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3 signs you need to give your study group the boot

One of the best ways to prep for finals is to gather your gang, either friends or classmates, and study together. Forming a study group...
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There's this girl at school in our "group" who punches us, shoves us, calls us names, and throws our stuff and steals it. We all found it funny and jokingly teasing, but now we're all tired of being overruled. I don't know what to do!!


Hey girl! Uh-oh, this girl sounds like trouble. I would definitely tell a teacher or principal about this, so someone with authority can talk to this girl about how her teasing is upsetting others. Chances are, she is probably just trying to be funny, but you can discourage this by not laughing when she does it, and mentioning that it's not as funny anymore. "We don't steal your stuff or hurt you, so we don't want to be treated that way either," could be a good thing to say. Avoid her if she continues acting like this, and tell the other friends in your group to as well. Once she sees that no one likes her behavior, she'll probably quit it. Hope this helps! xx 

Hannah M

by WinnieGirlie on 5/10/2013 12:21:26 AM


Mod Hannah M, I just wanted to say your response to Zeus was such a good response and so true!!! Thanks for being such an awesome mod and helping us girls out with our sitches!

by Chloe<3 on 5/9/2013 8:46:55 PM


MOD MOD MOD Ok so i reallyyyy like this guy..i might love him...but im not sure. anyways I have liked him since September and we have had an on and off thing where he likes me then he doesnt like me and it just keeps going back and forth. so my best friend started liking him too and they had a thing in december even though she knew i liked him...then they stopped having a thing...then it started back up in february. he told her he liked me and that he was going to ask me out. i was so happy, but then she just had to text him and flirt with him. he never asked me out. now they have a thing again. we were texting today and i was happy because he was flirting with me and then she read all of our messages and took my phone...then she texted him. she is being an awful friend and i confronted her but she thinks im overreacting...i have no idea what to do. please help me


Hey girl! I know it can be hard to see flaws in someone you really care about, but it's important to take a step back from the situation and see what's really going on. It seems, to me, that part of the reason your BFF likes this guy is because it makes you mad. Sometimes, people only like other people because it brings drama and excitement into their lives, which is totally uncool. I think that you should stop fighting for this guy for several reasons. Firstly, he doesn't sound like he's worth it, even if you do love him, because he doesn't respect you, and mutual respect is what's most important in relationships. Secondly, he's more in love with the idea of being desired by multiple girls than he is with you or your friend - he's just another drama seeker, so stay away! He's nothing but trouble. You've told your friend that her behavior is upsetting to you, which is all you can do. If she keeps making you sad, distance yourself from her and make friends with people who respect your feelings and emotions. I hope this helps, hon. xx

Hannah M

by zeus11 on 5/9/2013 7:02:22 AM


Mod mod mod
My friend at school, as much as i like her, is starting to be really annoying, i mean she talks really dirty to me (ewwwww not cool) and she is being really rude to other people not in our friendship group. Seriously, she has gotten into a few "punch ons" over the most stupid things. Today she was even suspended for getting involved in a fight. She is the only person i have in classes so i dont wanna get on the wrong side of her especially if she is so violent recently. If we had an arguement my other friends would just side with her i think because they don't want to get on her bad side and they like her a lot. What should i do?? Im so frustrated with her because she thinks her violent manner is just funny when in reality it is stupid. Im not too crazy about her talking so dirty either Frown


Hey girl! Looks like this friend isn't such a great friend. As you've said, she's pretty violent and scary, and while you don't want to get in a fight with her or get on her bad side, you want to tell her that you don't like how she's acting. One thing you could do is approach her politely and say that her behavior is offensive to you, hurts your feelings, and makes you miss the old her. If you've tried this and she hasn't changed her ways, here's what I would do: start to drift away. Start sitting at the front of the class with other kids. If she gets mad or asks why you're not sitting with her anymore, just say that you're having trouble concentrating in class and need to keep your grades up, and that it has nothing to do with her. On the weekends or at lunch time, try to sit with different people as much as possible. Again, if she notices and becomes angry, just say that you value her friendship but want to expand your circle of friends and meet new people. Eventually, you'll become less close with her and won't have to worry about her taking her anger out on you. Hope this helps! xx

Hannah M

by Summalovin on 5/9/2013 6:07:30 AM


Advice Queen:khaotickaitlin
I've pretty much been through it all...bad breakups,questioning my sexuality,being overweight,self harm,being nervous about boys,what to wear,and more. Don't hesitate to ask! I love helping people!

by khaotickaitlin on 5/8/2013 8:47:47 PM

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