've been to a movie, went on a walk, etc. Neither of us really like bowling and our parents don't want us to go to each others house because they are afraid we might "do stuff." My boyfriend can drive, but I can't. Any town with less than an hour drive from where we live is just like us, small and boring. (not even a mall around here) Please help! I don't know what to do. Frown


Hey girlie! As for your first question, one month might be too soon to buy him a gift, but maybe bake him some cookies. It's a nice gesture and shows that you're thinking about him, but won't freak him out. As for the second thing, it's a little tricky. I'd explain the problem to your parents, and say that you're willing to have a parent home, keep the door open, etc. If you explain that you really just like him and want to spend time with him in a mature way, they might be willing to budge on the whole "no houses" thing. Hope this helps! xx

Hannah M

by Missmystery17 on 5/10/2013 10:42:47 AM


ok so I'm like a turtle when it comes to guys whenever I go to the store with my mom and theirs a guy my age shes like look Franklin! I feel fine around my dad my brother and my sisters finances but when it comes to guys my age I get so nervous and very uncomfortable I know their just boys but I still get really nervous I'm 15 I'll be sixteen august 5th even though I'm so shy around boys I get really upset about not having a boyfriend and my moms like you won't ever meet anyone if you keep hiding behind me in the store which is true I'm also homeschooled so that makes it even harder but I'm very shy around boys yet I'll cry for hours because I don't have a bf what should I do?


Hey babe- don't worry its totes normal to feel shy around guys, especially ones your age!  Just try your hardest to be yourself.. If you have a crush on a specific guy then try to go up to him and talk or just a simple wave will make you feel better.  You don't have to a boyf in order to be happy.  When you meet the right person everything will fall in place.   

Elizabeth K.

by redvelvetluv on 5/6/2013 12:42:10 PM


so a guy that I've liked for a year just went out with another girl, like two weeks ago. Obviously I'm disappointed but should've seen it coming. I used to think he liked me, but apparently I wasn't good enough for him. How can I get over it? Thanks!

by Gigilove321 on 5/3/2013 8:31:22 PM


My math class has about fifteen boys and two girls. I sit with the other girl in the class and the boys never sit with us or talk to us. How do I become friends with the guys in our class?


Hey girlie, just talk to them. Sit with one if you can change seats, ask them questions about the material and do your best not to isolate yourself with the other girl. If you're a little proactive about it, you can get to know those boys a lot better. 

Lauren T.

by kara02 on 4/29/2013 8:57:29 PM


MODMODMOD! So when i was on a spring break cruise i met this guy and there was a lot of chemistry and we kissed. After the cruise was over we still talked and facetimed almost everyday. However, there is another guy in the town i used to live in (2 hours away) and he is super sweet and i kinda like him. I decided to compare the two guys and ask what they like about me. The one from my old town said i was nice and funny and cute, but the one from the cruise said I guess your nice. Im not quite sure how to take it, but it seemed kind of rude. What would you do if you were in this situation?


Hey girlie, I agree that does sound kind of rude. I would keep talking to the one in your old town. It sounds like he's closer and easier to be with, and he probably cares about you more genuinely. 

Lauren T.

by fashion21 on 4/29/2013 8:00:52 PM


So last night, I went to a dance for my church. A slow song came on and a guy asked me to dance with him. He was really cute and nice. He talked to me a little bit after. But the thing is I don't know his last name or ward or anything. I really want to talk to him and find him at the next dance but I am afraid I won't be able to find him. I can't get him out of my mind and don't know what to do!!!


Hey girlie, if you know his first name then you can ask around about him to find out who he is and how you can see him again. And next time give him your number! 

Lauren T.

by princesslily on 4/28/2013 7:26:40 PM

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