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Jessie makes fun of...food allergies? Hmm.

We love us some Jessie--I mean, with Debby Ryan, Peyton List and the rest of the crew, how could you not? But when we heard...
35 Comments | Add Yours

I am allergic to gluten and dairy but whenever i eat something my frends say "no, if you eat that youll die!!!" which really bothers me

by WinnieGirlie on 5/22/2013 7:42:44 PM


i know they probably weren't trying to offend anyone. i am one of those kids who has a weird allergy situation. I have had three friends who are severely allergic to peanuts. I am a little miffed, but not offended.

by cupcake_mutt13 on 5/22/2013 7:40:25 PM


Not cool of Disney...my cousin could die if she even breathes in gluten.In fact, she almost did once.Shame on Disney-especially the Jessie crew.I would think out of everyone who works on the set,at least one of them would have enough brains to say it wasn't right.Shame on them.ALOT OF SHAME!

by pinterest on 5/22/2013 7:37:37 PM


I am gluten and lactose intolerant and I am completely
Normal and I do not freak out when I see flour. It's not my fault
I have a food allergy and people don't make un of me for it because
It really isn't that big of a deal. I am upset at the moment
Because my class is going on a camping trip and I can't
Go because they don't have gluten and lactose free food and you
Are not allowed to being your own. I think that it completely
Unfair because it isn't a choice it's a need for me. The
World should really become a better place for people with food allergies!

by cupcakecutie325 on 5/22/2013 7:27:15 PM


That was kinda rude of the Jessie script writers, but I think we should seriously stop wasting our time on little things like this and worry more about the big issues in our society. People will get mad over anything.

by LittleUsagiTewi on 5/22/2013 7:23:36 PM


That is a bit much Disney. It is rude and I agree with the mothers

by DancrGurl on 5/22/2013 7:20:13 PM


Jessie has also had some other..lets just say, not very child friendly moments.
Disney sometimes just goes way overboard

by kenbon on 5/22/2013 6:50:12 PM


I don't think disney should have put this in a kid's show. I mean, my little sister saw it and thought it was funny! And she has a peanut allergy! This episode kinda stereotypes kids with allergies (making them look like wimps and nerdy) which could lead to bullying. And who would want to admit they had an allergy after watching this??

by genieinabottle on 5/22/2013 6:41:46 PM


I have a long list of food allergies, too. Gluten, sugar, and aspartame are my highest allergies. I can eat some sugar and gluten, but no aspartame. Two of my friends have Celiac Disease and it is not funny. They get really sick if they eat gluten and can even get cancer! Disney is not nice.

by beautiful_me13 on 5/22/2013 6:08:52 PM


Hey, that's not cool, I'm not allergic to anything but that is really mean. But I did want to see that episode, I think they should have just pulled the parts with them making fun of the allergies. Seriously Disney! You're supposed to EDUCATE children!

by laineydorv on 5/22/2013 5:28:40 PM

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