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Help! I scared off my crush--can I get a do over?

I really like this guy and, about a month ago, we had a dance at school. It was really cool because he kept talking to me. He...
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MOD MOD MOD I have a problemo. Actually two. I'm absolutely confused! I'm very close with my best guy friend, like a brother. So close that people think we're dating! I used to absolutely reject the idea, but now... I'm kinda starting to like him. I don't WANT to though. He recently got rejected by a girl and I know he's not over her. And I kinda have no chance with him, anyway. I don't know what to do! Whether I should try to stop myself of just get more confused every day about how I feel. Do you have any advice? Thank you Smile


Hey girlie, see if you can find a new crush. Find another cute boy to take your mind off of this one and give you something else to think about. 

Lauren T.

by Lolzy8484 on 4/29/2013 5:37:00 PM


MOD MOD MOD today my friend sent me an audio cover of herself singing. When I listened to it, she sounded like a YouTube singer I listen to, and I compared the two covers and they sounded exactly the same. I think she used that cover to make it seem like it was her singing. Now I'm upset she lied to me. I don't know how to confront her because she's an aggressive girl and I don't want to create a cat fight. Help!


Hey girlie, try asking her to sing for you in person. Maybe she stole the song or maybe they just have very similar voices. But if she'll sing for you in person then you'll have the truth. 

Lauren T.

by PuppyCT on 4/29/2013 5:29:58 PM


So I was going to say hi or wave at crush but ever since I've been planning to do that I haven't been able to see him as much or he has been with a crowd of his friends whenever I see him. I really want to say hello to him before the end of the school year what should I do?


Hey girlie, even if he's with his friends, you can still say hi. Just keep an eye out for him and catch him whenever you see your opportunity. 

Lauren T.

by HockeyLuver on 4/29/2013 5:19:24 PM


Mod mod mod
6 months ago, I told this guy I liked him, and I got rejected because he liked someone else. We both avoided each other after that. Now, things are somewhat better. We get partnered up in karate a lot. Last week, when I lost something, I asked him if he saw it. He could've just said yes or no, but instead, he helped me look for it. It was weird because he was in a mad rush for no reason, like he was nervous. A few days after, when I walked in the room, he said to his friend "shhh!!!". I don't know what that was about. What does that mean to you? I want to get to know him better. I want to be friends with him. I was thinking of asking him about guys, like what does he do when he likes a girl. I was thinking of saying (this is true, I'm not gonna lie to the guy!) "This guy the other day waited for me by the door, and opened it up for me and looked me deeply in the eyes and smiled. What does that mean to you? What do you do when you like a girl?" Thanks (:



Hey babe!


OK, so even though in the past (six months ago- which is a long time) he rejected you, his feelings may have easily changed! If he does like you he has def showed it through taking the time to help you find what you were missing.  Even though he was acting like he was in a hurry, he was probs just super nervous to be spending this 1-on-1 time with you.  Then, when you walked by him and he was telling his friends to shush, he could have been talking about how he helped you earlier and how he likes you... BUT I wouldn't think about that too much because he could have been talking about a billion diff things.  If I were you I wouldn't try to make him jeal over the guy who held the door for you.  Instead, I would keep giving him the opportunity to flirt with you. But make sure that this time he is the one who asks you to be his girlfriend!


Good luck girl!  


Elizabeth K.

by isabellec on 4/29/2013 3:09:45 PM

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