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What to tell mom about your new BF

Spilling those deets about your new BF can be awkward, especially if it’s to your mom! We know you don’t want to tell her about...
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I know my mom was a teenager once and she dealt with the same pressures, its just so awkward to sometimes talk about guys and romantic issues like kissing and beyond stuff. There are times when I feel bold and then there are times I dont even want to talk to her about it. Does anyone else ever feel like that?
I would hate if she ever told my dad some of the things I have done and the things we talk about.

by fashionqn on 7/15/2013 11:40:30 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!! I have a prob, well im actually fan girling over something, not katy perry, but a boy celeb, I want to tell my mom but its hard, my mom fangirls over skyler astin, but im just not sure, I mean the celeb im "fangirling" over isn't as famous as JB or anthing, how do I break it to my mom that im fangirling over this celeb?


Hey GL girl! Don't worry about it- your mom likes who she likes and you like who you like. Just beause your celeb crush isn't Skyler doesn't mean your mom won't like him. And just because he isn't famous doesn't mean he's not talented or cute. Tell her why you like this guy and I'm sure she'll understand.


Good luck, GL girl!


by adribear on 7/12/2013 4:13:53 PM


I dont think talking to our moms is always easy, especially when it comes to relationships and what we do with our bfs, maybe because we know there is a chance they wont approve of some of the things or even tell our dad. I have friends who are so open with their mom's its embarrassing about what they talk about, I want to be like that and I am to a point but when it comes to stuff like birth control and sex it can be awkward. But I agree we need to be open with our moms because they went through what we are going through.

by fashionqn on 6/24/2013 5:39:20 PM


Hey luvs! Smile if your a fan of the TV series Grimm please please join or check out my Grimm 4 ever club it would mean a lot to me right now there is 7 members I would love to have more! the club is fairly new

by redvelvetluv on 6/21/2013 7:10:40 PM


My mom is so nosy if I tell her I'm just hanging out with a guy she thinks I'm with him and she's always calling me and embarrassing me-.- She even drove around town calling my name out the window!/.\

by Dizzy Little Dreamer on 6/21/2013 6:59:02 AM


@tswiftluver13 Sorry for saying this, but that's not really a good thing on your part. I'm not trying to sound like your parents but they should know these things.

by LittleUsagiTewi on 6/21/2013 3:06:28 AM


ummm.. wow. I definitely wouldn't talk to my mom about this kind of stuff. and I don't know anyone who would.

by tswiftluver13 on 6/21/2013 12:24:37 AM


Well I just recently got a BF and he is the best. But I am 12. The rule in my house is that we cant start dating till 15! I want to tell mom about it but I know she is gonna tell my dad. If my dad finds out he will kill me. But I trust her and everything just I know she is going to tell my dad. Help!

by summer2013 on 6/21/2013 12:21:37 AM


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