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at my school, there are two different crush and i are on different teams. i text him over the weekend and we say hi to each other whenever we can. i really like him and when we text, we get to know one another. my bff jokes about how perfect we are for each other. The problem is, that i don't think he likes me like that. he found out i LIKE him. and he's fine with it. how do i get to talk to him more, so we could MAYBE be a thing??? or is it too risky if i don't see him in the summer???

Hey babe! Now that he knows how you feel, the ball is in his court. But it's a good thing that he wasn't freaked by your feelings, which happens sometimes. He might want to remain friends, though, which could be why he hasn't made a move yet. Or he could be nervous about not seeing each other over summer break and things like that. This is a toughy and it's up to you whether you want to go after him more or not. But you could tell him you want to keep in touch over the summer and see how he reacts. xoxo

Caroline M.

by <3watermelon<3 on 6/5/2013 4:23:36 PM


i have had a boyfriend for a year and a half now. we are both going into 9th grade. we started dating in 7th grade. everything is going great except for the fact that I can never go on dates.. His parents are cool with us dating,so is my mom. However, my dad isnt too happy about me having a boyfriend. on top of that, last summer we didnt hang out at all. Not even once. We both wanted this summer to be different! where could we go with a group of friends that would still be fun and feel like a date?

by ctate98 on 6/2/2013 8:16:00 PM


i have a boyfriend, we have been dating for a year and 6 months. we are both going into 9th grade too. his parents are cool about us dating, but mine arent.. my mom loves him, but my dad isnt a big fan of me having a boyfriend. every time my mom brings my boyfriend up, my dad freaks out and gets really mad. Last summer, we didnt hang out. Not even once! do you have any ideas on where we could go? maybe with a group of friends? i want this summer to be different from the last.

by ctate98 on 6/2/2013 8:06:51 PM


I used to talk to my crush all the time. We were good friends. But at that time, I didn't like him in that way. Once I started liking him, I got too nervous to talk to him. Now, it's been a while since I've talked to him (except for plain old school stuff) but I want to start talking to him again. We barely have any common ties outside of school. Any way I can start a conversation without being boring and talking about school?


Hey girlie, try starting out with talking about school at first. It's an easy subject to initiate conversation. Then you can move the conversation to things like what you do outside of school and what you're doing this summer. 

Lauren T.

by Casey_cookie on 5/20/2013 8:13:13 PM


so my friend really likes this guy and she told me about how much she likes him last week. The day after she told me the guy ended up kissing me. Like a full on intense kiss. I guess I shouldn't have flirted as much as I did with him but I think I liked the attention. Now everyone is mad at me including her (but she has a right to). But she went around and told a bunch of people which Made it awkward for me and this guy to talk. I know I need to talk to him about where things are going and what happened but how do I bring it up?


Hey girlie, if you don't want anything with this boy, it might be best for your friendship if you don't talk to him right now. If it didn't mean anything to you then that's all that matters. 

Lauren T.

by cgirl751 on 5/20/2013 4:59:00 PM


My friend is going to introduce me to this guy I think is cute this week. What do I say without being awkward or too straight-forward with my intentions?


Hey girlie, don't bring up anything about liking him right away. Just start talking to him and get to know him first. Say hi and ask about his classes and things he likes to do. 

Lauren T.

by puella94 on 5/19/2013 7:03:08 PM


Mod mod mod:
How can I become more flexible? I want to be able to do a split by the end of summer Smile


Hey girlie, start stretching! Spend 15-20 every day stretching out your legs and hips and stretching a split motion. If you work on your flexibility every day then you should be able to do the splits by the end of summer.

Lauren T.

by sportychick2013 on 5/19/2013 5:54:46 PM

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