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Third time's a charm: Should you give him another chance?

Okay, so this guy and I have dated twice, and he's a year younger than me. He dumped me twice for the same girl, and now...
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Ok so my bf texted another girl saying that he loved her. I saw the texts and everything, so I broke up with him. A couple weeks ago he asked for another chance. I said yes because I still really like him. Everybody is saying that I shouldn't go back out with him though because he is mean. He isn't mean to me though or my family. But he is really mean to my friends, he calls them fat and stupid. It really bothers me, what do I do?!?!

by Jellybean2 on 5/26/2013 6:10:20 PM


Today I was walking with the guy I really like and I asked him earlier why he couldn't come to my party (its a soccer party and his sister is on my team and he said he might come) and he said he has baseball that day. So I said “oh. I wish you could.” And he goes “you could come to my games if you want to.” And I said "okay sure. Would that be creepy if I went or would it be cool?" And he said "it's fine. You can come if you want." and I say "okay sure. Maybe I will" and then his friend says "so when's your first date?"(talking about us.) And he goes "shut up" and I said "we are still planning that" and he looked @ me and smiled. And so we just walked for a while and I say "can you at least call me?" And he goes "for what?" and I said "homework" with air quotes. And he goes "sure. Do you want me to" and I go "yeah. I do" and he goes "well if you want me too I will." And I said "cool, see you then" and I smiled and he walked away. advice? opinions? does he like me?


Hey thelilly921, no it wouldn't be creepy at all, especially since he invited you. He will probably be looking for you to show up too. He definitely likes you. He even said he is willing to do what you want him too. When did this happen? And good job on your great flirting skills! Xoxo Smile

Lynae P.

by thelilly921 on 5/17/2013 4:59:07 PM


Hey I need some serious advice! Right now Im in a very tuff situation between two guys :/ Okay so one, "K" ... we've dated for two and half months, barely talked or showed affection, even though we go to the same school and I see him everyday. "C" Im with him now, yesterday we hung-out and he practically showed me off, showed that he liked me. BUT .. people say "C" is a BIG player, Ive seen it :/ & "K" wants to get back with me, he said he will talk more and everything and he hasn't felt like this towards any other girl. So... I feel the same towards "k" but I just now started to get feelings towards "C"... I went up tp "C" today and told him everything.. he looked like he was going to cry 0.o ... he said "I figured this would happen.."k" sent me a message on facebook telling me to stay away from you or he'll fight me, so I told him to watch his back, dont worry I'll handle it, I wont let them break us up" then he walked away... HELP!? please :/


 Hey sweetie! This does sound like a tough situation. I think it is important that you take some time to sort through your feelings and figure out where your stand on the whole matter. It might help to talk it out with a close friend or trusted adult, getting someone else's insight who sort of knows the situation will be very helpful. It's good that you told "C" everything, it is important that you show him respect because you are in a relationship with him currently. If you choose to break up with him and get back together with "K", I'm not suggesting that this is the best solution, you should proceed with caution. There is likely a reason you broke up in the first place. Best of luck girlie! xxx

Caroline M.

by SkilletLover0810 on 5/17/2013 12:08:10 PM


Mod mod mod mod mod mod mod
Ok I wanna say thanks to all the different mod who have given me some amazing advice! I really enjoy reading the advice you give me and the other girls. Keep up the great work!!!


Hey girlie! OMG that is so cute and sweet, we really appreciate that!! You're so welcome, hon. xx 

Hannah M

by Wishing13 on 5/14/2013 9:52:15 AM


I dont think that he is younger matters and its great that he lives across the street because that means you can probably have a lot of alone time together. Smile But what I dont like is that he dumped you twice, he may be nicer now but whats to say he wont do that again. Maybe there is a way to be with him and kind of test him and the situation and see if he is trust worthy. I am not saying a FWB but maybe there is some way, now that summer is coming maybe it will be a good time.

by fashionqn on 5/12/2013 11:02:38 PM

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