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7 HOURS AGO Hey, West Coast! @rowblanchard + @parisberelc's #InvisibleSister on @DisneyChannel debuts in just 30mins! Who's watching? 👯👤✨💞

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3 cute suits you can hit the water in

Summer? Yeah, it rocks. Pool time? Nothin' better. But you know what's annoying? When you challenge your crush to a race in the water, and...
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Im not very confident about my body.Like this summer I want my body to change and my appearance.Any exercises on how to make your bum bigger?I just really want a gorgeous body for the next school year.


Hey iloveart123, you can always try squats for a larger, more round rear. Try these links for articles on booty exercises. Hope they help ya! Smile




Lynae P.

by iloveart213 on 5/17/2013 6:01:10 PM


Are you kidding me? You can't swim in those! The back will untie easily on 1 and 3, and the arms will easily fall off when diving on 2!

by hermionegirl12 on 5/13/2013 6:40:47 PM


Thanks GL for putting this up. Tired of always seeing the bikini. I have to say, though, the June/July issue really disappointed me though. You used the words hide and disguise whenever talking about tankinis...Why can't you just say that it's ok to be modest... Elizabeth K.

by glass-tears on 5/13/2013 4:39:33 PM


I have 3 older brothers but no sisters or younger siblings. This used to not bother me much until recently. Suddenly I'm beginning to notice how my friends hangout and do everything with their sisters. They talk, watch movies, take pictures, etc. They all have so much fun. I don't really hangout with my brothers all that much because we can't relate. We don't like the same movies and we totes wont talk about boys or anything together. The point of this rambling is that I feel like I'm really missing out and I feel so alone! Tonight I came home and cried because I saw how much fun my friend and her sisters were having. I cried for like an hour. I know that there's no way I'm getting a sister and I just need to know how to get out of this "rut" I'm in. I feel like I'm missing out on so much...

Hey girlie,

It's totally normal to feel jealous when your friends get to hang out with their sisters, but there are plenty of other girls who don't have sisters or aren't close with their sisters. There are also plenty of people who don't have brothers, so try to see the positive side of the family you have! Do you like playing sports or board games with them, or could you watch the same TV shows together? You might not do the same activities your friends do with their siblings, but you can love your family in your own way. And family isn't just the one you're born into--having close girl friends can feel like having a sister for plenty of people, so focus on how awesome your relationships with your friends are, because they're sort of like your family too Smile

Meghan D.

by kykyskibunny on 5/12/2013 12:46:20 AM


I like the first one.

by 7200wolfgirl7200 on 5/8/2013 8:27:06 PM


The Dot Print Halter Swimsuit is really cute! But I rather have different colors.

by Chloe<3 on 5/8/2013 5:21:56 PM


Advice Queen:khaotickaitlin
I've pretty much been through it all... Don't hesitate to ask! I love helping people! Caroline M.

by khaotickaitlin on 5/8/2013 4:47:10 PM


I have a suggestion for an article: Retro Bikinis and retro one pieces! Smile I love those, but can never find any. Or could you let me know where I can find one? Thanks! xoxo Smile


Hey girlie! That's a great idea! I don't know where you could find one right now, but I can totes work on getting one on the site for you. Sometimes just surfing the web for those types of things works out. xo 

Caroline M.

by charlotte12sky4 on 5/8/2013 11:52:18 AM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!
For some reason my profile is not saving my avatar I have selected. I click browse, select a pic, then hit save, and it says it saved, but when I go back to my profile it says no file selected!!! I've tried it about 10 times . . . . Thank you!!!! Smile


Hey babe, I'm sorry for the technical problems on the site. You could try restarting the browser and then trying again. Patience is key! 

Caroline M.

by Ralinia on 5/8/2013 11:04:20 AM

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