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4 things that are killing your cardio workout

Hitting the gym this spring? Go you! But before you hop on your machine of choice (we call ellipticals!), check out these four things that...
5 Comments | Add Yours

My legs are really thin and toned but my stomach isn't at all so I've been trying to do cardio to lose stomach fat but it's only made me lose fat on my legs. Do you know any good ways to get a flat and toned stomach?


Hey! Here are some ideas to add ab intensity to any workout!

Helen S.

by Osnapitzali on 5/18/2013 3:27:36 PM


I'm really hungry after school. I end up in the snack cabinet thing in the kitchen, eating a bunch of unhealthy snacks until I'm full. When dinner finally rolls around, I'm not that hungry anymore. I want to prevent this from happening. How though?


Hey girlie! I feel your pain. Bad food habits can be really hard to break! It's totally normal to crave a snack after school, so what I do is plan a healthy/delicious snack to make for myself. Lately I've been putting some peanut butter in celery and sprinkling it with some raisins, but if that doesn't sound good to you, go to our Recipes page under the "Health and Fitness" drop-down menu, and you might find a fun, easy-to-make snack that you can look forward to eating after school! Hope this helps! xx 

Hannah M

by sohi105 on 5/15/2013 12:40:49 AM


Thanks Hannah M!! I wrote to my teachers and they were really nice about it and gave me extra time to get my work done so I'm going to try and stop stressing over that so much and just concentrate on getting better. Thanks for responding!! Smile


Yay! No prob girlie! xx 

Hannah M

by maggie183 on 5/14/2013 4:37:58 PM


MOD MOD MOD i'm going into junior high next year and me and all my friends made the cheer leading squad. and I want to
loose my tummy fat before we get fitted for our uniforms in July. what do you recommend to get rid of it?


Hey chick! First of all, don't compare yourself to your friends. Girls bodies are changing a lot in junior high so don't wig out if your body doesn't behave the way you want. Anyhoo, what I would do first is eat healthy and hydrate. Try to stay away from excessive junk food and eat lots of healthy staples, such as oatmeal, salad, nuts, fruit, and veggies, and drink juice, milk, or water, NOT soda. Next, exercise! Even if it's just going for a walk or bike ride, this can really help. Try to stick in just a little cardio every day - it doesn't have to be really strenuous, just a quick jog to get your heart pumping. Since you're specifically worried about your tummy, I'd also do some crunches every day. Start out with 20-25, and then build up a little each week. You won't notice the difference right away, but stay motivated! Keep a little calendar with each day and put an X on every day that you did your cardio and crunches. Good luck, babe! Smile xx

Hannah M

by tallytot on 5/14/2013 3:52:31 PM


I've been sick since last like 6 days. At first I had a terrible soar throat for a couple days and a fever like all weekend. Now I'm just SO tired and dizzy that I don't even want to stand up. I've basically just been watching TV 24/7 for 6 days has not been fun but I'm so out of it I don't feel like doing anything else. I've been drinking SO much fluids every minute I'm drinking water or juice. I went to the doctor yesterday and they tested me for mono because they thought it might be that and we are still waiting for the test results. I'm a junior in high school tho and so far I've missed 3 whole days of's going to be so hard to get caught up. Plus, I'm getting seriously depressed from being sick and missing out on stuff. I was just wondering, I know you aren't a doctor but if there's anything else I'm not doing that could help me getting better quick? Thanks<3<3


Hey girlie! Sorry to hear you're so sick Frown You did a smart thing by going to the doctor, and sit tight for those test results. Continue to drink fluids and get a lot of rest. You might also want to contact your teachers or someone in your classes to try to start getting caught up on work if you have the energy. Don't worry about it, though, most teachers are really understanding and will give you some time to get caught up. Try not to get overwhelmed, and just remember that it'll be summer soon! Get better, hon. Drink lots of soup! xx 

Hannah M

by maggie183 on 5/14/2013 12:37:34 PM

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Always hungry even after a snack? Something high in protein can help fill you up. Try celery with peanut butter topped with almonds or raisins.
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