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AN HOUR AGO Celebs like @rowblanchard and @Raini_Rodriguez have us *so* thankful this Thanksgiving:

1 HOURS AGO The best (and worst) foods to eat this #Thanksgiving:


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8 BFF Reads: Characters' friendships you won't want to miss

Whether you’ve had one best friend your whole life or a crazy, mix-matched group of buds, there’s always that one person you can fall back on. A...
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I would read "Changing my wardrobe" With my BFF. I have read it, and I loved chapters 1-16, but the last two chapters were horrible. I would read it again though.

by AJScupcakegirl on 8/5/2013 1:00:43 AM


Do you like rock and roll music of any era?If so, then join my club "Rock music that rocks"...We will talk about anything, from 70's-modern rock! We have rock trivia, and we share our favorite bands! You can find the club by going to my profile page, and clicking on the club with the awesome electric guitar pic!

by rockchik333 on 5/18/2013 6:54:09 AM


Hey girls! Need help finding outfits for your first day of school or your first date? Just finished cramming the night before and look terrible? Check out Fashion ASAP and get advice on your skin, body, hair, nail how-to's, makeup and awesome outfits here that fit your taste and style! I will help you with your problems ASAP (usually within 24 hours) and you'll receive fabulous answers.

by Emilicious on 5/17/2013 12:35:10 AM


I want to read Freshman Year and Other Unnatural Disasters

by puella94 on 5/16/2013 4:15:36 PM


Yay My Sisters Keeper made the list!! That's my all time favorite book Smile

by maggie183 on 5/16/2013 3:54:23 PM


I would read Bass Ackwards and Belly Up with my BFF. It sounds like a book we'd both really like.

by supersingershannon on 5/16/2013 3:34:13 PM


Mod mod mod
So there's these 2 guys at karate, let's call them C and B. I used to like both of them, and I stopped liking C because he was hot and cold with me. 6 months ago, I told B I liked him, and he gave me his number, but the next day, his friend, aka C, told me that B likes someone else. Now, B has been acting strange around me lately. He's been acting flustered and he talks fast to his friends and he just seems awkward whenever I'm around. C threw something right where I was sitting to get B to come over to me. C and B both sat down close to me and C whispered to B "she was staring at me the whole time!". I said to them "I like secrets". C walked away, but B stayed for a little bit, acting flustered once again. I don't know what that means. My mom said that she thinks that they're trying to find out which one of them I like. I like B, and not C. What does it sound like to you? What should I do? Thanks!


Hey, babe! It sounds like both C and B might have like you. So you should take charge, pick one and see if he likes you back. But proceed with caution because you are dealing with best friends and you would never want to come between them! Good luck! xox 

Caroline M.

by isabellec on 5/16/2013 3:09:14 PM


Hey shrimp tempuras! please join or check out my RIP Hachiko club it would really mean a lot to me it's dedicated to the extremely loyal and famous dog in Japan
join if your a fan of Hachi or just love animals in general

by redvelvetluv on 5/16/2013 3:08:10 PM

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